The Official Story of the Collapse of WTC Building 7 Lies in Ruins – Paul Craig Roberts

The Ugly Truth About The Trade War – “The trade war is the perfect cover for the collapse of the US dollar that the globalists desire. While some people suggest that China’s dumping of US treasuries is the “nuclear option” in the trade war, this is not exactly true. The REAL nuclear option is for China to dump the US dollar as the reserve trade mechanism and go to a basket of currencies, which the IMF will happily aid them with.” – Brandon Smith  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON, ONCE AGAIN!!!

WaPo Warns USA Needs More Narrative Control As Pentagon Ramps Up Narrative Control – “that’s what the CIA/Pentagon/plutocracy-tied Washington Post wants you to be sure of: that evil governments are controlling your mind with information warfare, and that the US government is struggling to rescue you from that fate. Lucky for you, this report just so happens to be coming out at the same time as we’re learning that the Pentagon is already currently working on a program to protect you from wrongthink by controlling your access to information.” – Caitlin Johnstone

What happened to all of the secrets President Trump ordered to be declassified? – Sharyl Attkisson

Now It’s Official: US Visa Can Be Denied If You (Or Even Your Friends) Are Critical of American Policies – Philip Giraldi

Hurricane Dorian Has Regained Strength And Is Reportedly “On A Collision Course With The Carolinas” – Michael Snyder

Hurricane Dorian Steered by Military (VIDEO) with Dane Wigington – “It’s an historical, verifiable fact and verifiable in the immediate term as well as we have animations of radio frequency microwave transmissions directly interacting with, interfering with and steering that storm (Dorian) as well as other storms such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria.” – Greg Hunter

OPERATION DORIAN DEVASTATION: The Bahamas were purposely targeted with weaponized weather—Why? – “How False Flag Weather Terrorism is Used to Advance the UN Agendas. The Bahamas sacrificed themselves so the whole world would wake up to the new normal of weaponized weather.” – State of the Nation

Quick Note: DorianGate – “Oh quit it, media hacks. I know, I know, you think Trump was “making things up” when he included Alabama as a potential impact for Dorian. He wasn’t. In any event Trump is right in this tweet — there was model support and it was part of the NHC official forecast that the storm was likely to cross Florida and enter the Gulf on a nearly-due-west path at the time. That most-certainly does put Alabama in play.” – Karl Denninger

Lawyer For Epstein’s ‘Madam’ Says ‘Hundreds Of Names’ Contained In Upcoming Records Dump – Tyler Durden

Biden’s eye fills with blood during CNN climate town hall -Julio Rosas and Joseph Simonson

On CNN’s climate hysteria town hall, Wolf Blitzer claimed ‘We’re seeing firsthand the effects of climate change’ with Hurricane Dorian – “Nobody has ever accused Wolf of being a genius” – Thomas Lifson

Climate Crazies: CNN Pushes for Global Eugenics, Trillions in Spending, No Beef – Nicholas Fondacaro

Media Cancel James Mattis After They Learn His Book Criticizes The Wrong President – “What is so ironic about all this is that the left, including their media mouthpieces, now constantly attack Trump for supposedly not supporting our allies or causing “confusion.” Yet, when Obama was President, you never heard a peep about that despite the fact that he was consistently selling our partner nations down the river for his own personal delusions and showing absolutely no salient strategy at all.” – Bonchie

Brexit Has Devolved into Random Acts of Vandalism – Tom Luango

– “To see Boris accused of incontinent mendacity made my day. And I don’t even have anything against him. It’s all just theater. The entire British political system is (and do throw in the Queen, as hard as you can). Just theater, that much is obvious now, if it wasn’t already. And all these MPs are pretending they didn’t already know. Hello! You’re on the Truman Show!” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Ignore the Nonsense Reporting: Boris Johnson was Not Defeated, He Won Big Time – Mish

Radical Muslim extremist group CAIR now dictating who gets banned on tech platforms – JD Heyes

Trump Promises Action On Gun Control ‘Soon’-Tom Knighton

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION CONSIDERING SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE SYSTEM TO DETERMINE WHO CAN BUY A GUN – “Would partner with Big Tech to use spy data from Amazon, Google and Apple.” – Paul Joseph Watson   – WELCOME TO CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beto O’Rourke: Americans Will Have to Sell Back AR-15s, AK-47s, ‘All of Them’ – Teresa Mull

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Name NRA as Domestic Terrorist Organization – Personal Defense World

San Francisco Just Declared the NRA a TERRORIST Organization.Here’s How This Could Affect the Rest of Us – “And ironic. ally, they cited the Declaration of Independence to do it.” – Daisy Luther

Soros Spends Nearly $9 Million Lobbying, Now Targets Guns – “Billionaire financier wants to make gun companies liable for criminal acts by third parties” – Stephen Gutowski and Joe Schoffstall

Red Flag Laws | An Opening to Massive Abuse and Gun Grabbing Power – Ken Jorgustin

Red Flag Laws and Cattle Cars: “I Was Just Doing My Job” (VIDEO) – The Patriot Nurse

The Surveillance State Is Here and Now- C. Mitchell Shaw

Plan to Use Fitbit and “Smart” Home Devices to Stop Mass Shootings — But Might This Instigate More? – B.N. Frank




6 Reasons for Preppers to Stock Precious Metals – Justin Fraughton

Market Odds Of Negative Rates In The US Are Rising Fast – Tyler Durden

Hurricanes Are Coming! – “Hurricane Dorian is traveling (September 1) toward the United States. The destruction could be impressive. Hurricane Federal Reserve has devalued the dollar for over a century. The destruction has been large. A few benefited, many lost wealth, purchasing power, pensions, jobs, and homes. Hurricane National Debt has reached Cat 5 status, over $22 trillion in unpayable debt that weakens the U.S. economy, strains the government budget with half a trillion in annual interest payments, and sucks capital away from more beneficial uses. This debt hurricane should reach Cat 6 soon. Hurricane Pension Default sits at only Cat 1 status today, but it will strengthen during the next recession. Low and negative interest rates will make it worse. Hurricane Crazy Politics is building into a major force, expected to reach Cat 5 in October 2020.” – Gary Christianson

Silver Has Eyes On $20 Target: By Friday We’ll Know If The Cartel Has Lost Control Of Price – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart   – AS OF THIS MORNING IT DOESN’T AS SILVER HAS BEEN KNOCKED BACK DOWN UNDER $19!!!!

Why Is JPMorgan Chase Always in the Middle of Scandalous News? Fake Gold Anyone? – “If your bank is under a criminal probe for potentially rigging gold and silver markets, it doesn’t help your case to have $50 million in fake gold bars sitting in your vaults” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Was The August 13th Gold And Silver Plunge A JP Morgan “Spoof”? – Chris Marcus

The Great Debasement – Precious Metals Supply and Demand – “Fiat Money Woes” – Keith Weiner

Silver Remains Resolute and Strong! – J. Johnson

India Silver Imports Tripled In July As Prices Rise – Steve St. Angelo

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.09EUR




Colossians 3:25    But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons.