High Treason Being Committed By “Democratic” Party and US Media Before Our Eyes – “If you are such an insouciant, dumbshit, totally stupid American that you cannot see that there is in front of your eyes, assuming you have any eyes open, an attempt based entirely in the constant repeat of lies by the presstitute media to destroy the political stability of the United States, you should be lined up against the wall and shot for your unimaginable stupidity.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – KUDOS TO DR ROBERTS, A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYT Acting as Trump’s Judge, Jury and Executioner – Stephen Lendman

Trump triumphant as New York Times report reveals ‘whistleblower’ spoke to ‘Shifty Schiff’ before filing complaint – RT

So the whistleblower went to Adam Schiff first, not the designated intelligence authorities? – “Sounds like Snowden or Bradley, actually. Once again, Trump called it right – this is more like a colluding spy or traitor” – Monica Showalter

Is There A Ukrainian Armageddon Dead Ahead For Dems? – ” For Democrats, all roads lead to Ukraine – and that’s bad news for them.” – Graham J Noble

BRILLIANT! Corrupt Congressional Dems Ask Trump State Dept for Ukrainian Docs – Get Crooked Hillary and Biden Docs Instead! (VIDEO) – “Democrat lawmakers also requested documents from the Pompeo State Department on Ukraine. Today the State Department sent over the documents and announced they would brief Congress on their findings. But the documents weren’t what the Democrats were expecting! The Trump administration sent over documents on Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Ukraine in the 2016 election and the Biden Family’s massive pay-for-play with the Ukrainian regime! Zing!” – Jim Hoft

Schiff staff member who visited the Ukraine in August has links to same Ukranian oil company that hired Hunter Biden – Sean Walton  – GET’S MORE INTRIGUING BY THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Impeachment of Trump – Here We Go Again – “My focus would be on HOW Biden’s son got that job in Ukraine to start with when his father was Vice President. That would be a hot topic and a prosecution the SEC would bring against any fund manager who happened to get funds from that entity to manage. That is the questionable area to investigate and that is completely valid” – Martin Armstrong

Chris Matthews: We Gotta Impeach Pence Too! – Scott Whitlock – OF COURSE THAT BONEHEAD WOULD SUGGEST THAT, THEN PELOSI WOULD BE NEXT IN LINE. AND THEY CALL THIS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump Administration Provides New Evidence for a Saudi Connection to 9/11 – Philip Giraldi

According To The FEC, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Is Raising Money – Is One Last Run For The White House Coming? -Michael Snyder

Hillary’s Blueprint to Seize Control of America – Dave Hodges

What If the President Is a Threat to National Security? – Jacob G. Hornberger

The Tech Giants Are a Conduit for Fascism – Michael Krieger – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MICHAEL AS USUAL!!!!!

Beto O’Rourke is delusional if he thinks Americans would blindly follow an unconstitutional gun confiscation ‘law’ – ” O’Rourke and the rest of the Garbage Party believe government has the authority to mandate Americans surrender an entire class of firearms or be subject to fines and/or imprisonment. He also believes that we’ll just roll the fuck over and accede to this blatant tyranny.” – National Sentinel

Trump Admin. Reigniting War Against Syria – “The neocons are not about to give up and admit defeat.” – Kurt Nimmo

Iran Is China’s Secret Weapon for Killing off the US Dollar’s Global Reserve Status – Federico Pieraccini

Wealth Identity Politics: Billionaires Acting Like A Persecuted Minority Is Peak Capitalism – “Billionaires should not exist, for the same reason that kings and pharaohs should not exist. The leadership of our world should not belong to a class of highly mediocre people who have nothing noteworthy between their ears apart from a knack for accumulating dollars. The ability to amass wealth is not a valid basis upon which to determine who leads us. Our fate as a species should be in all our hands.” – Caitlin Johnstone

On the Verge of a Brexit Breakthrough – Mish


How You Should Plan Your Escape When SHTF – Bob Rodgers

FaceFirst and Amazon Want To Influence Facial Recognition Laws; Motorola Joins The Push For A Surveillance State – Aaron Kesel

14 Billion Police License Plate Database, Knows Where You Are In Real-Time – MassPrivateI

Four Pemmican Recipes – Filip Tkaczyk

Study Suggests Hemp Batteries Are More Powerful Than Lithium And Graphene – Amanda Froelich  – THE USES AND BENEFITS OF HEMP ARE ENDLESS. YOU CAN THANK REEFER MADNESS AND BIG BUSINESS FOR CRIMINALIZING HEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Derivative Risks Rising: Sell-Off in Interconnected Mega Banks and Insurers – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Fed’s “Insurance” Rate Cuts Didn’t Work. Now For The Emergency Cuts – John Rubino

The Sounds of Silence and Hopium – “Have you heard loud warnings from Mainstream Media or from official government sources about the following huge problems? No! Official sources and the media are largely silent. They can’t/won’t discuss our serious problems and prefer the hopium strategy.” – Gary Christenson  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Big Silver Shock: Is $150 a ‘No Brainer’? (VIDEO) – GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

Deflation or Inflation: Gold Doesn’t Care – “In our view, gold investors should settle back with some popcorn and enjoy the coming fireworks, which will include the best gold bull market ever, with all the volatility that implies. We see new all-time highs just around the corner. The challenge is to take a position and stay the course. Central banks are about to pay for decades of bad policy and gold will reap the dividends.” – Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony   – AND SILVER WILL GO RIGHT ALONG WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dow Jones and S&P 500 Off to Worst Start for a Quarter Since the Great Recession – Peter Schiff

Our Currency Watch Continues To Prove The Precious Metals Rally – J. Johnson

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.48EUR




Psalm 35:20  For they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land.