France, Germany, US Demand Russia Explain UK Attack Despite Decrying May’s “Fantasy Politics” – Tyler Durden

Will Russia Wake Up? – “Russians are having a difficult time comprehending their Western enemy or even understanding that Russia has an enemy that seeks the destruction of Russia.” – Paul Craig Roberts

New Illegal US Sanctions on Russia – “Newly imposed US sanctions on Russian individuals and entities followed falsely accusing the Kremlin of poisoning former spy/double agent Sergey Skripal. Russia had nothing to do with what clearly was a UK and/or US false flag targeting the country.” – Stephen Lendman

Civilians Of Liberated East Ghouta Praise Syrian Army, Curse Terrorists, Contradict MSM Reports – Brandon Turbeville

Angela Merkel elected for 4th term as German chancellor – “Incredible. The destroyer of Germany gets another term to complete her work. The Germans have been conditioned ever since World War II to think that nationalism is evil, and it certainly was in Germany during the Nazi era. Now any defense of their country from the Muslim migrant influx that Merkel has initiated is portrayed as neo-Nazi and hence rejected. And so, before too long, there will be no Germany, or only a Sharia Germany.” – Pamela Geller

EU: More Censorship to “Protect” You – Judith Bergman

White House shake-up: Chief of Staff John Kelly may also be on the way out, sources say

WW3? the U.S. Threatens to Bomb Syria While Putin Promises to Retaliate – “The replacement of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo signals a hawkish shift in the administration’s foreign policy that is clearly intended to prepare the country for a confrontation with Russia.” – Mike Whitney

Neocon Specter of John Bolton Looms over Trump White House – Wayne Madsen

Rand Paul to oppose Gina Haspel as CIA director over her ‘gleeful joy’ at torture – “Paul claimed that Pompeo and Haspel both supported war in Iraq and currently want war in Iran, which he opposes. “I’m perplexed by the nomination of people who love the Iraq war so much that they would advocate for a war with Iran next. I think it goes against most of the things President Trump campaigned on.” – David Smith

As Trump Reshuffles His Team, Fears Grow About America’s Unpredictability – Philip Giraldi

The Fed Has Its Finger On The Button Of A Nuclear Debt Bomb – “Economic warfare can in some cases be just as devastating as nuclear warfare. It can wipe out entire populations, give rise to tyrants and enslave the minds of individuals through the weaponization of resource scarcity.” – Brandon Smith

Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe – “Though each aspect of this subject is more than enough for an in depth article, there is often a need for more of an overall summary to pass on to those that are not aware of the broader picture.” – Dane Wigington

Why Gun Control Doesn’t Explain Australia’s Low Homicide Rates – Ryan McMaken

Bernie Sanders Attends Anti-Gun Rights Protest… With Armed Guards – “The obvious question is, if these people are there to protest gun violence, why would there be a need for armed guards? Hmmm?” – Tim Brown

Anti-Gun “National School Walkout” Duped Students, Families – “Apparently nobody told them that America, with 300 million guns in private hands, is an oasis of peace compared to many nations where law-abiding citizens have been disarmed by government.” – Alex Newman

Gun-Grabbers Blatantly Used School ‘Walkout’ Students As Props While Media Ignores Students Not Conforming To Gun Control Agenda – Susan Duclos

Chicago Residents Discuss Gun Violence In Their “Gun Free Zone” (VIDEO)

Your Right to Free Speech, Like My Right to Self-Defense, Isn’t Open to Debate – “Rallying to call for restrictive laws is a whole lot easier than getting people to submit to them.” – J.D. Tuccille


Not So United Nations – Bill White

Why Won’t Barack Obama Go Away? – “The activist never changes his act. And we’re stuck with him.” – Rich Logis

Dept With Only 8 Cops Secretly Acquired an Arsenal of 19 Military Vehicles Using 1033 Program – “A tiny police department in a small Delaware town has been using the newly reinstated 1033 program to amass an arsenal of vehicles, weapons, and equipment and they are keeping it secret. This was one of very few notable pro-liberty moves by the Obama admin, however, thanks to the current administration, it is all gone.” – Matt Agorist

This Is How Insane Things Have Become As The World Monetary System Edges Closer To Disaster

The club of liberal messiahs floods the world with love – Jon Rappoport

If you’re convinced vaccines are safe, you’re not well informed… here’s the information being withheld from you – Lance D Johnson

Modern Newspeak: How Internet Censors Are Making Sure You Hear Only One Side of the Story – “We’re watching the evolution of Newspeak right before our very eyes as the internet strives to silence any voices that oppose their carefully crafted stories of how guns are bad, there are 291 genders, and anyone who isn’t a liberal is an evil Nazi racist. If you aren’t familiar with the term “Newspeak,” it’s from George Orwell’s prophetic novel, 1984.” – Daisy Luther

Google Joins Facebook in Crypto Crackdown – “And cryptocurrencies plunge.” – Wolf Richter

THOUGHT POLICE: YouTube to start “correcting” controversial videos with “facts” from discredited Wikipedia pages run by disinfo trolls – Mike Adams

Are You Ready For The Next Rally In Silver? – Craig Hemke

Bug Out Bag Kit (Checklist – Packing) – Ken Jorgustin  – FOR MORE INFO PLEASE SEE ( How I built my ultimate 25 pound bug out bag ) – ALSO LISTED UNDER REVIEWS, ARTICLES, VIDEOS!!!!!

The Coming Pension Crisis Part II – Nilus Mattive

Perspectives on Patrolling- Part 3 – J.M.




Jeremiah 9:2   Oh that I had in the wilderness a lodging place of wayfaring men; that I might leave my people, and go from them! for they be all adulterers, an assembly of treacherous men.