May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back. 
May the sun shine warm upon your face; 
the rains fall soft upon your fields 
and until we meet again, 
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


Break the Cycle: In 2019, Say No to the Government’s Cruelty, Brutality and Abuse – “Let’s make 2019 the year we say no to the laundry list of abuses—cruel, brutal, immoral, unconstitutional and unacceptable—that have been heaped upon us by the government for way too long. As long as we continue to allow callousness, cruelty, meanness, immorality, ignorance, hatred, intolerance, racism, militarism, materialism, meanness and injustice—magnified by an echo chamber of nasty tweets and government-sanctioned brutality—to trump justice, fairness and equality, there can be no hope of prevailing against the police state.” – John W. Whitehead  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT READ FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump-Pelosi showdown over shutdown first battle of new era – Lisa Mascaro

The Absurdity of an Open Border – Brian C. Joondeph

Wall?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Wall… Well, You Don’t Need A Wall!! – “These are the walls surrounding the criminal scum telling us over and over that walls are in effective and expensive. Expensive, yes, ineffective, no…actually quiet effective.” – Rory Hall


The Coming Second Civil War – “This rift might result in a Second Civil War. If and when it comes, this war will not be on racial lines nor on economic lines per se. Rather, It will be a war of world views.” – James Wesley Rawles  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brazil’s Bolsonaro follows through on gun, ‘anti-Marxist’ vows – ” the former paratrooper has announced he will issue a decree immediately easing gun laws, and will work to “fight the Marxist trash” he believes is being taught in classrooms.” – France24  – TAKE NOTE, DONALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia About to Invade Ukraine…Again? – “WaPo’s accusation is pure rubbish, part of its endless Russia bashing campaign, along with the rest of America’s major media, misinforming and disinforming news consumers, suppressing what’s vital to report. No Russian invasion is coming. No deployment of its forces exists – other than when engaged in defensive military exercises. Unlike US-dominated NATO, conducting provocative drills near Russian, Chinese, and North Korean borders, Russian military exercises are held in its own territory, threatening no one – not Ukraine or any other countries.” – Stephen Lendman

The World Known to Me Is Fading Away – Paul Craig Roberts

US Military Apologizes For Posting Uncomfortably Honest Tweet – ” I suspect many of the commenters who flooded in telling Stratcom to delete its tweet were not so much interested in eliminating a violent social media post from the internet, but in eliminating that creeped-out feeling you get when the sociopath’s mask slips a bit.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Deep State’s Secret War on Russia – Gordon Duff

“The Establishment Will Never Say No to a War” – “It’s time to end the absurd “war on terror.” What exactly is the U.S. Government fighting? Huh? I see the U.S. military terrorizing the citizens of the countries occupied by U.S. forces all over the world. I have yet to see a Syrian military jet fly beyond the Middle East airspace looking to drop bombs on anything deemed “a threat to national security interests.” “…Washington never learns this lesson, cannot relinquish the imperial temptation, even as it has bankrupted us, killed and maimed thousands of young Americans, and turned us into a country that commits war crimes.” – Dave Kranzler

‘He did nothing wrong’: Giuliani defends Assange’s decision to publish Hillary campaign emails – RT

116th Congress Starts January 3: Big Changes Coming – Look at the Impacts – Mish

The government “can’t find” $20 trillion, while pension funds are tanking – “Note: the missing $20 trillion does not refer to the national debt.” – Jon Rappoport  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haitian Human Trafficking Connection To US – “This barbaric exploitation must stop throughout our entire world for it to resolve. Oversight is required in the Dominican Republic, and the people of Haiti need our assistance from the monopoly of corruption the Clintons have manufactured and continue to run, leaving most Haitians with no work, no safety, and nowhere to turn for help.” – Corey Lynn

A Modest Proposal: An Anti-Militarist New Year’s Resolution for America – Maj. Danny Sjursen

2019 MARKET MELTDOWN: What The New Year Brings – “The main reason the broader markets are likely to crash in 2019 has to do with the simple fact that the BOOM CYCLE is OVER. ” – Steve St. Angelo

Fake Markets and Return of the “Plunge Protection Team” – “It’s amazing what passes as a market these days.” – Clint Siegner

Maine Gov. Appoints Gun Control Advocate to Lead Dept. of Public Safety – Teresa Mull

US Dollar Status as Global Reserve Currency? – Wolf Richter

What To Expect In 2019? – ” There is a need to clean out the swamp, especially of those who are at the top. If government officials and politicians are not held accountable, then our government will just continue to get more and more corrupt.” – Bill White  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2018 Was The ‘Age Of Rage’ – Will The Media Cause America To Implode In 2019 With Their Continued Manufactured Outrage To Incite Violence? – Susan Duclos

Make 2019 the Year You Learn Stuff – Daisy Luther

State Law Requires Mandatory Flu Vaccines for All Kids Ages 2 to 4: Comply or Don’t Go to School – “Children in Connecticut will not be allowed to return to school after the Christmas break unless they prove that they have received the flu vaccine.” – Matt Agorist   – IF YOU LOOK AT WHAT  HAPPENS IN CONNECTICUT, YOU CAN SEE THAT IT IS THE TEST GROUND FOR WHAT’S TO COME: GUN CONTROL, FORCED VACCINATION, ETC.;  CONNECT THE DOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 10 FAKE NEWS liberal media stories of 2018 designed to keep the “sheeple” brainwashed and voting for more Democratic-Socialistic-Communistic abuse – S.D. Wells

How An EMP Attack Could Turn Into An Extinction Level Event – Dave Hodges

Prepper Concerns Going Into 2019 – Thresholds Into The Unknown? – Ken Jorgustin

The Top 50 Non-Food Stockpile Necessities – Daisy Luther


Isaiah 37:29  Because thy rage against me, and thy tumult, is come up into mine ears, therefore will I put my hook in thy nose, and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by which thou camest.