US says NKorea talks moving quickly, Trump to leave early – By Zeke Miller, Catherine Lucey and Josh Lederman

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Guns go BOOM: May another RECORD month in sales – “Much to the chagrin of the gun-hating Left, gun sales appear to have set another record in May, as Americans continue to take advantage of their Second Amendment right to armed self-defense.” – J.D. Heyes

When, Where, and How Will the Empire Strike Back? – “If anyone thinks there is any length to which Trump’s enemies will not go, think again.” – James George Jatras

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In The Western World Truth Is An Endangered Species: Come To Its Support – “The total corruption of the print and TV media led to the rise of Intermet media such as Wikileaks, led by Julian Assange, a prisoner since 2012. Assange is an Australian and Ecuadorian citizen. He is not an American citizen. Yet US politicians and media claim that he is guilty of treason because he published official documents leaked to Wikileaks that prove the duplicity and criminality of the US government. It is strickly impossible for a non-citizen to be guilty of treason. It is strickly impossible under the US Constitution for the reporting of facts to be spying. The function of the media is to expose and to hold accountable the government. This function is no longer performed by the Western print and TV media.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – GREAT POINTS FROM DR. ROBERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Eerie Silence Surrounding the Assange Case – Dennis J Bernstein

World Wrassling Diplomacy – “Why not war with Canada? That pissant “nation” is cluttering up the northern half of OUR Continent, which we struggled mightily to free from wicked Old Europe. What doesn’t Justin Trudeau get about that? And when we’re done with him, how about a few rounds with Frau Merkel and the wee frog, Monsieur Macron? I’d like to see the Golden Golem of Greatness in a leotard and one of those Mexican wrestling masks, tossing these peevish international dwarves out of the ring like so many sacks of potting soil. And now it’s off to Singapore for a championship bout with the opponent known as “Little Rocket Man.” ” – James Howard Kunstler

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Venezuela’s Long Road to Ruin -“Few countries have provided such a perfect example of socialist policies in practice.” – Mary Anastasia O’Grady  -AND PEOPLE LIKE OBAMA AND BERNIE WANT OUR COUNTRY TO BECOME MORE SOCIALIST

DEMONS really are possessing people, warns psychiatrist, as pure evil sweeps over humanity – Ethan Huff

MUST WATCH: #PEDOGATE DISNFO OP & COVER UP (VIDEO) -“It’s pretty clear what’s going on here, and the enemies of truth are showing their true colors. Instead of focusing on the message – that child sex trafficking is a very REAL and wide spread problem in the United States and around the world – the focus is being placed on the messengers with every effort being expended to discredit the very people who are on the front lines in the fight for children.” – SGT Report

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How Useful are Walkie-Talkies in an Urban SHTF Situation? – “When communications are down, which is highly likely in many situations, long-range two-way radios to give them their more correct name, are considered by most experts to be the most practical and effective method of emergency communication.” – Danny Major

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Proverbs 26:11   As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.