Global Shares Kick Off the New Year In the Red, Gold Up – Mish

US Fires Tear Gas Into Mexico As “Violent Mob” Of Migrants Rush Border – “New Year, same old issues.” – Tyler Durden

President Trump Responds to Angry Globalist Mitt Romney – After Disgusting WaPo Hit Piece – Jim Hoft

It’s not about the Wall — it’s about Trump – “Anything to deny a victory to Trump is worthy of Democrat pursuit. Any wedge that can be driven between Trump and his supporters, still holding firm after two years of nonstop negativity, is a Democrat priority.” – Brian C. Joondeph

The Demise of the West: Part I – “Do White People Have A Future?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Khashoggi’s murder made the West ‘notice’ war in Yemen, but was it all for show? – RT

Former NY Times editor rips Trump coverage as biased – Howard Kurtz

Washington Post Falsely Denies Existence Of Wall Around Obama Home – “The Post could not fully deny the existence of a wall which has been widely reported and photographed. Instead, it insisted that the wall was not a wall, but a fence.” – Daniel Greenfield

When President Clinton Said It, It Was Okay; What Happens When President Trump Says It? – “What’s happened and why? Has the Democrat Party morphed into a neo-socialist-fascist-promoting-New-World-Order-agenda ‘mouthpiece’ apparently spearheaded during the 8-year Obama Administration? Democrat Party ‘big wigs’ knowingly and obligingly were involved in implementing the Obama ‘dream’ for the USA which, apparently, was based upon Obama’s ill-conceived counter-culture notions and ideas following such societal radical professors like the late Harvard professor Saul Alinsky” – Catherine J. Frompovich

The Biggest Democrat Expert on Russian Trolls was a Russian Troll – Daniel Greenfield

Soros ‘person of the year’ indeed: In 2018 globalists pushed peoples’ patience to the edge – “George Soros has spent billions in the EU to undermine the nation state. This is where the real international political collusion is.” – Robert Bridge

An Inside Look At The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like An Aggressive Form Of Cancer – Michael Snyder

Bureaucrats & their Lack of Common Sense that is Probably a Required Qualification – Martin Armstrong

State Of The Union 2019: Why America Is Suffering Gridlock At Every Level – Patrick Wood

Fourth World Under Unprecedented Threat – “Never in recent times has the Fourth World – the 370 million indigenous peoples who have no states of their own – been under assault, as it is now, from a combination of proto-fascist governments and resource-grabbing corporations.” – Wayne Madsen

Native Americans & The New Confusion in US Politics – “When it comes to the genocide of Native Americans, the people of the United States seem to face an existential crisis. The cultural clashes and recent diversification of rhetoric around this issue illustrates how deeply confused the people of the United States truly are about their identity and their history.” – Caleb Maupin

Hackers Threaten to Dump Insurance Files Related to 9/11 Attacks – Joseph Cox

New 45 Pages Documents Reveals Fresh Cover Up By FBI In Lynch Clinton Tarmac Meeting (VIDEO) – WIKIPOLITICS

GAO Report: Feds Spent Over $1.5 Billion To Arm Itself In The Past 7 Years – Seeks To Infringe On You Arming Yourself – Tim Brown

Geoengineering Watch: Our Most Comprehensive Climate Engineering Presentation (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington

2008 Great Recession Will Pale Compared to 2019 Bear Market (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Vampire Science Believes “YOUNG BLOOD” Is the REAL Fountain of Youth – “Who is getting these blood transfusions? All sorts of people are apparently jumping on the young blood bandwagon.” – Daisy Luther

Three Things That Will Definitely Happen In 2019 – John Rubino

How Gun Buybacks Both Enable Criminals And Fleece Taxpayers – Duane Norman

10 Practical Reasons You Need Tarps in Your Emergency Preparedness Gear – Jeremiah Johnson

Monster- OTC Derivatives: A BLACK HOLE (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

GOLD, SILVER & CURRENCY CRISIS 2019 (VIDEO) with Keith Neumeyer – SGT Report

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.01EUR




Psalm 91:4   He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.