Trump Finally Breaks His Silence On North Korea: “Talking Is Not The Answer!”

LAUGHING AT THE WORLD Kim Jong-un cackles like a maniac as he oversees latest North Korea missile launch and taunts Trump that ‘it’s just a curtain-raiser’ for possible strike on Guam

World War 3? US tests ‘most dangerous nuclear weapon ever produced’ amid North Korea row

Radiation Issues In Nuclear Blasts- Part 2 – Dr. Bones

Is Hillary Running the FBI? “Lack of Public Interest in Emails Justifies Withholding Documents” Says FBI – Mish

Sorry, Joe Biden – The ‘Soul’ Of America Is Conservative – “Some political figures truly embody the classic role of the divider; their purpose seems to be to agitate and provoke, to instigate conflict rather than mediate peace. Al Sharpton and Nancy Pelosi come to mind. Let’s not forget John McCain or Lindsay Graham. Barack Obama was known as the “great divider” for much of his presidency. While many leftists would argue that Donald Trump is the “most divisive” president in generations, I think the mainstream media has proven far more provoking than he has. In the case of Charlottesville, we see a whole host of individuals and institutions seeking to promulgate continued social tensions well beyond anything Trump has done. One of these individuals is Joe Biden.” – Brandon Smith

Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccination While Government And Media Muzzle Scientists – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

UNICEF just finished vaccinating 355,000 children to halt a polio outbreak caused by vaccinating children in the first place

‘Whole city’ now underwater as Harvey makes another landfall in US

‘This is historic, it’s epic, but I tell you Texas can handle anything’: Trump and Melania lift spirits with visit to Corpus Christi as worst rainfall in American history brings Lone Star State to its knees

Melania Trump’s stilettos are so not important right now – “Here are some reasons why we should just let this one go: Melania had a change of shoes on Air Force One. By the time they landed in Corpus Christi, where Harvey made landfall, she’d changed into white sneakers. Some Houston residents have lost everything, a city has been completely displaced, and the death count from the storm is still rising. In comparison, this debate over appropriate footwear is utterly meaningless and isn’t helping anyone.” – AGREE COMPLETELY. THE LEFT WILL FIND ANYTHING POSSIBLE TO BELITTLE TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY. GET BACK TO REPORTING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“What The F*ck!”: Rescued Woman Blasts CNN For Exploiting Hurricane Harvey Victims

Houston police catch 14 armed robbers and looters amid flood emergency – “Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said he is not going to tolerate criminals taking advantage of people in the community during such a devastating time. He said he will push for the fullest prosecution possible for any crimes committed during such a sensitive time.”

Coast Guard Updates: Major Ports In Texas Are “Condition Zulu”

Diverse Groups of People Helping Each Other in Houston Shows Mainstream Media Divide FAIL – “As Houston experiences catastrophic flooding, the scene of volunteers helping stranded citizens is one that shatters the narrative of unbreakable division.” – Rachel Blevins

Hurricane Harvey proves again why it is foolish if you don’t become a prepper

Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey – “Hurricane Harvey is the latest example of covert weather warfare being waged on completely unsuspecting populations. Increasingly catastrophic climate cataclysms are being orchestrated and manipulated by an ever more desperate and aggressive global power structure.” – Dane Wigington

A Decade of Central Bank Collusion and Counting – Nomi Prins 

No End To Coverups – Paul Craig Roberts

Monsanto: It Ain’t Glyphosate, it’s the Additives! – “Famously corrupt and unscrupulous, Monsanto Corporation has now been discovered in covering up the highly toxic effects of the secret additives it combines with glyphosate in Roundup, the world’s most-used herbicide” – F. William Engdahl

‘Stop Reporting About Our Violence’ Against Peaceful Protesters And Journalists – Antifa Whines To Press About Negative Coverage – Susan Duclos

Monsoons kill 1,200, displace millions in India, Nepal & Bangladesh (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

No, the feds shouldn’t give war machines to the police – Rand Paul

Battlefield America Is the New Normal: We’re Not in Mayberry Anymore – “Then President Trump, aided and abetted by his trusty Department of Justice henchman Jeff Sessions and to the delight of the nation’s powerful police unions, rolled back restrictions on the government’s military recycling program. What this means is that police agencies, only minimally deterred by the Obama administration’s cosmetic ban on certain types of military gear, can now go hog-wild. We’re talking Blackhawk helicopters, machine guns, grenade launchers, battering rams, explosives, chemical sprays, body armor, night vision, rappelling gear, armored vehicles, and tanks. Clearly, we’re not in Mayberry anymore.” – John W. Whitehead

Coming To A Town Near You: Expert Warns That No-Go Zones Are Growing In America – Daniel Lang


1,000 ‘treason’ complaints against Merkel since 2015: report

Cops: Woman Called 911 Over Meth Quality – “I do meth three times a day everyday and have never had this reaction before.”  – GOT TO LOVE THE IGNORANCE OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

160 Uses for Coconut Oil

Some “Charitable Humans” Aren’t Very Giving Toward “Red State” Texas – “While I completely support the right of any person not to donate money to a cause they find repugnant, to publically espouse such a vile opinion like that is in the poorest of taste. What a stunning stream of hatred from the spokesperson of a group that is supposed to help people in need. This is more evidence that some people on the Left just really don’t think like the rest of us do and can justify any opinion in the name of “social justice.” ” – Daisy Luther

Six Silent Hunting Weapons That Can Save Your Life When SHTF – M.D. Creekmore

“Stock Market?” What Stock “Market?” – “The U.S. stock is rigged beyond definition. By this I mean that interference with the stock market by the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the U.S. Government via the Treasury’s Working Group on Financial Markets” – Dave Kranzler

America, Christianity And ‘Freedom’ Under Monumental Attack From George Soros And ‘Enemies Of America Within’ Pushing Us Towards The Cusp Of Civil War – Pastor Dick Carmack

Weird Things Are Happening With Gold – Jim Rickards

A Tale of Two Worlds — Much of Houston Underwater – Harley Schlanger GOOD ARTICLE FROM HARLEY!!!!

Bandana And It’s Many Uses – Ken Jorgustin

Statues Away: Who Really Cares About Slavery? – “If those on the Left really cared about slavery, they wouldn’t be obsessed with tearing down the statues of long-dead slave-owners. What they might do is combat the slavery still occurring in non-Western countries.” – Selwyn Duke




1 Peter 4:8  And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.