The Swamp Exposed – John Barleycorn  – AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Obama Allowed DOJ & FBI to Spy on Trump Using Clinton/DNC Dossier (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch


Trump team sues Deutsche Bank and Capital One to keep them from turning over financial records to Congress – Cristina Alesci

Pelosi: Trump obstructing justice ‘on a daily basis’ amid standoff over Barr testimony – Frank Miles

Biden Plays the Race Card – Patrick J. Buchanan

Psychopathology of Trump’s Geopolitical Team – “He surrounded himself with monsters — militarists, billionaires, and a psychopathically dangerous team driving his geopolitical agenda — headed by Mike Pompeo at State. According to criminal psychology expert Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist, he (along with Bolton, Abrams and their key subordinates) fit the definition of psychopathological derangement.” – Stephen Lendman

Humpty Dumpty Has Had a Great Fall – “While the crazed and corrupt people who comprise the Democratic Party and US print and TV media continue to insist that Russiagate is real, a very real threat is emerging in Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. The threat arises from the fact that Washington has taught each country to have no trust in America’s veracity. The governments of the four countries have learned that everything Washington says is a lie. Moreover, the countries have learned that Washington does not accept their sovereignty and objects to their existence.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Coming to America: The complete de-platforming of all voices that don’t worship Democrats, abortions and open borders – JD Heyes

Why Australians Should Fight To Bring Assange Home – Caitlin Johnstone

The United States of Incarceration – Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)

Heavy gunfire breaks out and terrified civilians run through clouds of tear gas for cover after Venezuela’s Juan Guaido calls for military uprising to overthrow President Maduro – Chris Pleasance and Miranda Aldersley

Yellow Vests & Black Blocs? France braces for possible protest perfect storm on May 1 – RT

Tom Petty was Right – “At some cognitive level the people of this land sense what is coming and the wait for it is driving them crazy. Tom Petty was right: the waiting is the hardest part, and a hard way to learn that a virtual life is not an adequate substitute for an authentic one.” – James Howard Kunstler

The New Silk Roads reach the next level – Pepe Escobar

With Gun Ban Not Working, Politicians In Britain Now Want To Ban Knives Nationwide – Tyler Durden

Even after synagogue shooting, mass shooting is still a black thing – “Even as the blood dried at Saturday’s synagogue shooting, national political and media figures wasted no time blaming “white supremacists” for what they say is just the latest in an epidemic of mass shootings. After all, everyone knows mass shootings are a white thing. Dylann Roof, right? Wrong. The New York Times, much to the chagrin of its own reporters, said 75 percent of mass shooters are black. They actually checked.” – Colin Flaherty

Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Going Bankrupt in Record Numbers, Blame Trump Tariffs – Mish

Border Patrol Official: Central Americans Entering U.S. With Contagious Health Conditions – Susan Jones

Coming SOON: White House to release major immigration overhaul plan the Democrats will HATE – Jon Dougherty

The Death of Socialism – Martin Armstrong

Under the Cover of the Measles Panic, the CDC Is Mobilizing for a Fake Ebola Pandemic – Dave Hodges

America’s Super-Vaccination Agenda is put on Super Steroids—Why now? FALSE FLAG MEASLES PSYOP – “It’s all fake; it’s all staged to compel vaccine compliance!” – State of the Nation

The Erosion of Everyday Life – “Working hard and doing what you’re told is no longer yielding the promised American Dream of security, agency and liberty” – Charles Hugh Smith

You Will Get Chipped- Eventually – “We already use wearable technology for things like monitoring heart rate and the number of steps taken in a day. But imagine if you didn’t even have to wear anything to do that. Experts suggest that within ten years, implantables will be the norm.” – Hana Ames

Hacking Your Preps for Everyday Life – Bill White

Reuters Drops a Bombshell: The Big Short Doomsday Machine Is Back – “International Financing Review (IFR) reported this past weekend that some of the biggest names on Wall Street have returned to creating and/or trading synthetic collateralized debt obligations (Synthetic CDOs). The products were a major factor in bringing the U.S. financial system to the brink of failure in 2008.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Lesson Of Argentina: You Can’t Stabilize A Bankrupt Economy – John Rubino

Feel Like Time Is Speeding Up Lately…? (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

How Your Social Media Accounts are Making You a Target – SURVIVALIST

Cities Are Tracking Everyone’s Cell Phone Signal – MassPrivateI

To Prevent a Robot Apocalypse, We Must Study “Machine Behavior” – Dagny Taggart

Displacement Planning – Part 1 – “One of the primary tenants of the preparedness community is that we want to be prepared for any eventuality. Some people will assume that since they live in a well-protected or isolated location they don’t have to worry about displacing during or after a SHTF scenario. The reality is that even if you’re safe initially, there are a lot of things that could occur that could force you to displace later.” – J.M.

The Easy Off-Grid Way To Start An Aquaponics System – L. Larocque

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.39EUR




James 3:11  Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?