The Biggest Threat to US National Security Is the US Government – “A dictatorship does not represent the public but only the aristocracy that, behind the scenes, controls the government.” – Eric Zuesse

Americans Have No Say Over How They’re Governed – “Democracy in America is pure fantasy, the way it’s been from inception. Self-serving privileged interests run things. It’s never been any other way. Ordinary people have no say whatever. Voting is a waste of time when results always turn out the same way. Governance by both right wings of America’s one-party state largely ignores what matters to them most.” – Stephen Lendman

Everything Is A Hoax – Paul Craig Roberts

Infowars Signs On to Neocon Effort to Destroy Iran – Kurt Nimmo

A Silver Lining – “A political victory only, not a stand on principle.” – Robert Gore

Kavanaugh sworn to high court after rancorous confirmation – Alan Fram, Lisa Mascaro, and Matthew Daly

Trump: “Angry Mob” of “Radical Democrats” Has Become “Too Extreme And Too Dangerous To Govern” – Tyler Durden

FBI Investigation Reveals Evidence of a Vastly More Coordinated Effort – “Ford’s “beach friend” worked for a loyal Chuck Schumer ally.” – Erick Erickson

Fishtailing into the Future – “The US government can’t handle interest rates at this level, after decades of debt accumulation. Other nations can’t pay back their dollar-denominated loans either, and that has produced havoc at the so-called margins of the global economy — as currencies crash, and companies go under, and sovereign debt instruments melt down. You can be sure that this disorder will eventually spread from the margins to the center, which is the USA. It’s already up-and-running in our politics, which might be considered the early warning system of the larger picture. In my long life of three-score and ten, I’ve never seen a political fiasco as demented as the Kavanaugh confirmation process, with its harking back to Medieval social hysterias and stunning exercises in bad faith.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Damage Done By The Kavanaugh Hearings – Alice Salles

US Senator Unleashes Upon George Soros Paid Protesters – Compares Democrats Tactics To ‘Brownshirts Of 1930’s Germany’ – “It’s time we wake up, expose them, stand up and fight for our country, because that’s what’s at stake here” – Stefan Stanford

At least 12 dead and more than 100 hurt in Haiti earthquake, with toll likely to rise – Monique O. Madan and Jacqueline Charles

JOHN B. WELLS: Q – ARE YOU READY TO SEE ARRESTS? Video (VIDEO) – “Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells joins me to break down the latest and John says, “You’re GOING to see arrests. And then your going to see indictments. And then you’re going to see CONVICTIONS. They are scared to death.” – SGT Report

Yesterday’s Stock Market Was Not Normal – And We’ve Been Watching Markets for 32 Years – “Add the stock market to the growing list of things that are not normal in the U.S. We’ll get to the details of yesterday’s appearance of a rigged market in a moment, but first a small sampling of the other abnormal ways the U.S. is currently functioning.” – Pam Martens

The Federal Debt Spiral – Peter Schiff

The Federal Reserve’s Rising Interest Rates Are A Ticking Time-bomb For U.S. Economy – Steve St. Angelo

Scientists Accuse DARPA of Genetically Modifying Insects for Bioweapon to Spread Agricultural Viruses Matt Agorist

Think You’re Prepared For The Next Crisis? Think Again. – “Even the best-laid preparations have failure points” – Adam Taggart

Forgiveness Is Overrated – “There are only two types of people who consistently promulgate the importance of forgiveness: abusers and their codependents. The abuse can range from pedophilia and battery to war and ecocide, and the codependency can range from a wife saying she fell down the stairs again to a newscaster demanding to know when the mother of a son just gunned down by police will forgive his murderer, but the formula remains the same in each instance.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN, AS USUAL!!!!

US plan to genetically alter crops via insects feared to be biological war plan – “Program says it will use virus-carrying insects to engineer crops, but some worry it’s a way to develop biological agents” – Erin Durkin

5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves As Pentagon Crowd Control System – Terrence Newton  – IMAGINE THAT, SO LET’S PUT IT EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Improves Your Health – Emily Pham

CDC Urging Americans to Get Flu Shot—After Admitting The Last Vaccine Was Only 36% Effective – Rachel Blevins

Vaccine Safety and Efficacy Studies That are the Bases for Marketing Authorizations are a Complete Methodological Mess – Mateja Cernic (Green Med Info)

Fake Science And Phony Studies Show Dangerous Trend – Off The Grid News


Ways To Preserve Meat – Ken Jorgustin

Can A Home Garden Produce Enough Food To Live On? – Tess Pennington

Wise Parenting Dos and Don’ts From 1886 – “Sadly, many parents today could use a few tips from 1886 on raising children! Maybe if parents acted like parents there would not be so many bratty kids growing up to be worthless adults. Excerpt from Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms by Thomas Edie Hill, which was published in 1886.” – M.D. Creekmore

What Is the Best Way to Protect Yourself in the Backcountry? -Tom Claycomb




Isaiah 59:4    None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.



Well, you can’t trust your neighbor
Husband or wife
Can’t trust the police
With their guns or their nights
Look out for the creepers
Tappin’ on your cell phone
You’d better lock your door
Even when you’re at home

My, my, my
These are lawless times
My, my, my
These are lawless times

You can’t trust the banks
The way that you used to do
I hope that Wall Street
Has been good to you
You can’t trust the priest
You’d better watch your behind
Don’t look too close at the government
Hard tellin’ what you’ll find

( Lawless Times by John Mellencamp )