Monsters with Human Faces: The Tyranny of the Police State Disguised as Law-and-Order – “Enough already. Enough with the distractions. Enough with the partisan jousting. Enough with the sniping and name-calling and mud-slinging that do nothing to make this country safer or freer or more just. We have let the government’s evil-doing, its abuses, power grabs, brutality, meanness, inhumanity, immorality, greed, corruption, debauchery and tyranny go on for too long. We are approaching a reckoning.” – John W. Whitehead   – LONG, BUT GREAT READ FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mueller Testimony A ‘Disaster’ For Democrats As Former Special Counsel Stumbles Through Hearing – Tyler Durden

Democrat Disaster In Progress!! Mueller Testimony Shows He Did Not Write Nor Read His Own Report Before Signing It – Susan Duclos

Robert Mueller soon may be exposed as the ‘magician of omission’ on Russia – John Solomon

Media frenzy for Mueller testimony as broadcast, cable networks go wall-to-wall – Joe Concha

Tulsi Gabbard: “Kamala Harris is not qualified to serve as commander-in-chief” – Sara Carter  – OR ANYTHING ELSE, FOR THAT MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Americans struggle to afford medicine, AOC wants ‘lifetime’ healthcare for migrant children – Andrew West

Will Democrats Cook Up Another Russia Hoax For The 2020 Election? – “The left tried to explain away their humiliating 2016 election loss using the illegitimate excuse of Russian meddling. What will they blame a 2020 loss on?” – Saritha Prabhu

Gulf Crisis: Reciprocation Towards Disaster or Peaceful Resolution? – “Britain is sending more warships to the Persian Gulf, accusing Iran of “hostile acts” after a British-flagged tanker was seized by Iranian forces last week.” – Finian Cunningham

Russia Calls for Collective Persian Gulf Security – Stephen Lendman

Protecting Strait of Hormuz is Iran’s business and no one else’s – President Rouhani – RT

War Drums: Europe Readies A Naval Task Force As Iran Threatens To “Secure” The Strait Of Hormuz -Michael Snyder

Can’t Touch This – Obama’s Deportation Record – “While Trump gets over-the-top disgust for deportations, he can’t hold a candle to Obama.” – Sarah Cowgill

Charges Of Insensitivity After Kids Smash Piñata Shaped As ICE Agent – Eric Cox

The Jeffrey Epstein Case Offers a Rare Opportunity to Focus – “Why is most of the anger in this country being directed at fellow powerless Americans versus upward at the power structure which nurtured and continues to defend the current depraved status quo?” – Michael Krieger  – EXCELLENT AS USUAL, A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the Epstein-Mossad Honey Trap Story Has Disappeared – “If you search the news, you will find very little to nothing in the corporate media about pedo Jeffrey Epstein’s connection to Israeli intelligence. This connection is obvious—from Epstein’s connection to the Zionist Les Wexner and especially his Mossad handler, Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of documented Mossad operative and double agent Robert Maxwell. ” – Kurt Nimmo

Americans Don’t Trust the Govt, the Media, or Each Other: Fading Trust is “Sign of Cultural Sickness and National Decline” – Dagny Taggart

A Spirit Of Lawlessness Has Descended Upon The Streets Of America – Michael Snyder

Climate Lies: These People Must Be Removed – Karl Denninger

Google software engineer says search algorithms intentionally biased against POTUS Trump as tech giant seeks to change 2020 election – Jon Dougherty


They Want Us TERMINATED Long Before the 2020 Elections! (VIDEO) – SGT Report

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Ilhan Omar For Alleged Fraud – James Barrett

New NY Times Story Downplaying The Health Hazards Of 5G Fails Miserably: Why Are Globalists Media Outlets Putting Out So Many 5G Propaganda Stories? – “Some Warn Globalists Will Use 5G Killing Fields To Carry Out Genocide” – Stefan Stanford

It’s Not Just the News That’s Fake–Everything’s Fake – Charles Hugh Smith

‘Zombie Eating’: 88% Of Adults Dine While Staring At A Screen, Survey Finds – John Anderer

From Survival Watches to Solar Power: Innovative Technologies A Prepper Can Count On – Bob RodgersFrom Survival Watches to Solar Power: Innovative Technologies A Prepper Can Count On – Bob Rodgers

Including Old Books in Your Preps, Part 1 – Marica Bernstein

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Europe is Dying on a Cross of Gold – “Gold is calling out the insanity of the European Union. It is also calling out the insanity of the global economy. But really it’s all about the euro at this point. Since breaking through the post-Brexit high of $1375 per ounce, gold has pushed higher. Yes, it’s been volatile. Yes, the forces of control keep trying to stuff gold back inside the box, as it were. And they keep failing.” – Tom Luango

The U.S. Debt Ceiling Illusion – Craig Hemke

Here’s a phrase you’ll never hear again in the USA – “Gentlemen… the National Debt… is paid.” – Simon Black

Free-Riding Investors Set up Markets for a Major Collapse – Jim Rickards

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How This Plays Out?!? Deceleration, Interest Rate & Asset Price Distortion, Debt, Deflation, Depopulation, Depression, Default – Chris Hamilton

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Entering Period of Perpetual Money Printing (VIDEO) with John Williams – Greg Hunter

Exclusive: Deutsche Bank’s problem derivatives cloud recovery – sources – Matt Scuffham

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.05EUR




Jeremiah 21:5  And I myself will fight against you with an outstretched hand and with a strong arm, even in anger, and in fury, and in great wrath.