Unsettled Weather – “After leaving the Bahamas for dead, Hurricane Dorian barely grazed the US mainland en route to the Canadian shoals of oblivion, perhaps saving America’s insurance industry. But the steamy west coast of Africa is hurling out a cavalcade of replacements as the high season for Atlantic storms commences, so better keep the plywood sheets at hand. Lots of things are looking stormy around the world just now: nations, markets, politics — everything really except all three divisions of the American League… yawn…. The world is in a nervous place these days The US is something like the world’s crazy old auntie, whom everyone else would like to lock in the attic. Except she happens to be cradling a bazooka, so they’ll go on trying to ignore her a while longer, hoping she doesn’t launch any rockets at the neighbors.” – James Howard Kunstler

Putin: US Middle Class Voted Trump Because Globalization Is Killing Them – A Political Junkie

Power of Diplomacy and Partnership at Vladivostok – Strategic Culture Foundation

The Hitler Phenomenon -Jacob G. Hornberger  – GOOD ARTICLE BY JACOB!!!!!!

Meditations On Twitter’s Silencing Of Daniel McAdams – “But you know what’s even more annoying? What’s even more annoying is that we live in a society where insulting a murderous war propagandist like Sean Hannity gets you silenced and marginalized, but being a murderous war propagandist like Sean Hannity does not. Being a murderous war propagandist like Sean Hannity gets you rewarded with fame and fortune at every turn.” – Caitlin Johnstone

What If Americans Wanted Freedom As Much As Hong Kongers Do? – Adam Mill

Can Joe Biden Run This Marathon? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Heartland Won’t Turn A Blind Eye To Biden’s Health – “Joe Biden turns up the creep factor for CNN townhall.” – Sarah Cowgill

Bernie Sanders: Kill the babies, save the planet – Monica Showalter

A Leading to War… How Long are Americans Going to Allow the Corrupt Media and Government to Set the Narratives? – M.D. Creekmore

Congress Aims “Honest Ads” at the Alternative Media – “The push to circumvent constitutionally protected speech on the internet has little to nothing to do with Russia or any other foreign adversary. It’s about a diverse and popular alternative media daily providing counter-arguments and dispelling lies and fabrications put out by the state and its corporate stenographers. This cannot be allowed to continue. I predict far more draconian efforts to squelch the opposition.” – Kurt Nimmo

America Is In Deep Trouble If We Don’t Realize Government Is A Criminal Entity Controlled By An Entrenched Elite Who Are Unspeakably Evil – “The murders of people like Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein continue. Anyone who believes that Epstein killed himself is brain dead; this murder was so blatant, so in-your-face obvious that, rather like the equally obvious 9/11 false flag, it is an insult to our intelligence.” – William B. Stoecker

Beto Falsely Accuses Meghan McCain Of Encouraging Gun Violence After She Criticized His Gun Confiscation Plan – Sister Toldjah

Meghan McCain’s Statement Of Fact Sparks Outrage, But It Shouldn’t -Tom Knighton

Hooray! Another Month of “Trade Deal Around the Corner” Discussion – Mish

Farmageddon Is Real And Farmers Are Suffering – Bruce Wilds

Farm loan delinquencies surge in U.S. election battleground Wisconsin – Jason Lange and P.J. Huffstutter

Dorian makes first US landfall with flooding and violent winds as rain batters the Carolinas – Kevin Byrne and Mark Puleo

Hurricane Dorian Microwave Beam Proof 9 05 2019 (VIDEO) – “This shows proof of a microwave beam, weakening and steering Hurricane Dorian, before it hit the North Carolina coast. The beam comes from an SBX type megawatt microwave transmitter at a Marine Air Base.” – The HAARP Report

CNN, MSNBC Inundate Viewers with 145 Minutes of ‘Sharpiegate’ – “As Hurricane Dorian continues to wreak havoc across the eastern seaboard, liberal cable anchors are fixated on perhaps the most frivolous piece of the news cycle: President Trump’s poorly-doctored hurricane map.” – Bill D’Agostino and Curtis Houck

Head of UN Global Communications Says Illegally Entering the U.S. is a Right – “Follows Ilhan Omar’s call for UN to take control of US-Mexico border.” – Paul Joseph Watson

DEMS AT CLIMATE FORUM: BAN EVERYTHING! – “Democrats appearing at CNN’s marathon 7-hour global warming forum have a plan to solve a changing climate: Ban everything! Over the course of the television extravaganza, Democrats’ leading 2020 presidential candidates floated a variety of proposals to cut Americans’ energy use and, ostensibly, to stop the climate from changing. Among them: Bans on plastic straws, red meat, incandescent lightbulbs, gas-powered cars, nuclear energy, off-shore drilling, fracking, natural gas exports, coal plants, and even “carbon” itself.” – Tom Elliott

‘Control Freaks’: CNN Climate Change Fiasco Should Be Seen By Every American To Understand That Radical Liberals Want To Control Every Aspect Of Your Life – Susan Duclos

Boris is Broken – “Boris wants to prorogue Westminster for 5 years? Perfectly legal, it would seem. Unless some lawyer or judge delves up a law from the 16th century that says otherwise. Constitutions have their use, you know. But it’s hard not to feel sorry for the man here and there and now and then. Ministers leave, friends leave, his brother is outta here and even his dog handed him a pink slip. And the opposition, including awhole bunch of his own party, is ganging up on him.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Boris and Brexit: There is a Time When the Laughter Has to Stop – Seth Ferris

With UK elections on horizon, front runners BoJo and Corbyn mirror Trump and Sanders in political and economic ideologies – Ken Schortgen

HARPA: America’s New Social Credit Plan Partners Big Tech and Govt to Further Gun Control Efforts – Dagny Taggart

Social Credit Score USA (VIDEO) – Paul Joseph Watson

Future President Bill DeBlasio Promises To Confiscate All Your Semi-Auto Rifles. Good News: His Bodyguards’ll Keep Theirs – Alex Parker

Walgreens, CVS and Kroger Join Walmart, and Ban Open Carry of Firearms in All Stores – Off Grid Survival

Something Very Strange Is Going On With Bitcoin And BTC Google Searches – Billy Bambrough

Home Canning Tips | Lessons Learned – Ken Jorgustin





Markets Soar Higher, The Trade Wars Are Over? – “Treasury yields are up, stocks are up, and everything is peaches and cream once again. The trade wars are apparently over? All geopolitical risks have dissipated over night? Of course not.” – Nathan McDonald

Uh Oh: U.S. Layoffs Rise 38 Percent – Highest Level For August Since 2009 – Michael Snyder

These Are Not Signs of a Healthy Market – Charles Hugh Smith

Here’s the Proof the Federal Government Is Overtly Lying to the Public about Wall Street’s Derivatives – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Gold Prices Will Keep Rising Because Crash Conditions Are Becoming Obvious – “I would acknowledge here that there is plenty of evidence of paper market manipulation of gold and silver to the downside by major banks like JP Morgan. Any investor in metals should take this into account. However, it is also important to realize that in moments of economic uncertainty, the physical market can and does overtake paper manipulation, and prices rise anyway. This is exactly what happened in the lead up to the 2008 crash, and it’s happening again today.” – Brandon Smith

Time and Price Is Now On The Side of Silver! – J. Johnson

Gold and Silver Prices – Day by Day -Gary Christenson – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.09EUR




Job 31:34    Did I fear a great multitude, or did the contempt of families terrify me, that I kept silence, and went not out of the door?