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Will Obama’s ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Continue? – “When President Obama was first elected he swore that he would end the US presence in Iraq (the “bad” war) and increase US presence in Afghanistan (the “good” war). He ended up increasing troops to both wars, while the situation in each country continued to deteriorate. Why are the Marines needed in the Helmand Province? Because although the foolish and counterproductive 15-year US war in Afghanistan was long ago lost, Washington cannot face this fact.” – Ron Paul

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Explaining Dysfunctional Illinois in One Word, One Idea, One Person – “Illinois is under the hard control of House Speaker Mike Madigan who is the Legislative Branch Dictator. Nothing gets passed without his approval.”

Nomi Prins: This is an Ongoing Financial Crisis (VIDEO) – “You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet, Mama!”

To supplement the insolvent trust, Social Security increases the amount of income taxed beginning in 2017 – Ken Schortgen

US MOVE TO SECURE ELECTION SYSTEMS MEETS CRITICISM – “We’re having trouble understanding exactly what they’re going to do, that we’re not already doing,”

The op: unelected agents now infiltrating ‘critical infrastructures’ Massive collection of data A covert op for the ages: Technocracy United Technocracy: “control of society by a technical elite” – Jon Rappoport – A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT’S BEHIND THE HOMELAND SECURITY’S PURPOSE FOR TAKING OVER THE ELECTIONS AS IS THE NEXT ARTICLE!!!!!

Obama Regime Moves To Federalize Elections – “US elections are decentralized in the hands of the states. There is no national network that would make hacking possible. The Department of Homeland Security can make suggestions to the states for improving the security of elections without declaring federal authority over the elections as “critical infrastructure.”” – Paul Craig Roberts

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Merkel and the Atlanticists (Globalists) Declare War on Breitbart, But Stasi Tactics Can’t Stop the Trumpening of Europe in 2017 – James The Russian Analyst

Terror suspects could be forced to wear electronic tags under radical proposal from German justice minister – FIRST TERROR SUSPECTS AND THEN WHO? AND WHO DECIDES WHAT MAKES SOMEONE A SUSPECT. LOOK FOR THE US TO FOLLOW SUIT!!!!

Commodities Bust Crushes Incomes, House Prices, & Rents in Western Australia – Wolf Richter

7 activists arrested in Tampa for feeding the homeless without a permit – “The authorities have a point. Unless one is trained in the proper handling and storage of food, there is a danger in distributing it. Some foods must be handled carefully, or there is a risk of deadly diseases. That’s why most restaurant employees must complete a course in food safety. But to arrest people trying to make a difference? This seems excessive”

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Roseville, Mich. man gets $128 ticket for heating up car in own driveway

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 17.34EUR




Isaiah 58:7   Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?