US Strikes Kill 100 Russian Fighters In Syria – Tyler Durden

Is US Being Sucked Into Syria’s War?- “Candidate Donald Trump may have promised to extricate us from Middle East wars, once ISIS and al-Qaida were routed, yet events and people seem to be conspiring to keep us endlessly enmeshed.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

America’s Endless Wars to Rule the World – Stephen Lendman

Syrian Downing of Israeli Fighter Jet Was Designed To Send a Message – Harley Schlanger

Tip-off received on Al-Nusra, White Helmets plotting chemical weapons provocation in Syria – Moscow

Russian Finance Minister announces Moscow is ready to disconnect from the dollar if U.S. decides to cut them off from SWIFT system – Ken Schortgen

Who Is Going to Buy All This US Debt? – “The US Treasury Department plans to auction off around $1.4 trillion in Treasuries this year. And it won’t end there. The department expects that pace of borrowing to continue over the next several years. That’s a lot of bonds. Who will buy them? Because the biggest purchasers of US debt aren’t in a buying mood.” – Peter Schiff

Human rights body warns of deteriorating conditions in Venezuela

Q: THINK CHILDREN. THINK SLAVES. – “Q has dropped some absolute bombshells over the past 72 hours, and this one led me down the black hole of heroin production and child sex trafficking in North Korea, and the Clintons association with it.” – SGT Report

FBI Scandal Unraveling: Susan Rice Email From Inauguration Day Is ‘Disturbing’ – Mac Slavo

Susan Rice tries posterior-covering, pokes a hornet’s nest instead – Thomas Lifson

DHS Just Admitted Mainstream Media Has ‘Misrepresented Facts’ on Russian Interference – Matt Agorist

SICK: Artist Who Painted Obama’s Official Portrait Known For Painting Blacks Beheading Whites – “Users on Twitter expressed outrage at commissioning an artist with such obvious racist leanings to paint the portrait of an American president” – Lucian Wintrich

Mysterious Insider Could Hold The Key That Brings The Whole Russian House Of Cards Down On Obama & Clinton Minions In The Intelligence Community – Susan Duclos

The Military Industrial Complex Strikes Again: War Spending Will Bankrupt America – “Mark my words, America’s war spending will bankrupt the nation. For that matter, America’s war spending has already bankrupted the nation to the tune of more than $20 trillion dollars. Now the Trump Administration is pushing for a $4.4 trillion budget for fiscal year 2019 that would add $7 trillion to the already unsustainable federal deficit in order to sustain America’s military empire abroad and dramatically expand the police state here at home.” – John W. Whitehead

If America Wasn’t America, the United States Would Be Bombing It – Darius Shahtahmasebi

John Kelly: An American Viceroy and Imperialist – Wayne Madsen

Greece Can Lead the Way to Europe’s Freedom – Phil Butler

Mardi Gras parade honors New Orleans’ tricentennial – “Tens of thousands of revelers descended on New Orleans streets for parades and rowdy fun as Mardi Gras capped the Carnival season in a city with a celebration of its own, its 300th anniversary. The anniversary of this Louisiana port city will feature prominently in Fat Tuesday’s festivities.” – Rebecca Santana and Janet McConnaughey

YOU Might Be Considered a Domestic Terrorist If This New Bill Passes – “When you hear the word “patriot” do you think of someone who stands for the national anthem, perhaps serves in the Armed Forces, and loves their country? Well, “patriot” may become a dirty word if the new Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018 becomes a law. (And it probably will – we’ve seen the unPatriot Act and the NDAA repeatedly pass with little more than a rustle of dissent.” – Daisy Luther

WE’VE GOT TO STOP EATING WHAT THEY’RE FEEDING US (VIDEO) with Dr Jay Nielsen MD – Reluctant Preppers

The Monsanto Cover-Up – “Decades Of Deceptive Tactics To Make Billions Of Dollars” – Brandon Turbeville

Chemtrail Poisoning: 3 Natural Herbs That Protect Against and Detox Your Body From Heavy Metals – Jeremiah Johnson

The Importance of Having Prepper Friends – Daisy Luther

Rumors Grow that the U.S. Fed is Propping Up the Stock Market – “It’s not every day that three well-credentialed men are willing to put their names and reputations behind the allegation that the U.S. Federal Reserve is rigging the stock market.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Whistleblower Exposes “Rampant Manipulation Of VIX” – Tyler Durden – THE STOCK MARKET, PRECIOUS METALS PRICES, AND BITCOIN – ALL A RIGGED GAME!!!!!!

The Golden Horde – Redirecting & Misdirection – “Initially as people’s supplies run out, there may be individuals and small groups who will forage out in search of supplies for survival. Some will scavenge what they need from what may be naturally available. Some will approach others for help and handout. Still others will become more desperate, demanding, and forceful. A terrible time indeed where some or many will do whatever they need to do to survive. As time goes on, there will be the ruthless element who will establish their own groups, tribes, gangs. Some of the desperate will join up with the promise of a ‘piece of the pie’. They will be a dangerous force for sure.” – Ken Jorgustin

Rookie Preppers: 8 Mistakes To Avoid – Tess Pennington

A.I. will be ‘billions of times’ smarter than humans and man needs to merge with it, expert says – Arjun Kharpal   – PART OF THE TRANSHUMANIST AGENDA!!!!!!!!

Cities 2030: Implementing The New Urban Agenda – “The United Nations promotes Technocracy through its programs of Sustainable Development, New Urban Agenda and Agenda 2030. It has also sworn to overthrow capitalism and Free Enterprise altogether, and a key part of their strategy is to transform cities throughout the world. – Patrick Wood” – Rosemary Kalapurakal




1 Peter 4:3   For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revellings, banquetings, and abominable idolatries: