Trump to Sign Orders Today Making Wall Street More Dangerous – “Trump is expected to sign one executive action today ordering financial regulators to review rolling back parts of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation that was passed by Congress in 2010”

“Is Trump About to Cause Another Crisis?”: 2008 Could Be Eclipsed As Bank Restrictions Eliminated

‘Spectacular Betrayal’ as Trump Hands Economy ‘Back Over to Wall Street’ – “The Wall Street bankers against whom Trump ran are making policy now”

Iran Defies Trump: Carries Out More Missile Tests, Threatens Enemies With “Roaring Missiles”

Now that Trump’s In Office, Media Suddenly Concerned with US Military Killing Civilians – “For the last eight years, Peace Prize recipient and ostensible savior of the free world, Barack Obama, rained down hell from the sky on brown people across the Middle East. Obama far exceeded his predecessor, George W. Bush, in the use of drone strikes, killing more civilians than ever before and aiding in the creation and growth of worldwide terror. As Trump now takes the helm, the same media who covered for Obama’s slaughter in the Middle East, are now all of the sudden interested in exposing that same slaughter. Of course, this does not lessen the crimes of Trump. However, what it does do is highlight just how easily controlled people are by the media — on both sides.”

Can Russia Survive a Nuclear Attack? No Special Study is Needed to Say Yes, It Can

UN and CFR Seek to Impose UN Regime on South Sudan – “In short, the agenda to impose a UN-AU regime on South Sudan is dangerous on many fronts. To understand the danger posed by the CFR proposal, imagine if the UN had existed during the American Civil War and had decided to sideline the American people’s elected officials in favor of a “transitional government” appointed by the world’s dictators and foreign governments”

7 EDC Items Every Person Should Carry EVERY DAY

GMO Apples Hit American Stores This Month: How and Why to Avoid Them – Daisy Luther

400,000 Fewer Americans Enrolled In Obamacare For 2017 – “Despite The Democrats decrying the Trump administration for its efforts to repeal and replace President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, it seems around 400,000 fewer Americans decided for themselves that Obamacare wasn’t for them in 2017.”

How to Plan and Plant a Hidden Garden – SOME GOOD TIPS!!!!!

The Global Debt Bubble Will Accelerate Which Will Lead To The Collapse Of Economy:Gregory Mannarino (VIDEO)

Utah Getting Ready To Dump The Fed Dollar & Make Gold & Silver Legal Tender (VIDEO)

SUPER BOWL 2017 THEME: SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS UNITE! – “People have been hating on the commercials in question, seeing through the obvious propaganda that it is. Check out the numbers of thumbs down on the official YouTube uploads of these commercials.” – GET READY FOR THE PROPAGANDA, AS THAT IS ALL THE SUPER BOWL HAS BECOME. OH WELL, IT STILL KEEPS THE IDLE MASSES MINDS OCCUPIED!!!!

Black Hawk helicopters will be part of Super Bowl security

Warnings Given Of An Impending ‘Eruption’ – Will Super Bowl Riots Be Carried Out By The Violent ‘Alt-Left’? Secretive Anti-Trump Protests May Plague Houston, Texas This Weekend

U.S. Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest (VIDEO)

The Easier-Than-Chicken, Egg-Laying Bird You Can Raise Indoors

High-profile Spain trial stokes Catalan independence fervour – “The fight for greater autonomy, or independence, for Catalonia, a region with its own culture and language, has for decades soured relations with Madrid but the clash has worsened over the past few years.”

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Tells Adopted Woman ‘Your Mom Should’ve Had The Choice To ABORT You’ – “House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, once again made a complete fool out of herself in a recent CNN townhall over comments she made to a college student about abortion. Pelosi again went on to attack pro-lifers by saying “but many of our friends who are so intent on when life begins in their view,” completely ignoring that modern science and health experts acknowledge that life begins at conception.” – NANCY MUST REALIZE THAT SHE WOULDN’T BE HERE IF HER PARENTS HAD MADE THAT CHOICE!!!!!!

A Preposterous Jobs Report And Preposterous AMZN Earnings – “according to the BLS fake news jobs report, “retail trade” was largest component of job “adds” in January. This is quite interesting given that retailers have dumping employees en masse plus big box and mall anchor concepts like Macy’s are shuttering stores by the 100’s. The BLS is making the claim that “construction” was the 2nd largest category of job adds in January. No way. An apartment building and commercial real estate glut has formed.” – Dave Kranzler

Gold Demand Rises to Three-Year High on Political Upheaval

Gerald Celente – Where’s gold going? Play the Trump Card! (VIDEO)

The Leftwing Has Placed Itself In The Trash Can Of History – “What happens to a country when the alternative voice is even more stupid and corrupt than the government’s voice?” – Paul Craig Roberts

5 Reasons Some Christians Believe the Biblical End Times Are Upon Us

Matthew McConaughey: Time For America To Embrace Trump Presidency – “No matter how much people may have disagreed with candidate Trump, McConaughey said, it’s now “time to think about how constructive can you be because he’s our president for the next four years at least.” Actor Mark Wahlberg has said celebrities should keep their political opinions to themselves, saying they live in a “bubble” and have no real understanding of the issues faced by others.” – WAHLBERG IS COMPLETELY RIGHT!!!!!

Man Exposed California Corruption and Feared for His Life – His Death Ruled “Suicide” by Smoke Inhalation & Multiple Stab Wounds


Is American Islamophobia Any Different From What We are Witnessing in Europe?

Anonymous: If you knew what they do, you will never sleep again! (VIDEO)

Apocalypse island: Tech billionaires are building boltholes in New Zealand because they now fear social collapse or nuclear war. So what do they know that we don’t?




Job 32:17  I said, I will answer also my part, I also will shew mine opinion.