DEMORALIZED, DEPRESSED, DETACHED & DEFIANT – “There will be no compromise in the current environment. The unmistakable smell of conflict is in the air. We have entered the time of year when stock markets crash and those swimming naked are revealed. Debt, civic decay and global disorder are three category 5 hurricanes relentlessly moving towards a final denouement. The next decade will surely be perilous, but most people are wholly unprepared, mesmerized by their iGadgets and zombified by the relentlessly false mainstream media narrative.” – Jim Quinn  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JIM OF THE BURNING PLATFORM!!!!!!

The West Oppressed the Third World for so Long that It Became Third World Itself – Andre Vltchek

Trump Washington Is up Against the World – Brian Cloughley

On the Pivotal Question of “Who’s Creating Terrorists?” – Phil Butler

MIDDLE OF A TRADE WAR: Trump SLAMS US Companies, AND Blames Them. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

In praise of Melania Trump, the first lady treated terribly by the media – Miranda Devine

Tory Civil War: Johnson’s Feud With Rebels Comes to a Head, Oct Elections Likely – Mish

Slow-moving hurricane Dorian pounds Bahamas, inches towards Florida coast – Dante Carrer

‘Paradise Has Been Destroyed’: Local Man Pleads For Help As His Country Is Pummeled By Devastating Storms – Greg Argos

We’re All Julian Assange – Stephen Lendman

Forget the Russians: It’s the Federal Reserve Seeking to Meddle in Our Elections – Ron Paul

Democrats’ real wish list for America: More mass shootings, catastrophic hurricanes and an economic crash… all to blame their political opponents – Mike Adams

Joe Biden thinks we should go back to muskets…or something…with latest bizarre gun control proposal – “Biden suggested that Congress ban ‘assault weapons’ and any other firearms that “hold multiple bullets in them.” Mind you, the Second Amendment has a clause that says “shall not be infringed” and it’s a clause that most Democrats seem to think does not, or should not, apply to firearms ownership. Too many federal and state court judges think the same thing. But other than muskets and single-shot .22s, what other guns would be left if Biden gets his way?” – National Sentinel

Beto gets naked about it: Grab guns – “When you can sort out what Beto O’Rourke is saying through his foul language, what he’s saying in the wake of the Odessa-Midland mass shooting is pretty awful: Expropriate law-abiding citizens’ guns, by force.” – Monica Showalter

Trump Announces No Intention To Change His Stance On Guns – “I haven’t made a secret of the fact that I don’t trust our president when it comes to guns. So, the president appears to be still considering at least some degree of gun control based on what happened in El Paso and Dayton, but he’s not shifting more to the left on gun control than he already is. While I’d rather see the president refuse to budge at all on guns, that’s not where he is at the moment. Instead, he’s looking to pass a bit, probably enough to quell concerns during the general election but not much more than that. For better or worse, that’s the best we can hope for right now.” – Tom Knighton

Odessa Mass Shooter Failed Background Check, Was Illegal Gun Owner — Called Both FBI and Police Before Shooting – Jim Hoft

Hurricane of Lead Hits Chicago Over Labor Day, 43 Shot, Eight Dead – R. Cort Kirkwood  – DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED AND SOME OF THE STRONGEST GUN LAWS IN THE NATION. SIMPLY PUT, CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Can We Blame This On White Gun Owners?: At High School Football Game in Alabama Between All-Black Schools, Black Gunman Shoots At Least 10 People – Paul Kersey

Crime: Shootings And Rape – “Let’s deal with the easy one first. This mass-shooting got memory-holed fast. The suspect is under-age. This means there was no legal way for him to obtain the weapon. Second, since there was no mention of an “evil black rifle” this was almost-certainly a semi-automatic pistol, as is the case for roughly 99% of criminal shootings. Oh, and you already have to be 21 to legally buy a pistol or ammunition for one. In addition he’s black, so the “angry white dude” nonsense won’t fly either. That’s two strikes and an instant black-ball of the story from the national media, despite 9 people being shot. The most-likely explanation is that this was gang-related and he got the firearm in the same way most criminals get their guns — he either stole it directly or acquired it from someone who otherwise diverted it into black-market commerce, such as a drug dealer. This doesn’t fit the narrative of “oh look, more background checks will solve it”, however, or even “more firearm restrictions”, since semi-automatic pistols are the weapons found on the hip of virtually every single on-duty cop in the United States.” – Karl Denninger

Left-wing billionaire George Soros funding effort to hold gunmakers liable for mass shootings – Jon Dougherty

Questions Nobody Is Asking About Jeffrey Epstein – Eric Rasmusen

This One Lie Should Lead To The Total Destruction Of The Democratic Party And The Mainstream Media: Those Peddling The ‘White Nationalism Fraud’ Are Running A Psychological Terror Campaign Upon ALL Americans! – John C. Velisek – US Navy, Retired

Why Is The Federal Govt. Hiring “EBOLA Airport Screeners?” – “While the CDC has assured us that we don’t need to worry about Ebola here in the United States, at the same time, it seems that the government is quietly hiring people to screen for the disease at an American airport. It’s certainly not impossible that Ebola could spread to the United States. After all, the World Health Organization did declare the DRC Ebola outbreak an international emergency.” – Daisy Luther

Hollywood reboots Russophobia for the New Cold War – Max Parry

The Revolution Starts With You – 50 Ways To Start Your Own Revolution – Erica Nygaard

Facebook considers experimenting with hiding likes – “Another way to help improve users’ mental health.” – Oscar Gonzalez  – ANOTHER WAY TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE!!!!

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.60EUR




Job 11:14   If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles.