Dreams Die Hard – “The Green New Deal may be an exercise in throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, so let’s just assume that a lot of the “social justice” pander-jive in it will slide down the wall onto the floor and make its way to the dumpster. A better index for our journey into the unknown frontier beyond modernity will not be what is “green” and “smart” but perhaps what is “sane” and “insane.” ” – James Howard Kunstler

Trump SOTU Speech A+, Democrats Push Socialism, Economy Teeters (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Postludes & Preludes: The Show Goes On – “Undeniably, the U.S. Intelligence community’s operation against Trump is still going strong. Tit for tat? Or a reality TV show starring rats? Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

THEY SHOWED US THEIR TRUE COLORS (VIDEO) – “The Democrats showed their true colors at the President’s Tuesday night State of the Union address, and it wasn’t a good look for them. In fact, it was a disaster for the Liberals and their anti-American agenda. Oh, and the folks at You Tube are now showing their true colors as well…” – SGT Report

The Hatred from the Left – “You can feel it in the air. We are heading into the collapse of government and a violent civil war because hatred is rising dramatically. The government is no longer capable of even functioning. The State of the Union was just an example. It did not matter what Trump said. The Democrats will not break party rank and will refuse to comply with anything. The government never acted like this until Hillary lost.” – Martin Armstrong

Tulsi: A New Hope or Another Obama? – Andrew Korybko

The Best Place for a Sexual Harasser is in a 2020 Dem’s Office – Daniel Greenfield

World Government Summit Commences as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Pushes Green Agenda – Daniel Taylor

Energy Dominance Isn’t Just a Trump Obsession – Tom Luongo

Italy Saves Europe’s Dignity over US Bullying of Venezuela – “France is blustering with rage at Italy’s alleged meddling in its sovereign affairs while at the very same time the French government is party to an international effort led by the US to bring about regime change in Venezuela. The hypocritical arrogance is priceless.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

EU: Going Full Orwell – “What Europe should expect, as this new Action Plan against Disinformation is rolled out, is, in fact — more censorship.” – Judith Bergman

American Suspension Of INF Treaty Is Aimed At China – “It has long been obvious that the US (correctly) regards China as the real long-term threat to its global hegemony.” – Anatoly Karlin

Is Debt China’s Achilles Heel? – F. William Engdahl

Why I Hope Maduro Wins And North Korea Keeps Its Nukes – “The continued growth of the unipolar blob is a movement away from a world of peace and national sovereignty and towards a world of endless military violence enforcing the depraved will of the same thugs who inflicted unforgivable horrors on Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and so many other nations.” – Caitlin Johnstone   – SOME GOOD INSIGHTS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Venezuela Is An Opportunity For Russia And China To Change The World – “Nothing better illustrates Washington’s opposition to democracy and self-determination than the blatantly public coup Washington has organized against the properly elected president of Venezuela. Washington has been trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government for years. Washington wants the state owned oil company to be privatized so that it can fall into the hands of US oil companies. That would ensure Washington’s control over Venezuela. Putin is wasting his breath when he correctly criticizes Washington for its violations of international law. In Washington’s view, law is what serves American interest.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed ‘president’ Guaido isn’t ruling out ‘authorizing’ US intervention – RT

Juan Guaidó: The Man Who Would Be President of Venezuela Doesn’t Have a Constitutional Leg to Stand On – Roger Harris

Urging Defections, Trump Administration Reportedly Holding Secret Talks With Venezuelan Military – Jake Johnson

WikiLeaks Tweets Army Manual Detailing How US Weaponized Banking Cartel to Take Down Nations – The Free Thought Project

Washington Post buries story about sexual assault claim against Virginia Democrat one day after spending $5.2 million on ad about “importance” of journalism – JD Heyes

The CIA Then and Now: Old Wine in New Bottles – Edward Curtin

Jeff Bezos Protests the Invasion of His Privacy, as Amazon Builds a Sprawling Surveillance State for Everyone Else – Glenn Greenwald

FBI seeking to covertly create national DNA database that turns everyone into a suspect … and you help create it if you use DNA analysis services – Tracey Watson

Getting Your Prepping Stockpile Ready For When You Need It Most – Off The Grid News

5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’ (VIDEO) – RT America

The State of the American Debt Slaves, – “Consumers are doing their job only in a lackadaisical manner. But the student-loan scheme is hot.” – Wolf Richter

FACT: Everyone Now Living Paycheck To Paycheck Means Next Crisis Will Be Devastating (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

Ocean Shipping Rates Plunge: Just A Blip Or The End Of Globalization? – John Rubino

Budget Prepping- Dollar Store Dental Preps (VIDEO) – Cat the Herbal Prepper




Proverbs 24:19   Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked: