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Hebrews 12:4   Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.



Who’s the man on the corner; that corner over there
I don’t know. Well, you better lay low. Watch out
Keep on the look out
Electric eyes
Rats on the sell out
Who gonna testify
You know my habits
Way a head of time
Listening to me
On your satellite
And there’s some little jerk in the FBI
A keepin’ papers on me six feet high
It gets me down, it gets me down, it gets me down
It gets me down
Hello, baby, mm-hmm
Ah, yeah, you know we ain’t, we ain’t talkin’ alone
Who’s listening? But I don’t really know
But you better tell the SIS to keep out of sight
‘Cause I know they takin’ pictures on the ultraviolet light
Yes, uh huh, yeah, but these days it’s all secrecy; no privacy
Shoot first, that’ s right… you know
Bye bye. Who’s listening?
Right now somebody is listening to you
Keeping their eyes peeled on you
Mmm, mmm, what a price, what a price to pay
All right. Good night, sleep tight

( Fingerprint File by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards )