Trump calls Baltimore ‘disgusting … rodent infested mess,’ rips Rep. Elijah Cummings over border criticism – Wilborn P. Nobles III

Cummings: Piece of Crap – “You knew the DemonScats would instantly call Trump’s commentary on Cummings and Baltimore’s issues “racisss”. Nonsense. The only thing racist is the corrupt garbage bin that has befallen not only Democrat-run cities but specifically Democrat districts in this case. Cummings district has a violent crime rate some ten times the national average. But his district is not alone. Have a look at Hey Jackass and you’ll see some truly disturbing facts on Chicago. There’s a town that has a homicide clearance rate (that is, percentage of fatal shootings for which someone got caught this year of nine percent. You literally have a 90% chance of getting away with shooting someone in Chicago.” – Karl Denninger

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CNN: Thou Shalt Have No Other Media Before Ours, Chinamen! – “To say that Africa is empty of media is mad, the author from CNN needs to be less dishonest or more self-reflective. Their real problem with China putting up TV-dishes in 10,000 villages and selling smartphones built for African realities (cheap, good battery life to survive long power outages, gearing phones to local languages) is that it is a threat to US/Western dominance of the continent.” – Tim Kirby

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General Michael Flynn finally gets a break: Sidney Powell – “Ms. Powell has turned the Flynn case upside down, and it appears that she is working to create the right circumstances for a Flynn pardon, that would end the matter, free Flynn and avoid uncertainty and adding to the Flynn expenses.” – John Dale Dunn  – A TRUE PATRIOT, GENERAL FLYNN SHOULD BE PARDONED AS WELL AS HIS EXPENSES PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Job 7:1  Is there not an appointed time to man upon earth? are not his days also like the days of an hireling?



There was a time, a simpler time
When a man could be sure of where he stood
I used to work at the yard, working honest and hard
The hours were long but the pay was oh so good

I had a family and friends, oh so many friends
We’d drive to the lake on holidays
Back then it wasn’t so dear for a sandwich or beer
At night I still dream I can see their faces

Certain things that you depend upon
There are places that you know
And the faces of America
Oh, where do they go, where did they go

I was born on a farm, a mid-western farm
I rode on the tractor with my dad
And though we never had much it was always enough
And we made the best with what we had

But then came four years of drought and the bottom dropped out
My father was broken like the rest
And I can still see his hands signing over his lands
And the bankers grow fat on the flesh of the dispossessed

Certain things that you depend upon
There are places I can go I sift the ashes of America
For someplace I used to know
Someplace I used to know
Someplace I used to know

There was a time, a simpler time
When a man could be sure of where he stood
I used to work at the yard, working honest and hard
The hours were long but the pay was oh so good

Certain things that you depend upon I used to think were guaranteed
Like the right of every man to work And feed his family
And the faces of America seem so distant and estranged
Have their eyes become too blind to see
How much their hearts have changed
How much their hearts have changed
How much their hearts have changed

( Faces Of America by Dan Fogelberg )