‘I do trust him’: Trump opens up about Kim after historic summit – Meghan Keneally, Bill Hutchinson, and Karma Allen

Trump Suspends Joint “War Games” With South Korea, As China Emerges Big Summit Winner – Tyler Durden

Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un Sign A Historic Agreement At Their Summit In Singapore – But All The Mainstream Media Can Do Is Whine And Complain – Michael Snyder

Bashing North Korea Ahead of Summit Talks – “Dark forces in Washington want US hostility toward North Korea continued. They want toughness maintained, major concessions demanded from Kim Jong-un in return for empty promises – stiffer sanctions imposed if US demands aren’t met.” – Stephen Lendman

THE BIZARRE TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT – “Overlooked in all of the hullabaloo over the summit in North Korea between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un are two bizarre things: One, the U.S. government is the root cause of the crisis that Trump is trying to resolve and, two, the fact that South Korean president Moon Jae-in is not an equal player in the summit.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Putin Knocks the USA for Sheltering George Soros – Onan Coca

Juanita Broaddrick TORCHES Bill Clinton over his ‘sexual consent’ comments – ““Bill Clinton thinks he should get a pass because it was 1978 when HE RAPED ME,” she wrote. “and HE knows it’s not acceptable in today’s society?” she wrote on Twitter.” – J.D. Heyes

Has the Tide Turned on Russophobia? – Phil Butler

As Russia-Gate Evaporates Liberals To Say Trump A Chinese Agent? – Bill Heid

Twelve Tips For Making Sense Of The World – “In an environment that is saturated with mass media propaganda, it can be hard to figure out which way’s up, let alone get an accurate read on what’s going on in the world. Here are a few tips I’ve learned which have given me a lot of clarity in seeing through the haze of spin and confusion. Taken separately they don’t tell you a lot, but taken together they paint a very useful picture of the world and why it is the way it is.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major Event World Wide, Stay Vigilant, Follow The White Rabbit (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Return of the Euro Crisis: Italy Quakes, Rest of the World Shakes and Merkel’s Empire Breaks – David Haggith

Senator: “Let Me Repeat… The US Helped Bomb A DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS CHOLERA TREATMENT FACILITY” – “”Whether intentional or a result of negligence, it is totally unacceptable,” said the medical aid group in a statement” – byJon Queally

Venezuela’s hyperinflation at new dizzying high

U.S. Inflation Accelerates to Six-Year High, Eroding Wages – Katia Dmitrieva

Do You like it, Senator, When the Deep State Works Against You?” – “Last week a U.S. Senator received the same spoonful of Castor oil that Congress has been giving to the American people for decades. More than that occurred, however, as another example emerged of lack of balanced accountability and the control of the Shadow government”- Jeremiah Johnson


The Democrats’ IT Scandal Cover-Up – “What the Democrats accused the Russians of doing, Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s DNC was actively doing. And considering what we have found out about the Pakistanis, not the Russians, that were brought in to run their IT operation, it makes sense as to why the DNC refused to turn over their servers to FBI forensic investigators. What else where they trying to hide?” – Daniel John Sobieski

Robert De Niro is an Angry Old Man Who Hasn’t Been in a Good Movie Since the 90’s – ” Worst poster child for anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ imaginable” – Paul Joseph Watson

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Proverbs 28:18   Whoso walketh uprightly shall be saved: but he that is perverse in his ways shall fall at once.