“Putin Is The New Master Of The Middle East”

Whose Bright Idea Was RussiaGate? – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump Talks Gun Control, And What We Will More Than Likely See From The Government – “Although his supporters were quick to say it was a “write off” and he would never enact gun control, Trump’s history before his campaign shows him to be not quite as friendly to gun owners as some may hope.” – Mac Slavo

Democrats Politicize Las Vegas before Blood Even Dry – “Before the blood was even dry in Las Vegas, Democrats from coast to coast were pushing gun control. Hillary Clinton led the charge, finding time between fainting spells to tweet “Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.” ” – Selwyn Duke    – THE SANCTIMONIOUS IDIOTS IN CONGRESS THINK NOTHING OF BOMBING THE SHIT OUT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES IN THE SO-CALLED NAME OF FREEDOM. BUT THE MINUTE THERE IS A TRAGEDY IN THIS COUNTRY, THEY ARE INTENT ON LIMITING OUR FREEDOMS!!!!!!

Gun control vs MEDICATION control: FDA-approved prescription drugs kill more Americans each day than the entire casualty count from the Las Vegas Mandalay massacre – Mike Adams

Politicians & Media are Already Shamelessly Exploiting Vegas to Push for Massive Gun Grab – “The Las Vegas massacre presents a new set of questions for Americans—but many politicians and celebrities are using it to call for gun control.” – Rachel Blevins

NYT Uses Inflated Mass Shooting Numbers For Dramatic Editorial – Peter Hasson

The US Is Bombing Raqqa Into Complete Devastation — at Least 433 Civilians Killed

Nightstick Democracy at its finest… – “The last several days in Venezuela have been absolutely mind-blowing. Pretty much all the stories you’ve heard are true– countless people eating out of garbage cans, the appalling shortages of basic staples like food, medicine, and even soap… and the lines. The longest lines I saw, in fact, were not at grocery stores, but at banks. Hundreds of people were queuing up, many of them to pull money out of their accounts to exchange cash on the black market.” – Simon Black

Catalan referendum: Region’s independence ‘in matter of days’

“Occupation” Forces Booted from Catalonia: What’s Next? – Mish

Catalan Independence: Why The Collective Hates It When People Walk Away – Brandon Smith

The Overlooked Nutritional Powerhouse You Can Stockpile For Years

Las Vegas massacre probe turns to gunman’s girlfriend in Philippines

Let’s Do The Math – Numerous Mandalay Bay Anomalies Remind Us Of This One Blunt Truth: ‘Dead Patsy’s Tell No Tales’ – ” Are You Ready To Take The ‘Red Pill’? You May Not Like What You Find Out!” – William B. Stoecker

Multiple shooters in Vegas: the standard progression of events in a staged attack – “In case anyone doesn’t get the point, multiple shooters in Las Vegas would imply much planning and coordination for a given political purpose. Not a crazy lone act of a crazy man. The whole scene would change in an instant. Everything the public knows would be wrong.” – Jon Rappoport

The Official Facts Do Not Add Up In Vegas (Video)

16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About -Michael Snyde

Five MORE things that don’t add up about the Las Vegas massacre… Where is all the expended brass? – Mike Adams

Did Mandalay Bay Attack Itself? – “Another month, another act of terror by a white male country-music-fan millionaire with both Jihadi and Neo-Nazi leanings but no attack-rifle training to speak of. Is the Las Vegas shooting incident at Mandalay Bay making any sense to you? I didn’t think so. Perhaps we should look at the background before diving into the foreground. You know that this is cardinal rule #1 of investigative research: Follow the money” – Bankster Slayer

Either The ‘Surveillance State In America’ FAILED Terribly Or Mandalay Bay Was A Massive ‘New World Order’ Operation – Stefan Stanford

Mass Shootings: The Military-Entertainment Complex’s Culture of Violence Turns Deadly – “What is it about America that makes violence our nation’s calling card? Is it because the United States is the number one consumer, exporter and perpetrator of violence and violent weapons in the world? Or is the Second Amendment to blame, as many continue to suggest?” – John W. Whitehead  – AS USUAL, EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!

How to Survive a Sniper Attack – “Of a tragic necessity, we’ve all read articles and watched videos about surviving an active shooter terror situation. But an entirely different set of rules apply when it comes to surviving a sniper attack.” – Daisy Luther

Great Britain Threatens 15 Years in Prison for Repeatedly Watching ‘Terrorist Material’ – “The UK’s home secretary, Amber Rudd, is the latest bureaucrat to highlight the increased global trend of governments going completely insane. Her latest plan is to threaten the British population with up to 15 years in prison for the crime of watching “terrorist material.” ” – Michael Krieger

Trump Gets Final List Of Fed Candidates, Yellen Gets The Cold Shoulder

Struggling family-owned farms continue to disappear

It’s Time to Question the Modern Nation-State Model of Governance – Michael Krieger

PA Attorney General Concerned About Equifax Cyberattack; Will U.S. Attorneys General Be Upset About Utility Smart Meters Hacking? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Why Precious Metals Are The Better LONG-TERM Store Of Value Over Bitcoin

4 Essential Structures Every Homestead Needs

‘Doomsday Preacher’ On Train Scares Passengers – Mac Slavo

When Resupply Breaks Down – “There is one thing that we all count on in this world, and that is the ability to resupply. And for most people, this literally means “everything”. What are you going to do during a time when it is no longer possible to resupply? Here’s what I suggest:” – Ken Jorgustin




Job 21:30  That the wicked is reserved to the day of destruction? they shall be brought forth to the day of wrath.