Hurricane Dorian Makes Third Landfall as a Category 5 in the Northwestern Bahamas; Hurricane Warning Issued in Florida – Weather Channel

A Category 6 Storm? If The Scale Went That High, Hurricane Dorian Would Be One – Michael Snyder

“Please, Somebody Help Us!”: Eye Of Slow-Moving Dorian Reaches Grand Bahama; Storm Recorded Gusts As High As 220 MPH – Tyler Durden

Hurricane Dorian Made Violent Landfall in the Bahamas: “You cannot tell…the beginning of the street, versus where the ocean begins.” – Daisy Luther

Hurricane Hysteria Season – “Given the left’s penchant for turning normal everyday events into something political, former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell was “rooting” for this current hurricane to hit President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. If I watched CNN, I might have seen a panel of Trump haters discussing this delicious possibility. Predictably stories appeared tying the hurricane to climate change, with the familiar warning, “Global warming, like Hurricane Dorian, is real. We need to deal with both while there is still time.”” – Brian C. Joondeph

Globalists Target Trump with Geoengineered Frankenstorm as Dorian Threatens Mar-a-Lago – “Dorian: A HUGE Wake-up Call for President Trump. Will he listen? Will he get it? Mega-hurricanes like Dorian, regardless of whether they are acts of Mother Nature or 100% manmade or a hybrid of both, always deliver a message right from Mother Earth. Irrespective of where Dorian ultimately makes landfall, a stark warning has already been issued to the POTUS by Mother Nature herself. President Trump has been — BY FAR — the worst environmental POTUS in history. It’s clear from his many reckless actions, misguided policies and heedless proclamations where it concerns the environment, that he’s a real Neanderthal.” – State of the Nation  – WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT WITH THIS LINK, IT’S AN INTERESTING THEORY!!!!

A Society Is Only As Free As Its Most Troublesome Political Dissident – “The persecution of Julian Assange tells us about the real function of the mass media. The persecution of Julian Assange tells us about the mechanics of empire. The persecution of Julian Assange tells us about the kind of society we actually live in.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Learn From History Or Get Run Over By A Tank – ” hope the people of Hong Kong learn before they’re all a pancake. No government ever grants anything to the citizens once it has taken it. Ever. The only way governments ever return to the boundaries of pre-political rights is when the people as a body politic make clear that there are two, and only two options: Do so voluntarily right here, right now or we will make you do so.” – Karl Denninger

Study Proving “Definitively” That Fire Didn’t Bring Down WTC Building 7 To Be Released Tomorrow – Arjun Walia

Michael Flynn’s attorney asks court to find fed prosecutors in contempt for withholding exculpatory evidence – Jon Dougherty

General Flynn’s New Attorney Accuses Mueller’s Team Of Misconduct And The New York Times Suffers Fecal Incontinence – streiff

Model agency head wanted for questioning about Jeffrey Epstein’s sex ring has disappeared like a ‘ghost’ – Thomas Lifson

Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign is Slinging Mass Shooting T-Shirts, One Day After the Deadly Rampage in Texas – Cassandra Fairbanks

Media Mute After 7th Illegal Arrested For Rape Since July In Sanctuary County – Kristine Marsh

Media Race-Baiting Americans With ‘White supremacy’ Conspiracy Theories to Hide Class Strife – “he establishment gatekeepers of the mainstream media are fronting White supremacists as the scourge of the land. Yet this movement must have gone deep underground because members of this pale-faced clan are incredibly difficult to track down. Following the trajectory of Hurricane Whitey as it makes landfall and gradually turns the once lush and verdant American landscape a lighter shade of pale, one can only wonder from where this force of noxious white power first arose. Or is it just a figment of the mainstream media’s excitable imagination?” – Robert Bridge

The Upcoming Democrat Climate Change Extravaganza that No One Will Watch – “How a CNN broadcast of liberal pols gassing about greenhouse gases will help cure the ozone layer is anyone’s guess” – Taylor Lewis  – UNFORTUNATELY THEY WON’T DISCUSS THE REAL PROBLEM – GEOENGINEERING!!!!!!!!!!!

Democratic Socialism — philosophy of poverty – Alexander G. Markovsky

Israeli Border Provocation Moves Plan for Regional War Forward – “Corporate media instinctively places blame on Lebanon” – Kurt Nimmo

London Mulls Sending Drones to Persian Gulf to Assist Escorting Cargo Ships Near Iran – Reports – Sputnik News

When Losing is Winning in Germany for AfD – Tom Luango

Falling From Grace – “The twentieth century was the American century and the US went from victory to victory, expanding its power. But the decline began in the 1960s, when the US started to pursue unwinnable wars, began the destruction of its currency and began to expand its government into an all-powerful body.” – Jeff Thomas

12.2 ton recall of beef unfit for human consumption – Food Safety News

The DIY Guide on How to Buy Your Own Military Humvee – “WHILE THERE CAN BE SOME LABORIOUS STEPS INVOLVED, THERE’S NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO BUY A PIECE OF AMERICAN GI HISTORY, THE MILITARY HUMVEE. Auction prices typically run from $6,000 to 12,000 depending upon the state of the truck.” – WILL DABBS MD

Builders Are Using Hemp Instead Of Concrete And It Could Save The Environment – “Hemp is among the most promising and environmentally sustainable alternatives to concrete.” – John Vibes




The Quickening – “An ill wind threatens to rake and churn up the Atlantic coast this Labor Day as a live-action metaphor auguring a more general wreckage to come in the final four months of 2019. More than most years, this holiday weekend seems to mark a boundary between past and future, between ends and beginnings. Gold and silver seem to be signaling two things: coming inflation and political turmoil. Debt accumulation around the world has passed the point where even prayer to every known deity will avail to prevent a horrendously destructive work-out of loans that can never be paid back.” – James Howard Kunstler

Labor Day Reflections on Retirement and Working for 49 Years – “What happens when these monstrous speculative bubbles pop?” – Charles Hugh Smith

Major Supply Chain Disruptions Coming: Thank Trump – Mish

Silver Gains Twice as Much as Gold This Month – Gary Wagner

Study Discovers That If The Debt Machine Was Turned Off, The U.S. Would Immediately Plunge Into A Horrifying Depression – Michael Snyder

Here’s What I’m Worried About. It’s Not a Recession (VIDEO) – “A rout in the hyper-inflated bond market can blow up everything.” – Wolf Street Report

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.63EUR




Matthew 7:27   And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.