Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

“Christian Evangelicals With Their Crazy Ideas” MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Attacks Christians For Supporting Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital – “Matthews not only claimed that evangelical Christians have “crazy ideas” he also essentially called the religion fake by labeling its beliefs as “mythical.” But hey, there is no war on Christianity because the mainstream media said so!” – Alex Thomas

Trump has Added Insult to Injury by Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital – Alexander Orlov

Time For Détente With North Korea – Robert McCoy

Flash Points Grow in Numbers & Increase Threats of Attack on U.S. – Jeremiah Johnson

Gatekeeper Google’s Censorship Agenda – “Google and Facebook intend halting what they call “fake news” – an unstated aim to censor truth-telling on vital issues, wanting content diverging from the official narrative restricted or blocked. Google transformed itself from search engine to gatekeeper. Its personnel tasked with eliminating what it calls extremist content is being increased to over 10,000, including for its YouTube subsidiary – a virtual army of censors.” – Stephen Lendman  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!

More than 400 structures destroyed in 115,000-acre Ventura County wildfire

46 Earthquakes Have Shaken California Over The Past 24 Hours – Michael Snyder

A young foreigner’s first impressions of America – “The US economy is almost DESIGNED for consumption. And, while convenient, this is a pretty bad thing over the long term. Real wealth is created, and sustained, through production. Not consumption.” – Simon Black

Trump Wants a Secret Spy Network Around the World to Fight the ‘Deep State’: Report – Jake Anderson

Trump Tax Plan Greatest Gift Establishment Ever Got – David Haggith

POLITICAL PROSECUTION: Mueller’s Hit Squad Covered For Clinton And Persecutes Trump Associates – Sidney Powell

Are We Approaching The End Of America As ‘A Nation Of Laws’? Mueller And The Swamp’s Sham Russia Investigation Covers Up The Reality Before Our Eyes Of Real Criminality – Robert Kirk

The richest 1 percent now owns more of the country’s wealth than at any time in the past 50 years – Christopher Ingraham

Large Natural Health Company Just Sold Out To Nestlé – “A new announcement by one of the most massive natural health supplement companies has just rocked the natural health community, but not in a good way. Dear readers – imagine my dystopian dread when I awoke this morning to find that the beloved maker of whole-food gummie supplements and protein powers (and more) just sold itself to the most bloated, scandalous Big Food company in existence – Nestlé!” – Heather Callaghan  – NESTLE CONTINUES TO TRY AND CONTROL THE WORLD’S WATER AND FOOD SUPPLY!!!!!!!!!!

Dual Universe Of The Petro Yuan And Petro Dollar Has Arrived, It’s All About To Change (VIDEO) – Jim Willie

Expect Desperate and Insane Behavior From Government in 2018 – Part 3 (War) – Michael Krieger

The Global Reset Has Begun (Video)

Elon Musk’s Biggest Fear, Realized – “Have you heard about Atlas, the most advanced humanoid robot on the planet? I’ll bet the farm you’ve never seen anything like it before. Last week, former Alphabet subsidiary Boston Dynamics released new video demonstrating their Atlas robot’s new capabilities.” – Sean McCloskey

Property Taxes – Lowest to Highest by State sorted by dollars – Ken Jorgustin

DNA Has Gone Digital – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – “Biology is becoming increasingly digitized. Researchers like us use computers to analyze DNA, operate lab equipment and store genetic information. But new capabilities also mean new risks – and biologists remain largely unaware of the potential vulnerabilities that come with digitizing biotechnology.” – Jean Peccoud and Jenna Gallegos

FDA Just Approved ‘Smart Pill’ Antidepressant So Gov’t Can Track You As They Force Medicate You – “With the FDA recently authorizing the world’s first “smart pill”, many ethical questions are being raised by medical doctors. Forced medication by the state seems imminent.” – Jack Burns

Would you date a robot? More than a quarter of millennials say they would replace a human lover with a DROID

Open letter to Home Schoolers Logic & Analysis – “Let’s face it. We are living in a world where the notion of individual freedom and power are under attack. Sustaining that freedom involves knowing how to deal with propaganda designed to make us into confused collectivists. When young people possess the know-how and the confidence to see through these shams, they are equipped to succeed.” – Jon Rappoport

YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RETIRE (Video) – Stefan Molyneux

Gold Now Is Like Christmas Decorations in January – A Bargain – Peter Schiff

World’s Largest Online Seller Of Gold Is Now Accepting Bitcoin  – ADVICE: SELL YOUR BITCOINS FOR REAL MONEY – PRECIOUS METALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bitcoin Bubble: Is Bitcoin Going To $1 Million Or Is it Going To Zero? -Michael Snyder

These 8 Places Around the World Are Actively Preparing for Nuclear War – “Due to tensions between the US and North Korea, the world is frantically preparing for the possibility of a nuclear attack. The US, China, Russia, North Korea, and South Korea have all shown force with bombers and destroyers, and it seems that it will only be a matter of time before one incident sparks a cascading explosion. The governments of these 8 places are making preparations, but they’ll be to little avail if people don’t participate and just expect to be rescued.” – Daisy Luther

10 Ways To Keep Your Car From Becoming Trapped In Snow – Bob Rodgers

Are Earthlings alone? Half of humans believe in alien life

Just How Many Shots Are On The CDC Schedule? Crunching the Vaccine Numbers – Katie Weisman and the World Mercury Project Team

NY Times Admits Harvey Weinstein was Member of Elite Group Mainstream Media Wouldn’t Touch – “Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator who was among an elite group protected by both Hollywood and the mainstream media because of his connections.” – Rachel Blevins




Ephesians 6:2   Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise