The Conspiracy Against Trump Is Now Out In The Open – Paul Craig Roberts

Do You Have a Lisance for that Minky? – “Sometimes, if you open up a big enough gate and stand in the void, the gate will swing back and slap you on the ass — which is where serial bungler and arch-schlemiel Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) finds himself at the end of an exhausting week’s dissembling in the WhistleGate matter. Long about now, his reluctant partner in the latest impeachment gambit, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, must feel date-raped just a little bit as every unraveling thread in the story leads back to another exposed deception by Schiff, the Inspector Clouseau of impeachment politics.” – James Howard Kunstler

Here We Go: Ukraine Reviews Probe Into Corrupt Biden-Linked Gas Company – Tyler Durden

Inquirygate – “Pelosi’s plan is to not have a House vote on initiating the inquiry, but to just go ahead and have one, and stealing the name Impeachment Inquiry for it. Why? Because she thinks that way she can have only Democrats ask questions, issue subpoenas etc., while House Republicans could only sit and watch the spectacle (not what they were elected for). I am not a lawyer, let alone a constitutional scholar, but when I read these things there are a million red hot five-alarms going off in my head. Because this is not about enacting the law, it’s about circumventing it.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Impeachment, Brought to You by the CIA – Rob Urie

Tulsi Gabbard’s return sets stage for debate fireworks – “Gabbard drew attention-grabbing contrasts in her first two debates — leaving Democrats wondering who she could challenge next.” – Daniel Strauss


Do Latest Texts Exonerate Trump? – “Despite media spin, the “damaging” texts may actually be the proof of leftist lies.” – Mark Angelides

The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America – “You are witnessing the final chapter. The Democrats, CIA and media hacks are throwing everything at Trump in a last-ditch effort to remove him from office before the 2020 election, which the Dems know they cannot win (because Democrat ideas suck, and they have no ideas other than communism and handing out free stuff to everyone).” – Mike Adams

President Trump Is Absolutely Right To Assume Federal Agencies Are Against Him – “Too many of the unelected bureaucrats who staff the alphabet soup agencies seem to feel entitled to circumvent the will of the American people when it conflicts with their priors.” – Inez Feltscher Stepman

Schiff Collusion with Whistleblower the Last Straw – “Enough already. Adam Schiff has got to go” – Daniel John Sobieski

When Ukraine’s Prosecutor Came After His Son’s Sponsor Joe Biden Sprang Into Action – “There are some serious questions around the Biden family involvement in the Ukraine that the media have not picked up on.” – Moon of Alabama

Joe Biden’s History of Shilling for Powerful Interests – Stephen Lendman

THE THREE WITCHES: Democrat’s 2020 Strategy to Overthrow Trump – “If Pelosi can’t do it, they’ll send in Warren. If Warren falls down, they’ll bring in Clinton.” – State of the Nation

So is running for president now a corrupt Democrat’s ‘get out of jail free’ card? – “Based on today’s standards, promoted in Congress and the press, Democratic Party candidates, such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, can greatly enrich their families with massive amounts of money from foreign parties, and a Republican president or its Justice department are not even allowed to bring up their names, let alone research their obvious corruption. Most of the media and other Democrats are now calling President Trump’s bid to get to the bottom of the ongoing corruption we see ‘impeachable’ and they couldn’t care less about corruption as they preach that no one is above the law.” – Jack Hellner

DELUSIONAL: Pelosi compares impeachment coup against President Trump to American revolution – “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues her descent into madness” – News Target

“Mad” Maxine Waters says impeaching Trump not enough, he must be “imprisoned” in “solitary confinement” — is she even sane? – JD Heyes

Pelosi Impeachment Unconstitutional, MSM Propaganda, Dems Suppress Free Speech (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Is China the Country of the Future? – “Under Xi Jinping, the mask of benign giant has slipped and the menacing face of 21st-century China is being revealed, for its people, its neighbors, and the world to see.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Police, theaters brace for violence as Warner Bros. ‘Joker’ opens in controversy – Steven Zeitchik

Violent Crime Drops As Concealed Carry Numbers Increase – Cam Edwards

FBI’s latest stats say violent crime, gun crimes are DOWN: Why are the Democrats and media lying about it? – JD Heyes

Democrats use Las Vegas Shooting Anniversary to Push Firearm Registrations, Limits, Bans, and Gun Confiscation – Off Grid Survival

What Becomes of a Godless Society? (VIDEO) -SGT Report

Global Pandemics: Do We Run or Prepare? – Sandra D. Lane

Check Your Refrigerators and Freezers: There Are Currently Seven Listeria-Related Food Recalls – Dagny Taggart




IS Trump Playing 5-D Chess Against the Banksters? (VIDEO) – Chris Duane

This Is What A Recession Looks Like – Here Are 12 Big Companies That Are Conducting Major Layoffs – Michael Snyder

There’s Nothing Normal About the Fed Pumping Hundreds of Billions Weekly to Unnamed Banks on Wall Street: “Somebody’s Got a Problem” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What the Hell is the ECB Doing? – Mish

Fears of a Global Recession Grow, Gold and Silver Rally – Nathan McDonald

Orders of Heavy Trucks Collapse, Layoffs Start – “Fleets are nervous. The latest manufacturing and construction numbers are concerning. The trade issue with China looms.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.48EUR




Genesis 37:18  And when they saw him afar off, even before he came near unto them, they conspired against him to slay him.