Things to Come – “The economic contraction ahead will put this borderline psychotic country through some interesting ch-ch-ch-changes. Mr. Trump now fully owns the Potemkin status quo of record stock markets poised against a withering rot of human capital at the core of an industrial society in sunset mode. Leadership at every corner of American life — politics, business, media — expects an ever-higher tech magical updraft of fortune from an increasingly holographic economy of mere fugitive appearances in which everybody can get more of something for nothing. The disappointment over how all this works out will be epic.” – James Howard Kunstler

New York Times Whines About ‘Relentless Conservative Fire’ on The Squad – Clay Waters

If Mueller Wasn’t in Charge, Who Was? – Brian C. Joondeph

What Progressives Hopefully Learned From Russiagate – Caitlin Johnstone

4 dead, including shooter, during attack at Gilroy Garlic Festival. 6-year-old killed – Joshua Tehee and Jaimie Ding  – CNN INTERVIEWED A WITNESS LAST NIGHT AND KEPT ASKING HIM IF THE KILLER USED A MACHINE GUN. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gun Violence in California – “For 20 years, I have been writing that people who are going to kill other people with guns don’t give a hoot about gun laws. After all, at the risk of belaboring the obvious, if a person doesn’t care about obeying a law against murder, he’s not going to care about violating a law against taking an assault rifle into a food festival. But ordinary, law-abiding people do care about obeying gun laws.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

9 Killed, 39 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago – Vi Nguyen  – I’M SURE THE MAYOR WILL BLAME IT ON INDIANA AGAIN!!!!!

Enough and Not Too Much – “Washington is starting to realise Russia’s military power but it is blinded and can only see its reflection in the mirror: the so-called “rising threat from Russia” would be no threat to a Washington that stayed at home.” – Patrick Armstrong

Sources say FBI Investigation into Trump’s Campaign Began Earlier than Previously Reported – Martin Armstrong


Kamala Harris offers debt forgiveness — to people who don’t have debts – “File under ‘stupid’…” – Monica Showalter

Here’s What Happened When a Journalist Exposed a Pedo Sex Ring in Mexico – “Reporting the crimes of a pedo elite has consequences.” – Kurt Nimmo

Democrats have secretly schemed to destroy every major city in America – State of the Nation  – PRETTY MUCH SEEMS TO BE THE CONSENSUS!!!!!!!

The Democrat Left is pushing our major cities to the brink of anarchy through systematic neutering of police, law enforcement – National Sentinel

Democrats Have No One But Themselves And Their Liberal Policies To Blame For Their Cities Turning Into Hellholes! – “The Demons Destroying Their Own Cities Are Also Working Overtime To Destroy America!” – Stefan Stanford


More Than 80,000 Earthquakes Have Hit California Since July 4th, And The Aftershocks Are Headed “Toward The Garlock Fault” – Michael Snyder

Weaponizing Space Is the New Bad Idea Coming From Washington D.C. – Federico Pieraccini

Satellites are starting to watch your every move There are real-time spies in the sky.” – Shelby Brown

What food is next to be MUTATED on the GMO chopping block? – “Maybe you do know about most GMO foods, but have you heard about the latest mutated Frankenfoods (like apples and plums), or the ones they’re about to adulterate (or already doing so secretly) in Biotech laboratories around the country? They do it to animals, too, you should know. They also clone meat and sell it to fast food restaurants under the guise of being “generally recognized as safe” for consumption (GRAS), even though no negative test results (human health detriment proof) will ever be published by the food-mutating goons. What’s your poison? Is it the “impossible burger” or is it “beyond meat?”” – S.D. Wells

Where Does It End? New ‘Monarch’ Brain Device Approved for ADHD (MOVIE) – Truthstream Media

A shocking number of delivery drivers admit doing this to your food – C.W. Headley

Top 5 Outdoor Cooking Techniques You Need To Master – Bob Rodgers

A Rare Virus Spread By Mosquitoes Can Change Your Personality — And It’s Just Been Found In 5 States – Emma Fiala




Trump’s Debt Binge Puts Treasury Auctions on Path to New Highs – Liz Capo McCormick and Saleha Mohsin  – DON’T THINK IT’S ENTIRELY JUST TRUMP’S DEBT BINGE. LOOK AT ANY CHART ND SEE HOW SEVERELY THE DEBT INCREASED DURING THE OBAMA YEARS!!!!!!

Markets Coiled Ahead Of “Most Important Week Of The Year” – Tyler Durden

Mind-Boggling Physical Silver Flows Into ETFs (VIDEO) with Ted Butler – “What “whale” is behind the recent unprecedented buying of silver futures to build a record concentrated position? This massive hedge has spurred feverish speculation that it reveals pre-positioning by a huge player in anticipation of a major wave of physical silver buying that could drive the price vastly higher.” – Reluctant Preppers

Central banks abandon their 20 year gold manipulation scheme as they are soon to engage in a monetary metal free for all – Ken Schortgen

All This Talk About a Booming Economy Is Fake News (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.06EUR




Deuteronomy 16:19  Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous.