US Openly Threatens Russia With War: Goodbye Diplomacy, Hello Stone Age – Peter Korzun

Trump Regime Actions Further Isolate the US Internationally – “Trump is held captive by dark forces controlling him – notably Pompeo, Bolton and Haley on geopolitical issues. They’re militantly hostile to world peace, stability, democratic values, and respect for international law. They risk greater US wars of aggression than already – a major threat to humanity unmentioned mainstream media, what’s crucial to know suppressed.” – Stephen Lendman

FBI Met DNC Lawyer to Talk Russiagate Before Spying on Trump Campaign – Sputnik News

May: France Believes Brexit Can Be Blocked, Will Push Bad Deal to Force Second Referendum – Liam Deacon

Could Trump Take Down the American Empire? – Gareth Porter

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies – “The attack by Chinese spies reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple, by compromising America’s technology supply chain, according to extensive interviews with government and corporate sources.” -Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley

In the Heart of a Dying Empire – Tom Engelhardt

Is the White Male Victimizer or Victim? – Paul Craig Roberts

The Military-Industrial-Humanitarian Complex: Spreading Western Hegemony Under The Guise of Virtue – Tomasz Pierscionek

Northwest’s cell networks disrupted after ‘presidential alert’ text – Paul Roberts

Politicians And Terrorists Make Ebola Outbreak Worse – Off The Grid News

The myth of the beneficial influence of immigration – Gefira

The Tyranny of “The Collective” by the Illusions of Narratives – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Why Are The Banks Buying Gold (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Stock Pulse

CIVIL WAR: Soros and the Left will attempt to violently take over America if they don’t win the midterms – The Millennium Report

Placebo, antibody, and the destiny of failure – “There is a fallacy buried in diagnostic tests that employ antibodies as the standard of measure. The presence of antibodies specific to a particular germ doesn’t automatically signify illness, and yet that is the interpretation being made these days.” – Jon Rappoport

Pensions Now Depend on Bubbles Never Popping (But All Bubbles Pop) – “We’re living in a fantasy, folks. Bubbles pop, period.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Economics Everywhere, Politics Nowhere: Switzerland’s Six Pointers Towards Hope For Western Civilization. – “Is there any hope in the Western World that individual citizens can win some release from the relentless and imprisoning growth of government?” – Hunter Hastings

AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley And The New World Order – “Lee is one of the fathers of AI and is equally at home in China or the U.S. His perception of the future of AI and AI race between China and the U.S. is essential to understand. You may not like what you hear, but it is the reality living in the Technocrat mind: Listen to his TED Talk. ⁃ TN Editor” – Brian Wang

Google’s Project Dragonfly: Helping Chinese Censorship Run Rampant – “Conclusion: Get Away from Google as Much as You Can” – Makia Freeman

Our Voices Are Being Silenced – We’ve Got To Fight Back – Ray Gano

‘No Party is Welcome’: Town Bans ALL Politicians After Being Lied To Repeatedly – Matt Agorist

Officials claim police drones will revitalize downtown and “create a community connection” – “If you are having trouble digesting the headline, just imagine how much trouble I am having trying to write about it. In what has to be the most ludicrous excuse ever made by police to spy on citizens, this one is at the top of my list.” – MassPrivateI

Autism and Obesity: Common Ground and Origins? – Children’s Health Defense Team

The Epidemic of Disinformation About UFOs & Extraterrestrials: How Do We Know What’s Real? – Arjun Walia

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