Will Comey Be Indicted?- “Almost all of the participants in this conspiracy against democracy knew that they were participating in a conspiracy against democracy and the American people, but they did not care. For them, their hatred of Trump was far more important than mere democracy” – Paul Craig Roberts

Mueller and Comey: A Cozy Relationship – “You can figure out how the swamp got the way it is by following the money. No clearer example is found in the financial relationship between two former FBI directors, James Comey and Robert Mueller, which goes a long way towards explaining their joint animus to President Trump and their passionate desire to bring down his presidency.” – Daniel John Sobieski

White House and Congress Reach Deal on Spending, Debt Ceiling – “Deal defuses debt-limit issue for two years and pushes debate past 2020 presidential election” – Andrew Duehren, Kate Davidson and Catherine Lucey

It’s Over: The Democrats And The Republicans Are Both Conspiring To Bankrupt America And Destroy Our Future – Michael Snyder

Death Comes: 2024, Or Sooner – “And here we go. Of course. You knew this was how it was going to go. The Federal Government is 25% in the hole right now on a budget basis — that is, it is spending 25% more than it can afford. Every dollar of deficit spending has produced less than a dollar of GDP since roughly 2001. This is an exponentially-accelerating series, and we are now in the terminal phase of it. My rough extrapolation is 2024 before it all goes to Hell in a bad way. That assumes we get there, and the market doesn’t figure it out first — specifically, the debt markets. If they do, then it all goes to Hell immediately. Who knows if they will.” – Karl Denninger

Elizabeth Warren’s economic plan so bad even CNN says it will crash the economy – “Fake Indian, fake data, and fake corporate bad guys collide with real money — and even CNN notices. Ready to return to the Obama years?” – Monica Showalter

White House Backs Rule Change That Will End Food Stamps For 3 Million Americans – Tyler Durden

President Putin’s Interview with Oliver Stone – The Saker

Russia Linked to Iran’s UK Tanker Seizure? – “When in doubt about responsibility for events on the world stage, blame…you guessed it…Russia…who else! The latest phony blame game accusation involves nonbelligerent Iran v. hostile Britain in cahoots with the Trump regime’s war on the Islamic Republic by other means while pretending otherwise. First some facts unexplained or glossed over by Western sources and their press agent media.” – Stephen Lendman

The US-NATO Military Alliance Continues Confrontation Along Russia’s Borders – Brian Cloughley

BOJO BLOWS IN New Prime Minister Boris Johnson anoints himself ‘The Dude’ to ‘deliver Brexit, unite the country, defeat Corbyn and energise’ as he thumps Hunt – Hugo GyeNatasha and ClarkMatt Dathan

Boris Johnson Will Be Prime Minister – What Happens Next? – Mark Angelides

Trick or Treat? Less than Half of UK Believe the UK will Leave the EU on Oct 31 – Mish

America: An Us vs. Them Country – “This past week revealed anew what we Americans think of each other, which portends trouble ahead for the republic.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

The Just World Fallacy: Why People Bash Assange And Defend Power – Caitlin Johnstone

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling? – “A close study of his circle — social, professional, transactional — reveals a damning portrait of elite New York.” – Brock Colyar, Kelsey Hurwitz, Charlotte Klein, Ezekiel Kweku, Amy Larocca, Yinka Martins, Adam K. Raymond, Matthew Schneier, Matt Stieb, and James D. Walsh

Chelsea Clinton denies she was ever close friends with Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged ‘madam’ – “The former First Daughter joins her father in attempting to distance herself from the disgraced financier and his associates” – Martha Ross

“Progressive” Left Loses Collective Mind – Of Course, It’s Racist ( FOX VIDEO – Tucker Carlson) – “I told my wife after this episode that Fox is going to have fire Tucker Carlson. I also said that it’s a miracle that he is still alive. The deep state has already sent two messages to his house – two different “protest” at his house is a clear message that he can be reached at his most vulnerable point. The show opens with a realistic discussion around illegal immigration.” – Rory Hall “comments”

The Radicalism Behind The ‘Racism’ Charge – Over-Played And Over-Used, Media & Dems Screams Of ‘Racist’ Ring Hollow For All But Their Own Cheerleaders – Susan Duclos

Students say Obama immigration quote racist…when they think it’s from Trump (VIDEO) – Cabot Phillips

There’s MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE to Warrant a Criminal Investigation on Ilhan Omar (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

Army Lets Slip That It’s Conducting Secret Operation Around D.C. – Anthony Capaccio

First Five Things To Do If/When The Lights Go Out (as in SHTF)? – Ken Jorgustin

Does Facial Recognition Technology Make You Grimace? New Website Offers Map of Where It’s Being Used by Law Enforcement and How to Get It Banned. – B.N. Frank

Hurricane Barry, Was It Manipulated In The Attempt To Diminish The Gulf Algae Bloom? (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington

Voice AI: Dawn of the Reduction of Human Thinking – “Big Tech is setting itself up to be the fact-checker for the world and the gatekeeper of all human knowledge. Remember, Big Tech is closely connected with (and seed funded by) the Military Intelligence Complex (MIC). The way things are going, around 3 corporations (Google, Apple and Amazon) will control all knowledge. Epistemology is defined as ‘the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.” – Makia Freeman

3 Edible Wild Nuts You’ll Find Everywhere — Except At The Store – Off The Grid News Staff




Silver Is DETERMINED To Move Higher!! – “The attempts to push silver below the Sunday opening – and keep it there – have, thus far, failed miserably. With two attempts overnight it seems the silver traders are ready for the fight.” – Rory Hall

The Transition Into The New Economy Has Begun, Gold Is The Kill Shot (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – X22 Report

Silver Price Forecast: What The Next Silver Rally Should Look Like – Chris Vermeulen





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