Three People Shot After Intruders Try To Ram NSA Compound Gate – Tyler Durden

Nunes To Investigate Ex-CIA Chief Brennan for Perjury, in ‘Phase Three’ of Revelations – Harley Schlanger

Is John Brennan the Mastermind Behind Russiagate? – Mike Whitney

Assange Compares Letter Sent To Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife To Similar Package Delivered To Embassy – Elizabeth Vos

‘QAnon’ Hints That ‘Big Pharma Mafia’ Carried Out ‘White Powder Attack’ Upon The Trump Family And Promises: ‘Response Forthcoming’ – Stefan Stanford

France Gears Up For War?: ‘France Will STRIKE’ Syria If Chemical Weapons Were Used – Mac Slavo

Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy (VIDEO) – “The latest effort by the US to pin consecutive disputed chemical attacks on Syria is reminiscent of the WMD pretext used before Bush invaded Iraq.” – Newsbud

Like clockwork, U.S. declares Pakistan a terrorist financing country just weeks after they consider dumping the dollar for bi-lateral trade with China – Ken Schortgen

Regime Change Fails: Is A Military Coup or Invasion of Venezuela Next? – “Several signals point to a possible military strike on Venezuela, with high-ranking officials and influential politicians making clear that it is a distinct possibility. How absurd — remove an elected president with a military coup to restore democracy? Does that pass the straight face test? This refrain of Rubio and Tillerson seems to be the nonsensical public position of U.S. policy.” – Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

Will Lebanon Be the Next Energy War? – F. William Engdahl

Washington Uses Olympic Flame… to Torch the Region – Finian Cunningham

Four Big Questions Still Hang Over The Las Vegas Police Mass Murder Report – Richard Pollock

Obama’s Official Portrait Reveals His Dirty Little Secret – The Millennium Report

Soros Spending Big Money Against Texas DA Who Opposes Sanctuary Cities – Peter Hasson

Russophobic US Intelligence Community Heads Are Liars – “Accusing Russia of interfering in America’s 2016 presidential election and others is a colossal hoax – cooked up by Obama’s CIA director John Brennan, hired by NBC News to deceive viewers, discussed in an earlier article. Russia threatens no one. It doesn’t meddle in the internal affairs of other nations the way Washington does all the time.” – Stephen Lendman

Consumer prices jump much more than forecast, sparking inflation fears – Jeff Cox  – REALLY! IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!!!

New YouTube Warnings: An Attempt to Dissuade Viewers From Watching RT, PressTV and More? – “However for the YouTube channels of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, Fox and others, there is no warning. Yet these media outlets, and many others around the world, have been infiltrated many decades ago. They are wholly owned by the CIA, ostensibly an arm of the American government, although in many ways above it.” – Makia Freeman

What Lengths Has Google Gone To In Order to Silence U.S. Patriotism? -Andrew West

Facebook Tracks Ominously Specific Details About Your Life—FOREVER—Here’s How to See It – “Anything and everything you have ever done or seen or liked—even blocked—on Facebook is stored by the social media company….FOREVER.” – By The Free Thought Project

U.S. Public Debt Surges By $175 Billion In One Day – “After the U.S. Government passed the new budget and debt increase, with the President’s signature and blessing, happy days are here again. Or are they? As long as the U.S. Government can add debt, then the Global Financial and Economic Ponzi Scheme can continue a bit longer.” – Steve St. Angelo

The State weaponizes education to create ignorance Independent Education: the crisis and the crossroad – Jon Rappoport


It’s A Fact: Population Control Efforts Since The 1970s Per Declassified USA Document – “If ever there were doubts about so-called “conspiracy theorists” reports regarding world population reduction plans and efforts, you now can put them aside and take a long-over-due reality check on what’s been in the works since the early 1970s under the “tutelage” of none other than globalist Henry Kissinger!” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Soon every gadget is going to have a special chip for AI – Dave Gershgorn

Do Bona Fide Financial Markets Still Exist? – Paul Craig Roberts, Dave Kranzler, Michael Hudson

Your Computer May Not Survive a Collapse But These Off-Grid Archiving Strategies Will – Jeremiah Johnson

NWO ANTICHRIST CURRENCY RISING IN AMERICA: FEDCOIN TO MAKE A GRAND ENTRANCE? (VIDEO) – “I reveal how Yale University is pushing for America to become cashless via a currency system similar to Bitcoin. They are suggesting that the U.S. central banking system, the Federal Reserve, create a cryptocurrency of their own, called Fed Coin, and force it on the American people so everything can be tracked. This is eerily similar to something we read in the book of Revelation.” – Lisa Haven

Bizarre Leftist claim: Abortion is “good medicine” … billboards blanket African-American neighborhoods – JD Heyes

How To Buy Cheap Guns For Your Defence – Fred Tyrell

How To Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit – Sayer Ji (Green Med Info)

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Selecting a Portable Handheld Two-Way Radio – R




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