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Banned Weapons Used in All US War Theaters – “Whenever US forces aggressively attacks countries, dirty war is waged, including use of banned weapons. Prohibited terror-bombing is longstanding US policy, indiscriminately harming civilians. In all US wars since the misnamed “good war” against Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, US forces used banned weapons. Pentagon claims otherwise are false, issued to try concealing its war crimes in all US war theaters – naked aggression waged in them all from Korea to post-9/11 conflicts.” – Stephen Lendman

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Of Course The Fed Is Crazy – “Still, there must also be tons of people left thinking the Fed can kick that can six times to the moon and back, or sixty. If only because they’ve never bothered to think about price discovery, and what role it plays in the very ‘markets’ they volunteer to spend their money in. And along those same lines, many acknowledge housing bubbles in Sydney and Vancouver but think the US has learned its lesson a decade ago. And the loco Fed plays its role there too: mortgage rates have been ultra-low, enticing the last left batch of greater fools not mortally wounded by the last fire to jump in this time.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

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Monsanto: judge moves to allow new trial after $289m cancer verdict – “Agrochemical company is challenging a landmark ruling that ordered it to pay the award to an ex-groundskeeper dying of cancer” – Sam Levin   – MONSANTO WILL GET OUT OF THIS YET, WE HAVE PREDICTED IT ALL ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Proverbs 29:23   A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.



Only in America
We’re slaves to be free
Only in America we kill the unborn
To make ends meet
Only in America
Sexuality is democracy
Only in America we stamp our dollar
“In God We Trust”

What is right or wrong
I don’t know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America
What is right or wrong
I don’t know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America, In America, In America

Church bell’s ringing
Pass the plate around
The choir is singing
As their leader falls to the ground
Please mister prophet man
Tell me which way to go
I gave my last dollar
Can I still come to your show

What is right or wrong
I don’t know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America
What is right or wrong
I don’t know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America, In America, In America, In America

( In America by Creed )