Haley’s Resignation Positions Her to Run for President – “The possibility should terrify everyone. If elected to high office, her militant extremism would threaten world peace more than already, increasing the chance for nuclear war with Russia, China, and/or Iran, the ultimate nightmare scenario if occurs. Earlier, she denied interest in serving as vice president, her sights likely set on the highest US office.” – Stephen Lendman

Did US and Allies Commit War Crime by Bombing Syria on April 14th? – Eric Zuesse

Bolton Warns Chinese Military to Halt Dangerous Naval Encounters – “White House adviser says Navy rules allow response to threatening Chinese actions” – Bill Gertz  – MORE SABRE RATTLING FROM BOLTON!!!!!!!!!!!

Ban Saudi Oil – “Why so much more interest in this case than all the other disappearing journalists? Khashoggi is/was no Christ; he was close to the royal family for years while women and gay people and dissidents were under severe threat. Just more hypocrisy. And if we want to end that, let’s boycott Saudi oil. Let’s use different oil, or none. And until then let’s not fall for the stage performances of all those who all of a sudden want to be seen as principled actors. That’s just about as bad as sawing a guy into pieces.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

President Trump Pens Scathing Op Ed For USA Today: Warns Democrats Want To Turn America Into Venezuela – Stefan Stanford

The Information Terrorists – “Molly McKew taught me something last night. I’m an information terrorist. McKew believes our entire way of life is threatened by a new form of terrorism that invades the mind through social media and the internet.” – Kurt Nimmo

Italy Declares War On Merkel And The EU – Tom Luongo

The Cracks In The Market’s Floor Grow Wider – Dave Kranzler

Drones swamp US-Mexico border but federal agents powerless to stop them – “The Department of Homeland Security and FBI identified this week unmanned aerial systems, or drones, as one of the greatest national security threats to America — rating it as severe a concern as cybersecurity hacks, critical infrastructure attacks, and terrorism.” – Anna Giaritelli  – YET THEY HAVE NO PROBLEMS USING THEM TO BOMB AND SPY ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

NONE DARE CALL IT SOCIALISM – “Whatever one might say about liberals (i.e., leftists or progressives), one thing is certain: When it comes to socialism, they get it.So, here you have a leftist making a very logical argument. She’s essentially saying, “Given that you conservatives love Medicare, which guarantees government health care for seniors, why not love it even more by expanding it to everyone?” It’s a good question! In other words, if you love socialism, why settle for just a little socialism? Why not go further and embrace more socialism? For a conservative to be skewered by a liberal in that way has got to be painful. What does the conservative say in response? All he can say is, “No, I’m a small-socialism conservative, not a big socialism conservative.” That’s got to be embarrassing.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Outbreak: A World Threatened by Proliferation – “Worst of the worst, Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, havens for the select mediocrities to be “rubber stamped” into ignorance and controllability, channeled into the corridors of power, knowing little or nothing of the real world, schooled in flummery and falsehood. Each and every university has been put under political control and fed a series of narratives. Academics who stray into genuine research do so at the risk of their careers, their reputations and even their lives.” – Gordon Duff

5G And The Internet Of Everything Is EVERYTHING THEY WANT! (VIDEO) – We Are Change


Move Over Russia – Facebook Purges US-Based Independent Media For Political Disinformation – “The concerted efforts to censor independent media on social media began in earnest following Facebook’s announcement this past May that Facebook would be teaming up with the notoriously hawkish, government- and corporate-funded think tank, the Atlantic Council.” – Whitney Webb

Top Ten Alternative Media Sites BANNED on Facebook and Twitter – “The social media purge has begun and pages that question the government or point out police brutality have been wiped from the platforms.” – The Free Thought Project

First They Came for Alex Jones — We Told You We Were Next — We Were – “Social media giants launched a massive purge of independent media on Thursday effectively wiping out hundreds of liberty-minded pages.” – Matt Agorist

Facebook, Twitter Purge More Dissident Media Pages In Latest Escalation – “Two of the most high-profile pages which were shut down have probably been seen at some point by any political dissident who uses Facebook; the Free Thought Project, which had 3.1 million followers, and Anti-Media, which had 2.1 million. I’ve found useful information on both sites before, and despite disagreeing with them ideologically in some areas have found them both vastly more legitimate than anything you’ll find on Google News.” – Facebook, Twitter Purge More Dissident Media Pages In Latest Escalation

The Purge Is Here: Hundreds of Political Social Media Pages Deleted Without Warning – Carey Wedler

Who Do Americans Trust (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Americans are Stuck in Abusive Relationships with Power – Michael Krieger

Has “It” Finally Arrived? – ” Is this week’s 6% market drop the start of the Big One?” -Chris Martenson

This Market Sell-off Is a ‘Wake up Call, the Fantasy Is Ending’ (VIDEO) – David Stockman

The Myth Of The Eternal Market Bubble And Why It Is Dead Wrong – Brandon Smith

Hammer Time – “Looks like somebody threw a dead cat onto Wall Street’s luge run overnight to temporarily halt the rather ugly 2000 point slide in the Dow Jones Industrial Average — and plenty of freefall in other indices, including markets in other countries. A Friday pause in the financial carnage will give the hedge funders a chance to plant “for sale” signs along their Hamptons driveways, but who might the buyers be? Hedge funders from another planet, perhaps? You can hope. And while you’re at it, how do you spell liquidity problem? Welcome to the convergence zone of the long emergency, where Murphy’s law meets the law of unintended consequences and the law of diminishing returns, the Three Amigos of collapse.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Gold Standard: Protector of Individual Liberty and Economic Prosperity – Antonius Aquinas

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why! – State of the Nation

Soros Project Teams Up With Dark Money Non-Profit To “Boost Democratic Candidates” In At Least 11 States – Tim Brown

Tom Fitton on NRA TV: Obama ATF Tried to Do ‘End-Run’ Around 2nd Amendment by Banning Ammo (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

A Reverse Bucket List – “A reverse bucket list—as used here—is a list of things already occurred, but we wish had not happened.” – Gary Christenson

Valued Preparations & Preparedness BEFORE The Crisis Hits – Ken Jorgustin

IMF Warns About Emerging Markets: Hello “Always Late” IMF, Global Crisis Coming – “The IMF is finally warning that there may be an emerging market crisis. Hello IMF, it’s already here. Look ahead.” – Mish




Isaiah 65:6   Behold, it is written before me: I will not keep silence, but will recompense, even recompense into their bosom,