As Media Labels Fukushima A “Conspiracy Theory,” Radiation Soars To Record Level

News Pooper Scooper: When Fake News is Just Dog Doo – “The world of decent human beings is sick and tired of “Putin probably” did this or that, and they grow even sicker of things being “Trump’s fault”, when he only just now took office.” – Phil Butler

Worshiping The False God Of Football – “There is nothing wrong with football, but we somehow have shifted from enjoyment of a good thing to the making of a false god. We now derive our joy and value from whether our team wins or loses – and not from the God of the Bible. In a word, we now commit idolatry in the name of fandom. That’s what sin does; it takes something good and distorts it into something else, drawing our eyes off of God.”

5 Major Stories Americans Missed While Consumed by the Super Bowl – ““Films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult….” ― George Orwell, 1984”

CNBC News Admits We’re All Slaves to ‘Central Banks’ Global Government (VIDEO) – “This is a very important video that could only ever be broadcast on CNBC or CSPAN because these are both financial news networks that very few people watch. This would never happen on regular NBC or ABC or CNN.”

IRS ready to begin revoking passports from Americans who owe large tax obligations – Ken Schortgen

Bill O’Reilly Says Putin is a Killer to Trump , Trump Reply: Do You Think Our Country is so Innocent (VIDEO)

Day 14: Trump Becomes Volatile, Markets Respond Equally – “Trump has issued more executive orders than he’s spent days in office so far, and week two of his Presidency started off with a divisive refugee ban. From there, things have been even more tumultuous for the markets, with justice department firings and rocky discussions with global leaders.” – Peter Schiff

Everyone In America Doesn’t Actually Hate Trump – Daisy Luther

Chelsea Clinton Is the Last Thing the Democratic Party Needs – “The only good would be for Chelsea to lose a congressional race, teaching Democrats a lesson they’ve continuously failed to learn”

Secret Service Is Doing Nothing About Threats on Trump’s Life (VIDEO) – “There have been almost 13,000 death threats made against President Trump since the Inauguration. That is almost a 1,000 death threats per day. And what has the Secret Service done? They have made one arrest.” – The Common Sense Show – WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAYS WHEN SOMEONE EVEN SUGGESTED ASSASSINATING THE PRESIDENT, THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN INVESTIGATED OR CHARGED!!!!!!

This Ingredient Increases Vision By Up To 97% – “In Italy, Italian researchers have found that saffron can cure the loss of vision from macular degeneration, which comes related to age.”

Google redefines ‘fascism’ as ‘right wing’ movement – “The default online source for definitions of words has just altered the historically accurate definition of fascism. This will enable political deception on a mass scale. Google is not a public utility and can define words however it wishes. But we are descending into a version of Alice in Wonderland, as re-envisioned by George Orwell.”

Facebook ‘Fake News’ Censor Correctiv Funded By Soros, Staffed By Left-Wing Establishment

China and Japan both blink from President Trump’s unorthodox foreign policy – “As Mexico, Australia, the European Commission, Iran, China, and even Germany are quickly finding out, Donald Trump is not the type of cool, calm, and collected diplomat that they have been able to run roughshod over in the White House for the past 8 to 24 years. In fact, as one former Australian National Security Adviser acknowledged yesterday, Trump has made everything assumed of America in the past null and void.” – Ken Schortgen

The Death of Venezuela. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. (VIDEO)

Italy Increasingly Likely to Abandon the Euro

You Need To Take A Closer Look At The Real “Refugees” Before You Denounce “Vetting” – “Take a good look at the world today. We have children in the streets of the United States throwing a temper tantrum because they believe that the politicians have failed. Maybe they have. They have failed them by allowing them to believe that they live in a world of sunshine and rainbows. While you whine and complain about social issues that are a moot point in our society, women and children are being raped and murdered around the world by maniacs. Take a look outside of your own safe space, and realize that the world can’t be the Utopian place you want. It isn’t possible, it is never going to happen.” – FREE MARKET SHOOTER BLOG – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Clinton Gang Push for War with Iran

UN Lesson Plans Teach Kids to Get Civilians to “Turn in Guns” – “Over the course of six lessons, teachers using the “Disarmament Education Programme” prepared by the United Nations Association in Canada will indoctrinate students to accept the UN as a global government and an engine of peace with the goal of creating a “world without weapons.” “ – ALL PART OF THE AGENDA THAT STARTED WITH AGENDA 21!!!!!!!

Household Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 1, – Sarah Latimer

Weapons Of Mass Feminization – “If you’ve ever wondered where all the alpha males have gone, the interaction between chemistry and biology may offer a clue.”

Meanwhile, over in Zimbabwe. . . – “You can’t control your central bank. But you can control your own decisions. A decision to own gold and silver, for example, is a conscious choice to trade paper currency (i.e. a liability of a central bank) for something that’s real. There’s no reason to panic or hastily dump your entire life’s savings into any alternative asset. Be smart. Be rational. Take baby steps. But definitely take action.

More Scientific Proof To Refuse Vaccines – Catherine J. Frompovich

ALERT: Collapse imminent at Fukushima — TV: Officials find large section under reactor is “unstable… about to collapse” — “Bad, bad news… Time to reconsider that trip to the east coast of Japan” (VIDEOS)

Is This Why The Rich Are Moving To The Southern Hemisphere? Officials Warn: ‘We’ve Reached A Very Big Turning Point’

Immigration “Ban” Hysteria, Pending Economic Doom, and the Risks of Convenience Food – Daisy Luther

Consumer Bankruptcies Rise for the First Time since 2010 – “A red flag that’ll be highlighted only afterwards as a turning point.” – Wolf Richter




Proverbs 16:32   He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.



They serve up distractions and we eat them with fries
Until the bombs fall out of our fucking skies

Turn off the TV, Turn off the news
Nothin’ to see here, They’re serving the blues

Bullshit on my TV, Bullshit on my radio
The Hollywood telling me how to be me, The bullshit’s got to go

(Call To Arms by Sturgill Simpson)