Trump Accuses CNN of Purposeful Fake News “Fraud on American Public” – Mish

Give Them Enough Rope And They Always Hang Themselves – CNN ‘Game Changing’ Anti-Trump Viral Report Was Fake News Using Anonymous Sources Again – Are We Seeing The Pattern Here? – Susan Duclos

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The New Great Game moves from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific – “Is the world’s center of gravity shifting to the heart of the Indo-Pacific – a new pivot to Asia?” – Pepe Escobar

As Vladimir Putin And Russia Move Again To Protect Christianity, Evidence The Real Threats To Christians And Patriotic Americans Come From ‘Enemies Of America Within’, Not Russia! – William B Stoecker

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Wisconsin Governor Pushes Forward With Plan To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients

Obama Left a Backlog of More Than a Half-million Illegal Aliens – Steve Byas

Deep State Coup Crumbling as Trump’s Top Intelligence Official Caught Spying for George Soros – “Trump’s top intelligence official authorized spying on Steve Bannon and Trump’s children—then sent the data to an intel facility owned by globalist George Soros.” – Jay Syrmopoulos

Human Rights Watch Disinformation Report on Venezuela – “HRW is a convenient US imperial tool when it suits its purpose, notably to maintain funding from corporate donors, including George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Ford Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation, among others. Corporate donors give nothing without assurances of large returns on their investments. HRW delivers, disgracing itself on major issues like what’s happening in Venezuela. Instead of reporting on US political and economic war, aiming for regime change, wanting fascist tyranny replacing Bolivarian social democracy, it disgracefully headlined “Venezuela’s Slide into Dictatorship” – Stephen Lendman

When Washington Cheered the Jihadists – “Official Washington helped unleash hell on Syria and across the Mideast behind the naïve belief that jihadist proxies could be used to transform the region for the better” – Daniel Lazare

Fed Gov’t Just Admitted It Will Continue Warrantless Spying—Even If Congress Votes to Stop It – “U.S. officials admit they are not planning on shutting down the government’s warrantless spying program, even if it is not reauthorized by 2018.’ – By Rachel Blevins

STUDY: Satellites Show No Acceleration In Global Warming For 23 Years – Michael Bastasch

Bitcoin Has A “Whale” Problem: 1,000 Investors Control Nearly Half The Market – “If Jay Gould were alive today, he would’ve traded bitcoin. Perhaps the most blatant hypocrisy perpetrated by bitcoin evangelists is their insistence that bitcoin and other digital currencies represent a return to a truly democratic financial system beyond the control of banks and other special interests, where players small and large can earn enormous profits simply by HODLing. Of course, this idealistic take couldn’t be further from the truth.”

BITCOIN HYSTERIA, $100,000 Bitcoin Coming? (Video) – Michael Pento

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Mysterious Hum From Deep Inside The Earth Revealed: Scientists Have NO IDEA What It Actually Is! – Alex Thomas

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Veteran Disney Executive Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges

Congress reeling from sexual harassment deluge – Scott Wong and Mike Lillis

U.S. House Considers Changes to Law That Protects Identity of Politicians Accused of Sexual Misconduct – Derrick Broze

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 9, 2017 (VIDEO) – “the majority of the masses (especially in first world nations) are completely complacent and content with their material world. Toxic vaccinations, GMO foods, fluoridated water, contaminated air, and plenty of power structure propaganda, all have taken their toll. Perhaps the greatest weapon the power brokers wield is weather and biological warfare.” – Dane Wigington

Top 100 Male and Female Dog Names of 2017

The Lightweight, Ultra-Portable Survival Rifle That’s Just 16 Inches Long

Good fats found to inhibit growth of bad bacteria in the gut: New research gets closer to understanding how diet can relieve Crohn’s disease – Russel Davis

The Paper Gold Price Attack Cycle Is Almost Over – Dave Kranzler

BRICS planned alternative gold market could mean severe consequences for not only Western control over gold, but also the dollar – Ken Schortgen

Human Testing Begins: Brain Implants To ‘Change Moods Controlled By AI’ – “The Technocrats at DARPA are often seen as the financiers of research such as this, all of which is conducted for military purposes. Why is the military so interested in creating malleable super-soldiers? Or will the government ultimately use such discoveries against their own citizens” – Patrick Wood

Don’t Be Prey – “Nobody wants to be prey when things go wrong.” – L.H.  – GOOD ARTICLE, ESPECIALLY FOR CITY DWELLERS!!!!!!!

What Being a Dad with a Gun Taught My Daughter – Don Cicchetti




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