AOC “New Green Deal” Stunningly Absurd: Far More Ridiculous Than Expected – “It’s a wish list of socialist and green ideas, most of which are obviously absurd to all but the most economically clueless persons.” – Mish

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A one-woman EMP – “The ubiquitous Miss O-C made her big splash yesterday and introduced her Green New Deal, and an amusing prescription it is. When asked how to pay for all this, she suggests printing more money! Has this woman ever considered how groceries and all other merchandise in stores get there? Obviously not. The first time I ever heard the phrase “as dumb as a rock” was years ago.” – Patricia McCarthy

How Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” Almost Imploded On Its First Day – Tyler Durden

The Socialist That Could – “Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the secret Republican weapon for 2020. The Republican Party has a secret weapon for 2020. It’s especially effective because it’s stealthy: The Democrats seem oblivious to its power. And the GOP needn’t lift a finger for it to work. All Republicans have to do is sit back and watch 29-year-old Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . exist.” – Kimberley A. Strassel via Tyler Durden

The wild and wacky mind of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – “Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t “misspeak.” She doesn’t make gaffes. She doesn’t “err,” get tongue-tied, have brain farts, or get mixed up. She is fundamentally a monumentally stupid woman who knows so little about so much that she doesn’t even try to hide it.” – Rick Moran

Kamala Harris Is Playing the Stupid Card to Get Elected and She Could Win Because 50% of Americans Are Dumber Than a Box of Rocks – Dave Hodges

Starving Venezuelans’ Warnings To The U.S.: “Socialism Is A Big Lie!” – Mac Slavo

Message of SOTU “Women in White” avoided by press – “The Women in White were rebelling against their very nature. The distortion of feminism and radical leftism was never seen so clearly as it was this moment. And the Women in White sat to express their opposition to the call for Life and Love. Their actions revealed them as representatives of nothing less than the culture of Death.” – Seraphim Hanisch  – SOME GREAT POINTS!!!!!!

Trump’s Speech: An Assessment – “agreements to control nuclear weapons and to minimize the chance of their ever being used were the work of many US and Russian governments over decades. They have all now been scrapped at the worst of all possible times. I have concluded that the US government is insane. This fact should disturb us far more than anything else. the rapidity with which Washington is pushing us to nuclear Armageddon receives no attention. It is equally disconcerting that Trump, himself a target of an ongoing coup to remove him from office, has given his support to a coup to remove the elected president of Venezuela and to replace him with an unelected American stooge who declared himself to be president.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump’s Absurd Claim that Americans Are Free from Government Coercion – James Bovard

SOTU Fail: Trump Slams Late-Term Abortions, Yet Apparently Fine with Destroying Lives in Venezuela – Robert Bridge

Bribes, Pressure, Bullying, Threats, and Force Are What US Coups Are Made Of – Stephen Lendman

Oil, Agriculture and Imperialism: Averting the Fast-Track to Armageddon? – ” US National Security Advisor John Bolton has more or less admitted that the ongoing destabilisation of Venezuela is about grabbing its oil. One might wonder who is Bolton, or anyone in the US, to dictate and engineer what the future of another sovereign state should be. But this is what the US has been doing across the globe for decades.” – Colin Todhunter

US Withdrawal From INF Treaty Further Evidence of Delusion and Decline – James ONeill

Tashlan comes to town: Vatican releases combined cross and crescent logo for Pope’s trip to Morocco – “But a number of observers in Rome see the logo as “problematic,” with one source telling LifeSite it “seems to imply that the two religions are perhaps equal — or that there can be some syncretism between them.”” – Diane Montagna  – THIS IS THE MOST BLASPHEMOUS POPE THERE HAS EVER BEEN. HERDING CHRISTIANS TOWARD A ONE WORLD RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So When Will the Yellow Vest Movement Take Hold in the USA? – Martin Armstrong

Recession. Revolution. Recovery. – Michael Krieger

Chemtrails Represent the ‘No. 1 Health Issue of Our Time’ – Brian Rossiter

Massachusetts Is Latest Liberal State to Approve Abortion Up to Birth of Baby – Jim Hoft

The “mainstream” media tried to fact-check POTUS Trump’s State of the Union Address but failed miserably – ” the nitpicking and petulance demonstrated by the MSM fact-Nazis was the stuff of haters, not journalists who are serious about informing the public of what’s truly important regarding the state of the union.” – JD Heyes

Washington Post Told America of Globalist Plan to be Implemented by 2025 – “If you don’t want to believe what alternative media has warned about for decades, the Washington Post told us what was coming 11 years ago in a 2008 “future history” piece.” – Daniel Taylor

Expect the Buyback Wave to Continue This Year – Nomi Prins

World’s largest pension fund loses $136 billion – “Things keep getting worse for pensions…” – Simon Black

Censoring Speech and Stealing Nature the FDA Way – ANH-USA

The Facts About Measles – “Articles in the media aimed at drumming up fear and whipping the public into a frenzy about nothing is happening with greater frequency. Such is the case with the latest “measles epidemic” in WA state. Headlines include dire warnings about the “deadly” measles with the solution being more vaccination. One shot for your child and he/she is saved! What could be easier?” – Children’s Health Defense Team

Another State Wants EVERY Gun Owner to Hand Over Their Social Media Accounts and Internet Search History – “In Illinois, to be allowed to possess your own gun, you have to have a special card, and the requirements to get that card could be about to become much more intrusive:” – Dagny Taggart

Apocalyptic Sounds In The Sky: No Explanation For ‘Mystery Booms’ And ‘Mysterious Flashes Of Light’ All Across America – Michael Snyder

How All-Knowing Smartphones Could Become the Pentagon’s Employee Access Cards – “An algorithm will track how employees use their phones, how they walk and even where they go to constantly verify users’ identity.” – Aaron Boyd

As Basel III gets closer to reality, central banks are buying gold hand over fist because it carries no capital requirements – Ken Schortgen

Top 12 Antibiotics You Will Need When SHTF – Bob Rodgers

Silver Will Shine Again (VIDEO) with David Morgan – Financial Survival Network

Mr. Palladium Punches Back – ” rising from $832 on August 16 to a recent ALL-TIME high of $1431 on January 17. That’s a five month gain of 72%!!”- Craig Hemke




Revelation 13:6  And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.