Trump Is Turning Out To Be A Consequential President – “The Donald’s personal failings make it hard to say nice things about his presidency. Yet contrary to most inside-the-Beltway expectations, he’s having an impact.” – John Rubino

TRUMP is CHECKMATING China & Democrats AT THE SAME TIME (VIDEO) with Bob Kudla – SGT Report

Trump Administration Withholds Information That Could Debunk Russian Interference Claims – Moon of Alabama

From False Hope to False Flags, Trump Sets the Stage for Global War – Tom Luongo

US-Iran Showdown Is One False-Flag Attack Away From Global Calamity – Robert Bridge

Congress Wants to Steal $1.68 Billion from Iran – “It’s not enough to want untold thousands to die and the country destroyed, now neocons in Congress want to steal more than a billion and a half dollars from Iran as compensation for something somebody else did or didn’t do.” – Kurt Nimmo

After Army Col. Warns of False Flag to Start War with Iran, US Blames Iran for Attacks – “Months before an alleged attack was being blamed on Iran, a US Army Colonel predicted this very scenario playing out to start a war.” – Matt Agorist

US Is Heading Toward a Looming Maritime Showdown… but Not With Iran – “While the world is drumming up a potential maritime showdown between the US and Iran (yet again), Western media is conveniently ignoring a potential looming conflict in the South China Sea, one that has been building up for years.” – Darius Shahtahmasebi

United States and Venezuela: A Historical Background – Prof. James Petras

When are we going to stop getting lectures on morality from Pete Buttigieg? – Jon Dougherty

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets even more unpopular in her home district – Monica Showalter

Demand Justice! Obama and Hillary BOTH Got Caught Committing Imprisonable Offenses and NO ONE IN OUR GOVT CARES!!! – Dean Garrison

Weiner and Abedin Could Bring Down the Deep State-Will they be “Arkancided”? – “Anthony Weiner came out of prison alive. He and Huma Abedin hold the key evidence on Pizzagate, the Iranian nuclear deal, the Steele Dossier, and the murder of Seth Rich. Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin need to be taken into protective custody and strongly encouraged to turn states evidence against the Deep State.” – Dave Hodges

America Totally Divided: Conservatives Should NEVER ACCEPT The Democrat’s ‘Religion’ Of ‘Child Sacrifice’ – The Mass Murder Of Unborn Children Is A Satanic Epidemic – “Why Don’t Democrats Understand? Abortion IS Murder!” – William B Stoecker

The Pivot Point – “The massive economic shock following the banking collapse of 2007–8 is the direct cause of the crisis of confidence which is affecting almost all the institutions of western representative democracy. The banking collapse was not a natural event, like a tsunami. It was a direct result of man-made systems and artifices which permitted wealth to be generated and hoarded primarily through multiple financial transactions rather than by the actual production and sale of concrete goods, and which then disproportionately funnelled wealth to those engaged in the mechanics of the transactions. The mechanisms of state and corporate propaganda kicked in to ensure that the ordinary people were told that rather than having been robbed, they had been saved.” – Craig Murray

The Normalization and Institutionalization of Fraud – “Normalizing and institutionalizing fraud undermines the foundations of the economy and the financial system.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Another Day, Another Banking Crime: Drug Money Laundering, Again – Rory Hall

Fake Has Become Realer Than Real And The Dogs Of War Are There To Keep It That Way – ” That Americans now rally behind the latest battle-cry of the Republic, ‘Make America Great Again’, indicate that they are indifferent to the fact that their country has been barnstorming across the globe these past six decades killing vast numbers of innocent people with the objective of creating a pre-eminently militaristic empire to strategically control the skies, oceans, their market-share plus control of space.” – Denis A. Conroy

Boris Johnson clear favorite among UK Conservative members to succeed PM May: poll – Reuters


As Regulators Squirm in their Seats at Hearing, JPMorgan and Citigroup Get Slapped with More Rigging Charges by EU – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

DNC Finance Chair Affirms Neutrality In Response To Concerns From Bernie Sanders Allies – “Chris Korge, the party organ’s new chief fundraiser, has criticized Sanders and is a donor to Kamala Harris.” – Daniel Marans

ICE to hire contractor to transport 225,000 migrants to shelters across the US – Danielle Wallace

SOME US CITIES ARE MOVING INTO REAL-TIME FACIAL SURVEILLANCE – “CIVIL LIBERTIES ACTIVISTS trying to inspire alarm about the authoritarian potential of facial recognition technology often point to China, where some police departments use systems that can spot suspects who show their faces in public.” – Gregory Barber and Tom Simonite

Illinois Governor Wants to Hike Taxes: What Else Isn’t News? – Mish

New York State Senate introduces bill to make texting while walking illegal – Naveen Dhaliwal  – MORE BIG BROTHER, TELLING YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN’T DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Censorship: The Thought Police Are Coming for Your Classic – Selwyn Duke

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WHO’s 2050 Prediction: 10 Million People Could Die from Mutated Superbugs And We’ll Have No Drugs to Fight Them – Dagny Taggart

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Proverbs 2:13  Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness;