Outrage After Swedish TV Downplays Gruesome ISIS Beheadings, Threatens Prison For Sharing Video – Tyler Durden

Headlines Over Trump’s Border Wall Dispute, Silence on Endless US Wars – “Building or not building Trump’s harebrained wall will have no effect on the nation’s domestic or geopolitical policies – what’s most important left unaddressed.” – Stephen Lendman

Good Riddance To General Mattis And The Rest Of Washington’s Mad Dogs Of War – David

Critics of Syria Withdrawal Fueled Rise of ISIS – Max Blumenthal

Jesus Christ Would Be Appalled by America’s Immigration Policy – “When you do, ask what role America, our government, has played in creating and perpetuating the latest refugee crises. Is the United States living up to the ostensible ethics of its zealously proclaimed Christianity?” – Danny Sjursen

Illegals and the American Dream – “The blood of Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbetts, and now Ronil Singh and others is on the hands of open border advocates and the sanctuary city loons who provide no sanctuary for the American citizen victims of illegal alien criminals'” – Daniel John Sobieski

Thanks, Schumer! Get ready for a newer and bigger Central American migrant caravan – Monica Showalter

America’s Red Flag Warning: Understanding the Developing Narrative – “If there was ever a time to become active and let your voice be heard, it is now.” – David Risseladda

Donald Trump twenty-four months on… – Jon Rappoport

A Stable Ruble is the Key to Russia’s Survival – “This is what Trump and his national security team most fear, a Russia capable of building a parallel institutional system operating outside their control.” – Tom Luango  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM TOM; GREAT INSIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Return of Louis XVI: Emmanuel Macron, Roi de L’Ancien Regime – “Ridiculous young Macron has inflicted ruinous new hardships on the long-suffering French people in the name of his global financial masters. He has loyally proved to be Washington’s poodle in petty-minded and destructive attempts to impose yet more economic sanctions on Russia. The true parallel to Macron is not De Gaulle, who restored the wealth, stability, dignity and pride of his nation but of the hapless, witless, very internationalist and liberal King Louis XVI, last monarch of L’Ancien Regime.” – Martin Sieff

‘Journalists come down’: Yellow Vests chant ‘fake news’ outside French TV station (VIDEOS) – RT

The Progressive Movement’s Sordid Past – “As proud as Democrats are with the term Progressives, they don’t tell voters that the Progressive ideology architects were racist to their very core, who ignored the plight of blacks and were eugenicists ” – Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.)  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM SHERIIFF CLARKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘I see no way out’: Living paycheck to paycheck is disturbingly common – Danielle Paquette

GAO: IRS Had 4,487 Guns; 5,062,006 Rounds of Ammunition – Terence P. Jeffrey

Santa Came to Wall Street Just the Same (VIDEO) – “It looks like the Grinch may not have been able to stop Christmas from coming to Wall Street. It looks like the Santa Claus Rally came just the same. – or did it? The worst Christmas Eve in the history of the stock market was followed by the biggest Boxing Day rally in the history of the stock market.” – Peter Schiff

2018 In Review With Jim Willie (PODCAST) – TF Metals

The Madmen Return With A Blueprint For National Suicide: With Democrats Back In Power In The House, Their Defense ‘Experts’ Who Made A Muck Of National Security During The Obama Administration Are Back With Bad Advice – Dr Peter Vincent Pry

Baltimore Mayor Believes The NRA Promotes The Ownership Of Rocket Launchers – Mike LaChance

Which Side Will Declare Martial First (Part 2)? – Dave Hodges

Does Facebook Lie To Users & Congress, Too? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Chemtrails Exposed: Dresser Industries and the New Manhattan Project – Peter Kirby

Death Of An Icon: A Day Of Reckoning Has Finally Arrived For One Of America’s Most Important Institutions – “After 125 years, it is time to say goodbye. At one time, Sears was the largest retailer that the world had ever seen by a very wide margin, and it was a shining representation of America’s seemingly endless prosperity. But now the end has come, and Sears will be liquidated.” – Michael Snyder

Monsanto and Bayer’s Chemical Romance: Heroin, Nerve Gas and Agent Orange – “The remarriage of two agrochemical giants with dark histories promises more bad things.” – Will Allen and Michael Colby    – OLDER ARTICLE BUT STILL GOOD!!!

The Top 10 Survival Posts of 2018 – “The articles below are the ones that got the most hits during the previous year. If you missed them the first time around, be sure to check them out.” – Daisy Luther

Year in Review: Airport Surveillance Takes Off in a New, Dangerous Direction – Jennifer Lynch and India McKinney

What Lewis & Clark Took With Them on the Expedition – “From a preparedness standpoint, I enjoyed discovering the categories of what Lewis and Clark deemed important for their expedition.” – Ken Jorgustin

Reports warn of disabling attacks to U.S. power grid that could wipe out “democracy” and the “world order” – JD Heyes




Psalm 17:8-10   Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings,  From the wicked that oppress me, from my deadly enemies, who compass me about.  They are inclosed in their own fat: with their mouth they speak proudly.