Scaramucci: “If The Leaks Don’t Stop, I’m Going To Pare Down The Staff”


In Chicago, women worried about violence join gun club

Military Just Warned Americans To Expect WAR With North Korea – “Although most Americans are aware of the ever increasing tensions between North Korea and the United States, the military is no longer pulling any punches. Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, suggested Saturday that Americans must be “prepared for the possibility of a military confrontation with North Korea.” – Mac Slavo

Beta Test-Venezuela’s Future Is America’s Future (VIDEO) -The Common Sense Show

Total Internet Censorship Coming? Comment Censoring By Both MSM And Independent News Sites To ‘Control The Narrative’ – Susan Duclos

If America Does Not Turn Back To God, There Isn’t Going To Be An America – Michael Snyder

Judge Fines David Daleiden $137,000 for Exposing Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Parts – “As always, the abortion cartel is furious that its trade in baby body parts and its willingness to violate laws that protect preborn babies from gruesome abortion procedures are being exposed,” said Life Legal Defense Foundation Executive Director Alexandra Snyder. “Since the first video release two years ago, they have been waging a vicious campaign to punish-and permanently silence-our client.”

EU “Sounds Alarm” Over New US Sanctions On Russia; Germany Threatens Retaliation

Making America Great, Again? Racism, Poverty, Violence… – “Obviously, to be become great again, America must have at one time been great. When was that?” – Kim Petersen -THE AUTHOR BRINGS UP SOME VERY CONVINCING POINTS HERE!!!!!!

Be Suspicious of the Fake News that US is withdrawing from Syria and ceasing to arm ‘Rebels’ – Stephen Lendman

US Ends CIA Program in Syria but Continues Preparations for Big War – “As one can see, there are multiple signs that the United States is increasing war preparations in the region. One of the missions is to prepare for a possible conflict with Iran” – Alex Gorka

There is But One Course, SEEK TRUTH & PURSUE IT STEADILY (VIDEO) – David Morgan

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 22, 2017 – “As conditions on planet Earth grow rapidly worse, militaristic tribalism and blind ideology will increasingly rule the day. As the unraveling picks up speed, the law of the jungle will prevail (and already is in many parts of the world). As the environmental implosion progresses, what happens to atmospheric oxygen levels? The answer to that question is beyond bleak. In the meantime, the organized crime syndicate that we call our government is ramping up for even higher levels of carnage and insanity.” – Dane Wigington

18 Reasons to Stock Diatomaceous Earth for Survival

Baltimore Cop Shown on Body Camera Planting Drugs. Now What? – “If this case is used to expand federal powers over local law enforcement, the “solution” will certainly prove to be worse than the problem. If it is difficult to keep local police in line, imagine what it would be like to keep a national police force from running roughshod over the rights of any and all.” – C. Mitchell Shaw

Exclusive: U.S. immigration raids to target teenaged suspected gang members

“Electronic Money” under “The One World Order” (OWO): Are We Becoming Western Money Slaves? Solutions? “Resistance Economy”, “De-dollarization”, “De-globalization” – Peter Koenig

Earthquakes, Volcanos, Giants & Economic Calamity (VIDEO) – Steve Quayle

10 Reasons You Should Be Gardening!

OPINION | Facial recognition surveillance is here — but privacy protections are not – “This is a massive effort to implement a biometric surveillance program that poses serious risks to our privacy and civil liberties.” – Jeramie D. Scott  – THIS IS A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Australia – Goodbye Internet Privacy, Hello Police State – Ryan Jones

Canada Follows China With Social Scoring App For ‘Behavior Modification’ – “This is a blatant behavior modification program that will eventually get teeth when users are punished for making the wrong choices. Canadian leaders love China and its implementation of Technocracy, so now social scoring apps are showing up across Canada.”

What Parents Should Know About EMFs And Wi-Fi – “EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and RFs (radio frequencies) contribute to Electrosmog; both frequencies affect and compromise the human organism, especially children’s.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

14 Natural Substitutes for Antibiotic Pills That Our Ancestors Used




Proverbs 4:17   For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence.


LYRICS FOR THE WEEK (Both from same song )

Someone’s got it in for me, they’re planting stories in the press
Whoever it is I wish they’d cut it out quick but when they will I can only guess

Idiot wind blowing like a circle around my skull
From the Grand Coulee Dam to Capitol

( Idiot Wind by Bob Dylan )