‘Easter Worshippers’ and the Left’s Allergy to Language – “How can we address the worldwide persecution of Christians when some won’t even use the word?” – Barbara Boland

Annihilation of Christian Life and People: Where is the Outrage in the West? – “Islamic extremists have seen that the West has not mobilized to prevent them from repressing Christians, as if unconsciously there were a strange convergence between our silence and the ethnic cleansing project of the Islamic State, aimed at erasing Christians.” – Giulio Meotti

5 Times The Mueller Probe Broke Prosecutorial Rules That Ensure Justice – Adam Mill

Trump Coup Biggest Violation of Constitution in History (VIDEO) with Kevin Shipp – “Yes, this is a coup. This is the most shocking violation of the Constitution and criminal activity in the history, not just of America, but of a western government. Much of this rises to the level of treason. People need to understand how shocking this is.” – Greg Hunter

Ocasio-Cortez Immediately Politicizes Synagogue Shooting – Peter Hasson

Polway Synagogue Shooter Calls President Trump “”Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous c*cksucker – “But Ilhan Omar blamed Trump just the same. If any one thing has empowered neo-Nazism its the left’s embrace of Islamic Jew-hatred,” – Pamela Geller

2020 DEMS CONDEMN “GUN VIOLENCE” INSTEAD OF ANTI-SEMITISM AFTER SYNAGOGUE ATTACK – “Guns don’t kill Jews. Anti-Semites do.” -Daniel Greenfield

Anti-Gunners Call For Gun Control Laws Following Poway Synagogue Shooting But This Is What They’re Getting Wrong – Beth Baumann

Pope gets political, doling out $500,000 for caravans – “Like a medieval pope, Pope Francis has decided that machiavellian meddling in global power affairs is a lot funner than merely shepherding the faithful and serving the poor. Supposedly, for the poor. Where’s his $500,000 donation to the starving people of Venezuela” – Monica Showalter  – SO NOW WE HAVE THE POPE OPENLY FUNDING MIGRATION, DON’T KNOW WHO IS WORSE, FRANKIE OR SOROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elliott Abrams: Point Man for Impoverishing, Exploiting and Brutalizing Venezuelans – “He’s what underworld bosses call a hit man, a hired gun, an assassin — in his case targeting an entire nation and its people, aiming to deliver another imperial trophy to his Washington bosses.” – Stephen Lendman

Interpreting President Putin’s Speech At The 2019 BRI Forum – “President Putin left nothing to doubt when he proudly proclaimed that Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union regional integration organization that it leads are strategically merging with China and its Belt & Road Initiative, with this process having unprecedentedly far-reaching strategic consequences for the supercontinent and 21st-century geopolitics as a whole.” – Andrew Korybko

Ignorance and Russophobia – “We’re going to show how a powerful group, called the China Lobby, financed by massive American military aid, intended to fund Chaing Kai Shek’s fake war against Japan, bought Washington, “lock stock and barrel,” and began blaming Russia for the world’s ills.” – Gordon Duff

CHRISLAM RISING: French President Macron Says The Roman Catholic Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris Should Be Rebuilt With Muslim Minarets To ‘Reflect Diversity’ Of France – Geoffrey Grider

5G: The Big Picture – “The Path to Total Immersion – Beyond the health effects there is another level altogether of what the roll out of 5G actually entails.” – Jeremy Naydler, PHD  – READ, READ, READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At Least 40 Members of White Helmets Admit Staging Syria Chemical Attacks – Sputnik News  – BUT IT WAS ASSAD THAT DID IT, JUST ASK THE NEOCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alarms Go Off As Credit Card Charge-Offs Soar To Seven Year High – “An ominous trend, indicating US consumers are in far worse shape than assumed by conventional wisdom, has re-emerged.” – Tyler Durden

Can There Ever Be A Sensible Discussion About Vaccines & Why They Are Not Safe? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Will Mandatory Vaccinations And Forced Quarantines Be The ‘New Normal’? The Insanity Runs Deep On The Left Where One Scientist Actually Believes They Can ‘Save The World’ With ‘Ebola’ – Stefan Stanford

The Culture War is A Clown World NIGHTMARE We Can’t Escape (VIDEO) – Tim Pool

Your Daily Dose of Dumb – “There’s a video going around on Facebook blaming Trump because tax refund amounts are lower this year. I’m telling you, this video takes dumb to a whole new level! Now, it’s true refund amounts are down this year – at least I assume this is true. I have a friend who is a tax accountant who said it’s true. I don’t really have any reason to doubt her. But if you watch the video, about a minute in, you learn that – and I quote – “Most people paid less in taxes this year.” Let me repeat that, because this should serve as the key point of the video.” – Peter Schiff

When it’s Breaking News, it’s Too Late to Prepare -Ken Jorgustin

Britain’s ‘pervasive horror of knife crime’ reaches record for number of stabbing homicides – Kim Hjelmgaard  – TAKE AWAY GUNS AND CRIMINALS JUST FIND ANOTHER WAY TO KILL AND ATTACK. WHEN WILL PEOPLE GET IT THAT IT’S NOT THE OBJECT THAT IS USED, IT’S THE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Censorship – The First Action of a Criminal Government (VIDEO) – The Crowhouse

Survival Lessons From A SpecOps Sergeant – Survivopedia

Verizon Announces 20 More U.S. Cities to Get 5G Despite Telecom Admitting No Studies Say It’s Safe, Widespread Opposition, 5G Failure, and Future Lawsuits – B.N. Frank




John 15:20   Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.




I’ll go find a network ‘wants to treat me right
Y’all can take the change and stick it out of sight
Don’t tread on me, don’t you tread on me
Hey are you ready for some good news
We’re gonna take back our country

Well it used to be easy, get a place, build a house
Now the EPA said no, that’s the home of the blue mouse
Don’t tread on me, don’t you tread on me
We’re gonna use some common sense
And we’re gonna take back our country

Well they’ve beaten to death that poll race horse
This politically correct thing has run it’s course
Don’t tread on me, don’t you tread on me
Hey are you ready for some good news
We’re gonna take back our country

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Bing
Lots of divorces from showing them things
Why don’t you mind your own business
That’s good advice
Mind your own business
Dad got it right
‘Cause if you mind your business
Then you won’t be mindin’ mine

Every sign says for sale, for lease
Price reduced, make an offer please
Don’t tread on me, don’t you tread on me
Hey are you ready for some good news
We’re gonna take back our country

There’s no way today we could build Boulder Dam
There’d be way too many government permits down
Don’t tread on me, don’t you tread on me
Hey are you ready for the good news
We’re gonna take back this country

Hey Barack pack your bags, head to Chicago
Take your teleprompter with you so you’ll know where to go

( Takin’ Back The Country by Hank Williams Jr. )