Mattress Mack Opens Up Houston Furniture Stores to Displaced People and Their Pets – THIS IS WHAT COMPASSION AND CHARITY IS ALL ABOUT, KUDOS TO MACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Hurricane Harvey Stories That Will Give You Hope for America – Daisy luther

U.S. Deploys B-1Bs, F-35s To Korea In “Unprecedented” Show Of Force

The World Chooses Sides: The US Dropped Bombs at the North Korean Border – “It’s getting real on the Korean peninsula. In an aggressive move, the US dropped bombs at the North Korean border in a joint exercise with South Korean forces, using jets that are capable of carrying out a nuclear strike. The world is watching, and some countries are publically choosing sides.” – Daisy Luther

China says it will never allow war or chaos on its doorstep as tensions escalate on Korean Peninsula

Russia Gears up for Major War Games, Neighbors Watch With Unease

Sanitizing the Killing Fields of Raqqa – “When America wages war, civilian lives and welfare don’t matter. They’re indiscriminately slaughtered in all its war theaters – mostly from terror-bombing, a Nuremberg-level high crime.” – Stephen Lendman

Merkel Heckled, While Her SPD Opponent and German Foreign Minister Call for Removing U.S./NATO Nuclear Weapons from Germany – James The Russian Analyst

Hundreds of Puerto Ricans protest, decry austerity measures

Former Utah Congressman says Wasserman Schultz’s “IT consultant” scandal goes well beyond bank fraud (Video) – “Federal agents were watching Imran Awan for months before his arrest” – Alex Christoforou

Fearing Contagion, Russia Bails Out Bondholders in its Biggest Bank Collapse Yet – Wolf Richter

Catalan Bid for Independence Seen in Broader Context of European Disintegration – Alex Gorka

Eight Days to Destruction – “Eight days before on August 17 Harvey became a named storm. There was no apparent cause for alarm on August 17. Are you prepared for drastic changes in your physical environment? Harvey, Katrina, Rita, and 9-11 show that our world changes, sometimes in deadly ways.” – Gary Christenson

Mainstream Media Finally Realizes the Federal Reserve is a Private Bank that Controls the Govt – “The Wall St. Journal just published a piece noting they finally had enough of unelected Federal Reserve officials constructing US financial policy.” – The Free Thought Project

More Misleading Russia-gate Propaganda – “But that recognition of reality would undermine the much beloved story of Putin-Trump collusion, so the key facts and the clear logic are downplayed or ignored – all the better to deceive Americans who are dependent on the Times, the Post and the mainstream media.” – Robert Parry

CIA sneak undetectable ‘malicious’ implants onto Windows OS – WikiLeaks – “‘Solartime’ modifies the partition boot sector of Windows XP or Windows 7 machines when installed, allowing the ‘Wolfcreek’ implant to load and execute. ‘Wolfcreek’ can then load and execute other ‘Angelfire’ implants.”

Border Patrol Launches Program To Scan The Face Of Every Person Leaving U.S. – “What are Americans going to do in order to combat the growth of the police state? Surveillance and militarization is the order of the day in America 2017” – Derrick Broze

Exclusive: FDA confession about smallpox vaccine – Jon Rappoport

Made in the USA (by Robots): China to Open Sewbot Factory in Arkansas, Producing Shirts for 33 Cents – Mish

10 good reasons to prep even if SHTF never happens

Concerned About Trump’s Militarization Of Police? This Database Shows What Your Local Cops Have

Living paycheck to paycheck is the way of life: New Harris poll finds that 78 percent of US workers live paycheck to paycheck.

Where To Find Food When The Shelves Are Empty?

The Obamas May Buy Beachfront Property in Martha’s Vineyard: What Could Go Wrong? – LOOKING AT PROPERTIES WORTH SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS, DIDN’T KNOW THE PRESIDENT’S SALARY PAID SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Don’t Forget About Silver: Possibly the Bargain of the Century – “But as the spotlight shines on gold, it’s important not to forget about silver.” – Peter Schiff

Expect A Dollar Bounce And Gold & Silver To Go “On Sale (Video) – Gregory Mannarino

5 Scenarios Most People Simply Aren’t Prepared For

Domestic Foreign Troop Activity From Coast to Coast: FEMA Behaving Strangely – Dave Hodges

Rothschild Just Pulled A Lot Of Money Out Of The US: “Period of Monetary Accommodation May Well Be Coming To An End.” – EVERY ONE KNOWS THAT THE ROTHSCHILDS ARE ONLY IN EVERYTHING FOR THE MONEY, WHAT DO THEY KNOW THAT WE DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Role Of Aluminum In Changing Human Biology To Accept The Ionized Atmosphere We Live In: Part 2 Elana Freeland Discusses Chemtrails, HAARP And Aluminum, The Key Connection (VIDEO)

The Role Of Aluminum In Changing Human Biology To Accept The Ionized Atmosphere We Live In: Part 1 Vaccines

Google is coming after critics in academia and journalism. It’s time to stop them.

Google Has Become a Major Threat to Democracy in America – “It is time to call out Google for what it is: a monopolist in search, video, maps and browser, and a thin-skinned tyrant when it comes to ideas. Google is forming into a government of itself, and it seems incapable of even seeing its own overreach” – Michael Krieger  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

BLS: Americans Spend More on Taxes Than Food and Clothing Combined

America’s Dark Fascination With The ‘Culture Of Death’ Is Another ‘End Times Sign’ Showing How Deeply Our Nation Has Already Fallen Into The Shadowy Abyss – MT Taylor

How To Kill Thousands Of Mosquitoes In Your Backyard Every Night (VIDEO) -Joshua Krause

What Happens To Your Body After You Drink Diet Soda




1 Peter 3:8  Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: