‘Like a 3rd world country!’ Trump attacks Democrat ‘coup’ in 1st post-Mueller interview – RT

Trump Makes Post-Mueller Vow To Release “Devastating” FISA Docs – Tyler Durden

A Spy Story Full of Idiots (VIDEO) – Dan Bongino

Joe Biden Works for Donald Trump – “CNN made up another story out of nothing to make us believe Trump is scared of Biden: “Biden Is Trump’s Most Anticipated – And Feared – Rival”. What is Trump supposedly afraid of? Of Biden taking up print- and airspace and luring away “lower-income white voters who propelled Trump to the White House.” Sure. And if you’re interested, I still own that bridge. Biden will be Trump’s punching bag. There is so much wrong with and about the man, Trump’s not even laughing, just saying: “oh yes, please, bring it.”” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did The War Upon President Trump And America Begin With This ‘Islamic Sleeper Agent’ Who Infiltrated The United States Government At The Very Highest Level? – John C. Velisek

Obama White House Sought Ukraine’s Help In Taking Down Trump: REPORT – Pamela Geller

Six Reasons Creepy Uncle Joe Biden is Not Fit to be President – “According to fact-checking site PolitiFact, Biden’s record is pretty bad: out of 79 statements the site investigated, he told the truth only 16% of the time and mostly told the truth 17% of the time.” – Dagny Taggart

No scandals? Biden repeats an old Obama whopper – Monica Showalter

Trump Tells NRA, ‘The Left is Coming for Your Guns’ As He’s Been Quietly Taking Your Guns All Along – “Donald Trump just spoke to the NRA, claiming that the “left is coming for your guns,” but he ignored the fact that he and the right are coming for them too.” – Matt Agorist

Hypothetically Speaking: The Globalists Cheat Us at Every Turn – Phil Butler

Trump’s Crusaders March To War – Eric Margolis

9/11: “Some People Did Something” – “Omar will be crucified with this one. She can’t be allowed to tarnish the propaganda myth of 9/11, a myth and scary bedtime story exploited by criminal neocons to launch a series of devastating wars (devastating for the innocents slaughtered and US treasure squandered). Ms. Omar will be driven out of Congress along with socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She can’t be allowed to defile an important myth responsible for the Patriot Act, the endless wars, imperial presidencies, an ever growing police state, pervasive and illegal surveillance, and the deliberate destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.” – Kurt Nimmo  – KURT MAKES SOME VALID POINTS HERE!!!!

AFTER SRI LANKA CHRISTIAN MASSACRE, MEDIA DEPLOYS “MUSLIMS FEAR BACKLASH” MEME – “The media’s lack of decency can be scientifically measured by the interval of time that passes between a Muslim terrorist attack and its attempt to shift the conversation, transforming perpetrators into victims, by deploying its, “Muslims fear backlash” meme. The media’s patience after the Islamic church bombings in Sri Lanka was impressive. It may even be a new record. But the New York Times and the Washington Post (not to mention, obviously, Al Jazeera) have deployed the ultimate weapon.” – Daniel Greenfield

Drugs, Gang Members Keep Crossing Border as Rio Grande Sector Faces Record Surge of Illegals – R. Cort Kirkwood

SAUDI SAVAGERY Saudi Arabia mass execution – Lad, 16, tortured with electricity and BEHEADED just for sending WhatsApp messages about protests – “Abdulkareem al-Hawa was put to death in front of a baying crowd along with 36 other men who were executed this week in the barbaric desert kingdom” – Patrick Knox and Mark Hodge  – OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brexit Update: Less Than Half of UK, Italy, Czech Republic Wish to Remain in EU – Mish

Gallup Polls Show America Is Dangerously Moving in the Wrong Direction – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Nearly 102 Million Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now – Worse Than At Any Point During The Last Recession – Michael Snyder

A Powerless Spain And The Crises Of ‘Old Europe’ – Oriental Review

Amazon and Walmart to cash in on the food stamp racket by getting paid to deliver groceries to SNAP recipients – Isabelle Z.

NEC’s Global Facial Biometrics Program Will “Solve Health Problems” – “I have covered the rise of facial biometrics for years, but I have never ever come across such a bold slogan that plainly states that they want to identify everyone, including children. Although, the European Union’s (EU) mandatory national biometric ID cards and NIH’s 1 million person DNA database come close. NEC’s press release is so audacious that I encourage everyone to read it. Here is an excerpt that is almost too incredible to believe.” – MassPrivateI

NYC Bans Hot Dogs Adopting New Green Deal – “Mayor Bill de Blasio approved a complete insane $14 billion Green New Deal on Monday, April 22, to combat climate change.” – Martin Armstrong

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA and the Mafia: Overview of the book by Paul L. Williams – Antony C. Black

ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported – “With the measles and measles vaccine debate reaching a near frenzy on the Internet, it is always nice to throw some cold hard facts on the firestorm currently raging in the measles debate. So here are some easily verifiable facts regarding deaths associated with measles in the United States for the past 10 years, and deaths associated with measles vaccines during the same 10 year period.” – Brian Shilhavy

Retailers Are Tracking Where You Shop — and Where You Sleep – Lily Katz

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.34EUR




Proverbs 6:2  Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.