The Trump Regime Is Insane – Paul Craig Roberts

Ten Days Before The End Of The World – “The criminally insane governments of the US, UK, and France are sending a flotilla of missile ships, submarines, and an aircraft carrier to attack Syria in the face of Russian warnings. What is the likely outcome of this outrageous act of agression based entirely on an orchestrated and transparent lie, an act of reckless aggression that is more irresponsible and more dangerous than anything done by the demonized Nazi regime in Germany?” – Paul Craig Roberts – TWO GOOD ARTICLES BY DR ROBERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia has ‘irrefutable evidence’ chemical attack in Syria was staged – Lavrov – Vladimir Rodzianko

‘We can resolve all issues by picking up the phone’ – Russia’s FM spokesperson on Syria standoff

What price will mankind have to pay for the collapse of the Empire? – “We are currently living the most dangerous days in human history. You think that this is hyperbole? Think again. We are risking a nuclear Armageddon” – The Saker

World Pushed to the Brink by Western Criminals and Lies – Strategic Culture Foundation

Warmonger’s Remorse – “Of course, this latest uproar over the Douma poison gas incident coincided with the first day at work of National Security Advisor John Bolton, a reputed devotee of military monkey business. But it’s possible that even Mr. Bolton is embarrassed by these crude shenanigans, which just preceded his return to influence on the political scene. If he has any influence at all, perhaps he might use it to suggest that the President of the United States just shut the fuck up for a while.” – James Howard Kunstler

Celente Just Warned Global War May Break Out Within Days

The West Gets Russia Wrong Because the Media Are Peddling a Pack of Lies – Dmitry Orlov

Deep State? What about elite television news anchors? The elite news anchor is the eunuch: “trusted everywhere” – Jon Rappoport


Is It Fake? White Helmets Alleged Chemical Attack Footage Leaves Several Unanswered Questions – Aaron Kesel

US Intervention in Syria Will Kill Far More Children than Assad’s Alleged Chemical Attack – John Vibes

Why Military Action Against Syria Is A Really Bad Idea – Michael Snyder

Could Another Middle East War Trigger A 2nd American Revolution? – “The world has grown tired of the nonstop devastation caused by Western Imperialism in the Middle East. US citizens, citizens of other NATO countries, China, Russia, Iran and especially the countries in the Middle East that have been invaded are tired of the Military Industrial Complex’s warmongering” – Daniel Carter

WaPo Calls for Pompeo’s Confirmation as Secretary of State – “The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post urged one of its own be confirmed as Trump’s new secretary of state. Pompeo has outsized ambitions. Moving from Congress to Langley advanced his career, heading Foggy Bottom another step toward the nation’s top job he no doubt covets. Trump administration war cabinet officials comprise a rogue’s gallery of neocon Russophobes, Islamophobes, war-mongering extremists, Pompeo one of the worst.” – Stephen Lendman

The U.S. Government With Its Military Cannot Stop China & Russia’s New Gold Standard – Jim Willie

I’m Not Right, Left or Center – I’m a Free Thinking Human – Michael Krieger

Shelter From The Coming Storm – “Silver is one of the most under-valued assets still available for purchase. Many tech stocks are among the most over-valued paper assets on the planet. Silver looks good.” – Gary Christenson

A Net Has Been Cast Across The Planet And The Monster That Has Been Created Seeks To Destroy Us – “Amazing Facebook ‘Coincidence’ And Links To DARPA Take Us Further Down The Rabbit Hole” – Stefan Stanford

Biblical and Constitutional Illiteracy is the Recipe for Tyranny – Bradlee Dean

The New York Times vs. the Science on the Flu Shot – “A recent New York Times article urging readers to follow the CDC’s flu shot recommendation provides a useful case study of how the mainstream media manufacture consent for public vaccine policy by systematically deceiving the public about what the science says.” – Jeremy R. Hammond

CDC’s Purchase of $4 Billion of Vaccines a Conflict of Interest in Overseeing Vaccine Safety – Brian Shilhavy

The FDA just opened the door to let AI make medical decisions on its own – Dave Gershgorn

FBI Refuses to Say Whether It Bought iPhone Unlocking Tech ‘GrayKey’ – Joseph Cox

Spy cameras could soon know what we’re thinking and feeling simply by scanning our BODIES – and there may be no way to opt-out – Tim Collins

Police use corporate ‘Public Safety’ apps to spy on everyone – Mass Private I

New DUI policy: Refuse breath test, cop will seek instant warrant for blood test – Robert McCoppin

Bank of America Won’t Lend to Makers of ‘Military-Style’ Firearms – PERSONAL DEFENSE WORLD

Alexa Device Gives Definition Of Chemtrails And It’s Freaking Some People Out – Mac Slavo

SHTF Combat Operations and Fabian Tactics – “Fabian Tactics are also referred to as “hit and run” tactics, and are usually thought of as “guerilla,” or unconventional warfare tactics. They can be employed as such, and usually are; however, they are also used by conventional forces when arrayed against a much larger force.” – Jeremiah Johnson

The Dark Side of Wheat – New Perspectives On Celiac Disease and Wheat Intolerance – Sayer Ji (Green Med Info)




Psalm 7:9   Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just: for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins.