Shooter’s Brother May Have Just Busted This Investigation Wide Open: “Steve Was An Arm… I’m Sorry… Please Don’t…”We won’t put words into Eric Paddock’s mouth. You decide what he intended to say: “Steve had no help… Steve didn’t take help… it did not take a village for Steve…” “Steve was an arm…” **Eric Paddock Realizes Mistake** “I’m sorry… Please don’t…. I’m using a colloquial term…” There are two likely possibilities for what Eric Paddock meant to say. First, shooter Stephen Paddock recently wired $100,000 to the Philippines, a country known for an illegal arms trade that in 2014 led to the arrest of a Californian Senator. Thus, is it possible Eric Paddock meant to say, “Steve was an arms dealer,” prior to cutting himself off? Or, perhaps, he intended to say, “Steve was an army of one,” a slogan used by the U.S. Army in recruiting commercials. You decide:” – Mac Slavo


Multiple shooters: not the first time – “Here is a very brief historic survey of multiple (or other uninvestigated) perpetrators. It’s certainly not meant to be all-inclusive. For instance, I omit 9/11 and the mind-boggling series of egregious lies that continues to this day.” – Jon Rappoport

BREAKING: Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was taking psychiatric medications that increase killing behavior by 45% – Mike Adams

The Official Las Vegas Story Lacks Credibility – “An emailer described himself as a competitive high power rifle shooter for the past 20 years, reaching the classification of High Master, the highest level of proficiency. He explained that what evidence is known about last Sunday’s incident suggests it was a “total hoax.” ” – Stephen Lendman – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

Las Vegas Shooting – “I don’t know if it was a false flag attack, and if so, by who or for what purpose. I don’t expect to ever know. A story is set in place by officials and media. The only way to ever know is to personally investigate.It is almost like the story is being kept from us. For example, from media reports that the event was just across the street from the hotel, I did not know that “across the street” was a distance of 390 yards (1,170 feet). As I don’t expect to ever have a confident opinion about what happened, I am not paying much attention to the mass shooting, or should I say alleged shooting. We are lied to and deceived so much that we can never tell when we are told the truth.” – Paul Craig Roberts


Hotel Guest In The Next Room Saw ‘Multiple Gunmen’ During Shooting – Mac Slavo



Can the Government Keep Us Safe? – “I present this brief summary of the recent tragedy and the implicated gun laws to address the issue of whether the government can keep us safe.Those who fought the Revolution and wrote the Constitution knew that the government cannot keep us safe. Because they used violence against the king and his soldiers to secede from Great Britain, they recognized that all people have a natural right to use a weapon of contemporary technological capabilities to protect themselves and their liberty and property. They sought to assure the exercise of this right by enacting the now well-known Second Amendment, which prohibits the government from infringing upon the right to keep and bear arms.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Russian-US Contacts Continue Against All The Odds – Peter Korzun

Fukushima Operator Given Green Light to Restart Nuclear Reactors

A Michigan Woman Is Sent To Prison For Refusing To Vaccinate Her Son – “This is just another example of the medical tyranny that we have been witnessing all over the country.” – Michael Snyder

Catalonia moves to declare independence from Spain on Monday

Will Brazil Be the Next Hotspot for Independence Movements? – “While extremely significant, the Catalan independence movement is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a global drive toward political decentralization.” – Michael Krieger

Has The Primary Geoengineering Materials Supplier Been Identified? – “The global climate engineers are spraying unimaginable quantities of materials into skies all over the world as part of the ongoing geoengineering / solar radiation management assault. The world’s most recognized geoengineer, Dr. David Keith, has stated on the record a goal of putting 10,000,000 tons of aluminum nanoparticles into the atmosphere annually as part of the solar radiation management operations. Where could this much highly refined and specialized material come from?” – Dane Wigington

Puerto Rico Is Running Out of Money – “Before tackling a $74 billion debt, a liquidity crisis looms If Congress doesn’t send money, ‘it will be a disaster’ “

Puerto Rico’s Debt Is Quietly Sitting in Mom and Pop Mutual Funds as Trump Says It Will Be Wiped Out – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Puerto Rico Bonds Collapse to 36 Cents on Dollar following Trump Comments – Mish

Trump’s Border Wall Approved By House Panel, Includes Drones, DNA Collection, Biometric Scans – Trump’s Border Wall Approved By House Panel, Includes Drones, DNA Collection, Biometric Scans – ALL THE TOOLS OF BIG BROTHER, NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

America’s Institutional Stupidity, More than Trump – “America is stupid, not just the silly tweets by Trump. His clowning over issues of disaster relief or football player protests that eat up news cycles have their own brilliance. While the media follows Trump’s feigned ineptitude, America is quickly being transformed into a corporate police state with a population under increasing levels of surveillance and fed a daily dose of “stupid food,” distractions intended to help the transition to full control seem natural.” – Gordon Duff

Only Americans Can Stop America’s War on Yemen – “The international community has betrayed Yemenis over and over again.” – Shireen Al-Adeimi

Your Survival Questions ANSWERED! (VIDEO) – “questions, ranging from: “Who Runs the US Government,” to: “Where is the best survival location.” Jim tackles: food storage, ammo, silver & gold, bartering, charity through a disaster, and everything in between!” – James Wesley Rawles   – MR RAWLES IS ALWAYS INTERESTING TO LISTEN TO!!!!!!!

Venezuela now pushing all of OPEC to accept Rubles and Yuan for oil after they dumped Petrodollar trade – Ken Schortgen

Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid – Ken Jorgustin

Catalonia Chaos Begins to Squeeze Spain’s Financial Markets – “Bank shares plunge. Money is already on the move.” – Don Quijones

Why Prepping and Current Events are Inextricably Entwined – Daisy Luther

Something Very Strange Is Happening In The New Madrid Region: The Mississippi River Is Drying Up In Some Areas – Another Warning Sign Of A Devastating Quake In The Near Future? – Stefan Stanford

The Death Of Work: More Calls For Universal Basic Income – “The concept of UBI is as fantastical as the notion that it’s OK to create a new class of unemployables by displacing them with robotic counterparts. It isn’t OK, and it will create a horrific Scientific Dictatorship.” – Patrick Wood



Lamentations 2:21  The young and the old lie on the ground in the streets: my virgins and my young men are fallen by the sword; thou hast slain them in the day of thine anger; thou hast killed, and not pitied.