Barr, Mueller trade barbs as Russia probe rift goes public – Eric Tucker and MARY Clare Jalonick

Full Text Of Mueller Letter Confirms A Big Fat Lie In Media Spin Of His Complaints – Rachel Stoltzfoos

The Real ‘Bombshells’ Are About to Hit Their Targets – “In the next several weeks, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to issue his summation of the potential abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by top officials in the Obama Administration and holdovers in the early Trump Administration who were overseeing the investigation of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.” – Julie Kelly


Democrats and Republicans Agree to $2 Trillion Vote-Buying Infrastructure Bill – “Trump, Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Schumer are in agreement on spending massive amounts of money. Republicans and Democrats alike like to spend money. As is typically the case, the only disagreement is how to pay for it.” – Mish

‘Shocking & vindictive’: WikiLeaks slams UK prison sentence for Assange over skipped bail – “Assange received almost a year in prison for violating bail conditions.” – RT

Assange Sentenced 50 Weeks For Bogus Bail Charge – “All this of course pales in comparison to the far more grave threat Assange faces tomorrow, when his hearing for US extradition begins. The US charge accompanying Assange’s extradition request is even more bogus than the bail charge; a re-interpretation of standard journalistic practices like source protection to create a charge which the Obama administration declined to prosecute based on the same evidence for fear of endangering press freedoms.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Chaos Erupts In Paris As “Armageddon” Protesters Riot During French Holiday – Tyler Durden

Tipping Point: The Gilets Jaunes are winning, what’s next? – David Studdert

Pompeo Threatens Military Intervention After Maduro Declares Victory Over ‘Attempted Coup’ – Tyler Durden

2 Aircraft Carriers Have Left Port – Are The USS Eisenhower And The USS Roosevelt Headed South Toward Venezuela? – Michael Snyder

Trump Regime Coup Plotters Not Quitting in Venezuela – “Trump regime hardliners didn’t plan and implement the anti-Bolivarian coup plot in January to quit — no matter how futile the effort short of direct US military intervention. Everything thrown at Maduro and the Bolivarian Republic failed, including the tempest in a teapot Tuesday insurrection by a handful of soldiers, most or all deceived about what they’d be involved in. The plot to replace Venezuelan social democracy with fascist tyranny will likely continue as long as hardline extremists control the Trump regime’s geopolitical agenda — Tuesday events the latest chapter of the coup plot, lots more sure to come.” – Stephen Lendman

Venezuela Coup! Will Neocons (Finally) Get Their War? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Venezuela is a Dark Mirror Into Populism’s Soul – Tom Luango

Venezuela’s Issues Illustrate Gun Debate In U.S. – Tom Knighton

Media Cheers Government Censorship Of Internet – “What the media’s response to Sri Lanka’s social media shutdown says about its real agenda.” – Daniel Greenfield

CBS News, NYT Reporter Suggest U.S. Scrap Free Speech In Favor Of New Zealand-Style Censorship – Chris Menahan

FBI Stages Fake Terrorist Plot After San Diego Synagogue Shooting – “Days after John Earnest’s alleged attack on a San Diego synagogue, the FBI announced it prevented a terror attack aimed at “white nationalists.” The FBI routinely trawls the internet searching for naive idiots declaiming hatefully on forums. It then contacts a selected target to ascertain the level of stupidity and malleability. The FBI then sends in operatives pretending to be fellow jihadists. The operatives manipulate the target into accepting inert duds as theatrical props. It’s fair to say Mr. Domingo was wholly incapable of carrying out a terrorist attack. He was capable, however, of spouting off in chatrooms, and later falling for FBI entrapment” – Kurt Nimmo

Predator Cops, Guilty of Sex Crimes Against Women and Children, Are a Menace to Society – “While America’s children are being menaced by sexual predators, the Trump Administration and its congressional cohorts continue to wage endless wars, run up the national debt, and distract the populace with vitriol and kabuki political theater. The police are not much better. In too many instances, the cops are worse.” – John W. Whitehead

Trump’s DOJ Must Investigate AntiFa—Or the US Will Descend Into Civil War – Charlottesville Surviver

The Next 18 Months Will Be Sheer Madness: With Obama Playing ‘Kingmaker’, Democrat’s 2020 Candidate Will Use Alinskyite Tactics As ‘Brownshirts Of Today’ Work To Destroy America – John C. Velisek- US Navy, Retired

Show Me the Real Money – “Those circulating dollar bills, euros, pounds, and yen are DEBTS (notes) issued by central banks to extract wealth from citizens and the economy, dilute the purchasing power of the currency, and nourish the banking cartel.” – Gary Christenson

Why Preppers Need to Focus on Local Food for Self-Reliance – Daisy Luther

Debt Boom Supporting Global Markets, Buy Gold & Silver Now (VIDEO) with Gregory Mannarino – Greg Hunter

Isn’t Now The Best Time To Stop The Real Fake News About Measles-Mania? – “When will the “Pinocchio” syndrome in the news media stop?” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Global Warming Going the way of Russia Collusion – Brian C. Joondeph

Trump EPA Sides With Bayer/Monsanto, Claims Cancer-Causing Weedkiller ‘Safe’ – Alex Formuzis

Negative-Yield Bonds Are Back In Style. Why That’s A Bad Thing – John Rubino

Amazon’s facial-recognition technology is supercharging local police – Drew Harwell

Displacement Planning – Part 2 – J.M.

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.36EUR




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