Sec of State Tillerson Fired: From Bad to Worse, Iran Warmonger In – “The warmongers and trade idiots are increasingly in control of the White House.” – Mish

Trump Promotes Longtime Russia Hawk Just As Russiagate Loses Momentum – Caitlin Johnstone

UK Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Freezes Russian Assets, Suspends High-Level Contacts – Tyler Durden

‘Don’t threaten a NUCLEAR power’ Putin REJECTS British ultimatum on Russian spy attack – Nicole Stinson

Poisoning the British Public – Brian Cloughly

Moscow not accepting groundless threats & ultimatums, has nothing to do with Skripal case – Kremlin

The Most Perilous Time in World History Got Worse – “Businessman Trump was co-opted to be a warrior president – neocon generals in charge of geopolitical policies, their agenda hardened by Mike Pompeo replacing Rex Tillerson at State, along with torturer-in-chief Gina Haspel appointed new CIA director. An unholy alliance of US extremist policymakers allied with likeminded ones in partner countries risks war winds reaching gale force, a terrifying prospect if confrontation with Russia, Iran or North Korea occurs – the possibility increased by recent events.” – Stephen Lendman

Witnessing Vladimir Putin: Emperor of Patience – Phil Butler

It’s Impossible to Overstate How Terrible Mike Pompeo Is – Michael Krieger

Will Humanity Survive Crazed Washington? – “Because of the control over explanations that people in the Western world receive, most are unaware of the mounting danger. In the past few days extreme and serious threats have been issued against Russia and Syria by Washington and London. It seems that finally the Russians have had enough.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Who Benefits? Did Western Intelligence Agencies Poison Skripal? – James O’Neill

Assange: UK Foreign Office Gears Up for Propaganda War Against Russia


LEAKED: Trump’s Next Shoe to Drop on US-China Trade – “This is the big one. It makes steel and aluminum tariffs look like a game.” – Wolf Richter

Say No to “Hardening” the Schools with Zero Tolerance Policies and Gun-Toting Cops – “Just what we don’t need: more gun-toting, taser-wielding cops in government-run schools that bear an uncomfortable resemblance to prisons. Microcosms of the police state, America’s public schools already contain almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues those of us on the “outside.” Now the Trump Administration wants to double down on these totalitarian echo chambers.” – John W. Whitehead

Soros-backed “Student” Movement Against Guns Vows “Revolution” – “On March 14, anti-gun students duped into demanding that their own rights be infringed upon plan to walk out of class for 17 minutes at 10 a.m. Then, on March 24, and again on April 20, anti-gun students are also planning marches, including one in the nation’s capital. All over the country, establishment-owned newspapers are hyping the “student” marches while ignoring the pro-gun students speaking out.” – Alex Newman

Global Elitists: Bitcoin’s ‘Intrinsic Value Must Be Zero’, Bubble About To Burst – Mac Slavo

James Clapper: Deep State Point Man – “Our constitutional republic is being shaken to its foundation by corrupt unelected officials like James Clapper, who conspire to undermine a duly elected president. Jeff Sessions, who plays an attorney general on TV, has let another felon slip through his hands – Daniel John Sobieski

Deep State Could Pull Plug on Markets (VIDEO) with David Morgan – “This, along with many other reasons, is why Morgan says, “You have to have physical gold and silver in your portfolio to be truly diversified and protected.”” – Greg Hunter

Fluoride Literally Turns the Pineal Gland to Stone, Research Suggests – Sayer Ji (Green Med Info)

Smartphone Addiction Or Brainwave Entrainment? – “There is a silent war going on for control of our consciousness. A war on our consciousness is simply another method of attempted social control. It involves collusion between the military industrial complex, politicians and the media on a truly global scale. This silent war on our consciousness goes under the name ‘psychotronic’ or SSSS (silent sound spread spectrum). It involves the militarization of sound frequencies to entrance, entrain and hijack our natural brain wave activities.” – Dr. Ellis Evans

‘Total Control Kill Grid’ And ‘Pandora’s Box Of Trouble’ To Be Unleashed As 5G Brings Frequency Warfare To America – “Deadly Marriage Between 5G And AI Could Spawn ‘Destruction Of Mankind'” – Stefan Stanford

National Geographic Joins Sprint to Promote 5G Despite Decades of Research Showing Harm to Wildlife from Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation. Two Paws Down. – B.N. Frank

The Storm Is Upon US & It’s Getting Stronger (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Media Silent as Trump Administration Gives Power Over Gun Control to Federal Agencies – “While the media focuses on Trump’s lack of support for an increase in age requirements for gun owners, his support for a bill that would put every American’s Second Amendment rights in jeopardy has been ignored.” – Rachel Blevins

THE LINE IN THE SAND. PERIOD. (VIDEO)  Stewart Rhodes the founder of Oath Keepers joins me to talk about the Second Amendment which is the LINE IN THE SAND. – SGT Report

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Shooting Ourselves In the Foot – “Serious problems affect Americans. Problems first, solutions at the end! It is time to exchange digital and paper assets into real assets – silver, gold, land, fine art, apartment buildings – whatever will retain value as the stock, bond and currencies bubbles implode. My first choice is silver, not Netflix, not Amazon, not the NASDAQ 100, and not bonds. Do your own due diligence, but protect your savings and retirement with hard assets.” – Gary Christenson  – GREAT ADVICE AND INSIGHT FROM GARY!!!!!

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Habakkuk 1:13   Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity: wherefore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously, and holdest thy tongue when the wicked devoureth the man that is more righteous than he?