The News Just Ain’t The News No More – “We’re not going to know what the hardware and software of ‘social’ media will have done to our lives, individually and socially, for a very long time. But in the meantime, their influence will continue to shape our lives. They change our societies, the way we interact with each other, in very profound ways; we just don’t know how profound, or how, period.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York Times Tries Treason Again – “Friday afternoon, the New York Times once again took up the coup against Donald Trump, not as a news matter, but as a witting psychological warfare instrument for those bent on trying to illegally remove this President from office.” – Harley Schlanger

Rosenstein Proposed Secretly Recording Trump, Invoking 25th Amendment – Tyler Durden

DEMOCRATS: WE ALREADY KNOW KAVANAUGH IS GUILTY [MONTAGE] -“I believe her because she is telling the truth” – Grabien News

Huffington Post Writer Emily Peck Writes Sleazy Article, Brags About Success – “The info is second-hand and doesn’t even implicate Kavanaugh. No only did Peck write a sleazy article, but it was replicated at least twice.” – Mish

As A Woman I Am Infuriated By What The Liberal Lynch Mobs Are Doing To Judge Brett Kavanaugh And His Family – Death Threats Against Kavanaugh Family Being Investigated – Susan Duclos

Ding Dong…. – “How hilarious is it in this pornography-saturated culture of anything-goes-and-nothing-matters that a long-ago session of awkward teenage necking becomes the most horrifying crime since Eve consorted with a snake in the original wayback?” – James Howard Kunstler

Feinstein: The Greater of Two Evils – “In recent days, the nation has witnessed an unseemly display of political gamesmanship, one that has served as a testimonial to just how low the Democrats have sunk.” – Dennis Lund

Dissent Is No Longer Permissible In The West – “Will Russia Notice?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Putin-Erdogan Have Concluded a Good Deal on Idlib – “Everybody who signed the deal, including Iran (who played an important role in its success), has a lot to lose and little to gain in the event of a battle of Idlib” – Elijah J. Magnier


Food Price Inflation Hidden in Packaging – Ken Jorgustin

Michael Bloomberg Has Spent Millions to Spread Gun Control – Now He Wants to Be President – Teresa Mull

Hazardous to Health GMO Foods and Ingredients – “The danger is indisputable. Independent scientific studies exposed the hazards long ago – suppressed by Washington and US media, supporting corporate profits over human health. GHW Bush’s 1992 Executive Order falsely called GMOs “substantially equivalent” to ordinary seeds and crops, saying no government regulation is necessary. The FDA and other federal agencies are run by and operate as corporate front groups. Food and drug officials notoriously approve unsafe products, suppressing scientific evidence proving it. In 1992, the FDA lied claiming GMOs are safe to eat, no safety studies required.” – Stephen Lendman

Economic 9/11: Gold, Guns and a Getaway Plan (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Clear Evidence of Syrian ‘Rebels’ Preparing Fake ‘Chemical Attack’ –

Multiple Online Banking Systems Go Down in the UK – Don Quijones

The Gamification of Tyranny – “It looks like we’re headed for a brave new world where all citizens are rated on their loyalty to the state and are punished for wandering from its narrative. Call it the gamification of repression.” – Kurt Nimmo

This Globalist Stooge Fears ‘What’s Coming Next To The World’: What Does Bill Gates Know That We Don’t Know? – “Deagel’s Forecast Continues To Suggest: Huge Changes Are Coming To America” – Stefan Stanford

First U.S. Airport “Biometric Terminal” Set For Rollout This Year – Nicholas West

What If You Prepare for a Disaster and Nothing Happens? – Daisy Luther

PAYPAL BANS INFOWARS AFTER LOBBYING BY SOROS-FUNDED GROUP – “Payment processor terminates agreement, citing “hate” and “intolerance” ” – Paul Joseph Watson

The Left’s Unfunny War on Comedy – Daniel Greenfield

Life Insurance Company Will Add Fitness Tracking Data To ALL Policies Next Year – Nicholas West

Groomed, then Gone – “Dogs are dying after PetSmart visits and families struggle to understand why” – Sophie Nieto-Muñoz and Alex Napoliello

Debt Is a Powder Keg and Rising Interest Rates Are Matches – Peter Schiff

“THIS IS THE LAST HOORAH!”, Prepare For Haircuts! (VIDEO) with Rob Kirby – Portfolio Wealth Global




Deuteronomy 32:41    If I whet my glittering sword, and mine hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to mine enemies, and will reward them that hate me.