EU To Retaliate “Within Days” If US Imposes New Sanctions On Russia

China warns India not to ‘push its luck’ amid border stand-off in Himalayas

China Moves Tons of Military Equipment to Area of Border Dispute with India (VIDEO)

‘They All Deserve to Die’: Caracas Militants Vow to Take Up Arms – “We are willing to go out with guns, to face them as equals,” he said, declining to give his name, describing himself only as an anti-Maduro fighter from a middle-class family. “The protest must evolve.”

Do You Stand With President Trump? – “For decades, the elite have been accustomed to pulling the strings in both major parties, and Donald Trump has greatly upset their delicately balanced game. The elite hope to expel Trump from the system as soon as possible and to return things in Washington to some semblance of normalcy.” – Michael Snyder

REPORT: POTUS Considering Replacing AG Sessions With Rudy Giuliani – BIG, BIG MISTAKE; ALTHOUGH SESSIONS IS NOT THE BEST, THIS WOULD BE FAR WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catalonia’s Independence Strife Turns into Financial Showdown- Don Quijones

John McCain: Neocon War Criminal – “WaPo’s praise was contemptible, turning truth on its head, calling McCain “a straight talker (willing) to take on presidents of his own party” – meaning Trump like most others in Washington for the wrong reasons. WaPo calling his spirit “indomitable” ignores his viciousness, his contempt for peace, equity and justice, his support for all US wars of aggression with other independent nations in mind to attack. Millions affected by policies he supports won’t mourn him when his end time comes.” – Stephen Lendman

Who Should be Held Responsible for the Cold-blooded Genocide in Yemen – Martin Berger

A Shameful Silence: Where is the Outrage Over the Slaughter of Civilians in Mosul? – “The biggest reason for the lack of outrage is that Isis was seen as a uniquely evil movement that had to be defeated – whatever the cost in dead bodies to the people of Mosul.” – Patrick Cockburn

Savage Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour PRAISES mass murder of Jewish family on Shabbat, incites to violence – “I am neither shocked or surprised by Linda Sarsour’s nazi-esque lust for blood. Evil exists in the world. What is horrific is the left’s exaltation of Sarsour, chosen as a leader of the women’s march chosen by CUNY to give the keynote speech at the university’s commencement ceremonies.” – Pamela Geller

ICE chief lists worst sanctuary cities: Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Philadelphia

CNN mirrors propaganda tactics of the vaccine industry, uses Sesame Street ELMO to attack Trump travel ban – “Reaching new lows in fake journalism that only CNN could achieve, the “Clinton News Network” recently aired a ridiculous segment in opposition to President Trump’s temporary travel ban that aimed to brainwash children by pulling in one of their favorite television characters: Sesame Street’s Elmo.” – Ethan Huff

Over 100 Children Just Disappeared in UK – Sex Trafficking Fears Have Govt Scrambling – Matt Agorist

Time For More Physical Silver… And Zinc? (VIDEO)

Lawlessness In the Corridors of Congress, the Chamber of the Supreme Court, and On All Levels – David Whitney

Hellraiser: Something wicked creeping into U.S. homes – “Hollywood and the media, he said, are programming the public to not only become more secular, but they are desensitizing society to evil. “All you have to do is turn on your television or head over to the movies, and you are going to see something in your home or something on the big screen that glorifies the occult, glorifies Spiritism, glorifies demonism, The Bible, in particular the New Testament, is not bashful about the reality of the devil and demons. They do not talk about them metaphorically or allegorically. They very clearly say they were real. They spoke, and they controlled people.” – Alicia Powe  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

In the Footsteps of Rome: Is Renewal Possible? – Charles Hugh Smith

5 Reasons You Should Never Eat Tilapia Again

Experts Warn New Tech Will Create ‘Invisible Killing Fields’ Across America And ‘Gestapo-Like Tactics’ Are Being Used To Silence This Information  – MORE ON THE DANGERS OF 5G NETWORKS AND WI-FI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban accuses George Soros of wanting to “Muslimize Europe” – “Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during a visit to Romania that Hungary’s border fences, supported by other Central European countries, will block the EU-Soros effort to increase Muslim migration into Europe.” – Alex Christoforou

A Mystery Investor Has Made A 262 Million Dollar Bet That The Stock Market Will Crash By October – Michael Snyder – SOUNDS LIKE A SOROS PLAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“The Cartel Has Completely Devastated The Metals Market… Causing Serious Problems In Other Minerals Outside Of Precious Metals” – Mac Slavo

Ellen Brown’s Certified Nutcase Proposal to “Save Illinois” – Mish

12 Clever Ways To Keep Rodents (Including Chipmunks!) Out Of Your Garden

Wake up to the Rockefeller movie of political reality – “THE INDIVIDUAL is at the very bottom of the Globalist plan. He is considered to be a fly in the ointment who needs to be eradicated, in favor of The Group. He is considered to be an extinct evolutionary appendage. That is why the Globalist superstructure must be defeated.” – Jon Rappoport

Statin drugs exposed as a MEDICAL SHAM as new research finds “no evidence” of improved survival

Preserving And Processing Herbs For Long-term Storage And Use

Survival Kit List Of 10 Essential Items




Isaiah 44:9  They that make a graven image are all of them vanity; and their delectable things shall not profit; and they are their own witnesses; they see not, nor know; that they may be ashamed.