It’s A Retail Apocalypse: Sears, Macy’s And The Limited Are All Closing Stores

100s more US tanks arrive in Europe to keep ‘peace & freedom’ at Russian borders (VIDEO) – “Another shipload of America military hardware has arrived at the German port of Bremerhaven to reinforce US commitment to its allies against the perceived Russian threat. The delivery of US Abrams tanks, Paladin artillery and Bradley fighting vehicles mark a new phase of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Over the last few days 2,800 pieces of military hardware and 4,000 troops have arrived at the port.”

Russia Retaliates through non-retaliation

“Putin’s Not On Our Team”: Obama Worried Americans Trust Putin More Than U.S. Gov – “Despite the fact that they continually pump out fairy tales – about 9/11, WMDs, Benghazi, death of bin Laden, ISIS, Syria, and most recently the claim that Russia hacked U.S. elections – this group of sacred cow spy agencies insist that they must be believed above all?”

Even more evidence Obama birth certificate ‘fake’ – “two stamps on the Obama document not only were identical in angle to the stamps on another birth certificate – that of Johanna Ah’nee from the same time period – they also had the identical vertical relationship”

Obama Family’s Taxpayer-Funded Travel Exceeds $96 Million

First Of Its Kind Study Shows That Change In Diet Alone — Not Drugs — Is Curing Diseases

Doctors agree with censored study that concludes unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children

10-month-old suddenly suffers 14 seizures a day after receiving new meningitis vaccine, viral video spreads awareness

The Amish, who don’t get vaccinated, rarely get autism, cancer, or heart disease – coincidence?

2017: The Year Of The Truth Bomb – Financial Insider Warns ATM Outages, Bank Holiday And Martial Law May Be Ahead – “Banned Video Shows Chaotic Descent Of Formerly Civilized Nation That Should Be A Warning To Us All Of Turmoil Ahead”

Why Don’t the U.S. Dollar and Bitcoin Drop to Their Tangible Value, i.e. Zero? – Charles Hugh Smith

Democrats Don’t Mind One Person Influencing U.S. Elections (Video) – “Obama and Hillary are both puppets of their globalist masters like the Rothschild’s and George Soros, both of whom hate Putin, and whom Putin equally despises.”


The Entire World is “Fake News” – “All conquests, all genocides, all plunders have been eternally rationalized, painstakingly justified. Grand bogus concepts of charity, of ‘altruism’ have been erected. Subjugated nations have always been ruined in the name of some higher principles, in order to save them from themselves. For centuries, the West has portrayed itself as a sacrificial lamb, as a hand chosen by some divine power, as the greatest civilization that is continuously and altruistically liberating the world.”

Elitists Hope That Injecting The Blood Of Younger People Into Their Bodies Will Radically Extend Their Lifespans – “Peter Thiel is one of the leading proponents of this technology. Speaking of weird and unsavory, if there’s one thing that really excites Thiel, it’s the prospect of having younger people’s blood transfused into his own veins. That practice is known as parabiosis, and, according to Thiel, it’s a potential biological Fountain of Youth–the closest thing science has discovered to an anti-aging panacea”

Convicted killer: California will pay for his sex-change – Jon Rappoport

Zbigniew Brzezinski — Evil Spirit of 5 US Presidents (And Biggest Threat to World Peace) – “His aim is a communist one world state where Russia, which he hates, is subdued by being split into 3 republics in a loose confederation — and if that is not possible — then ultimately even by WW III. He and David Rockefeller are behind the fusion of world religions for peace in the world state.”

7 Reasons You Gotta Keep Prepping Under Trump

MYSTERY GROWS OVER 100-TON GRANITE BOXES IN EGYPT – “No one knows what purpose it served”

The Truth Perspective: Giants on Record with Jim Vieira and Hugh Newman (MP3 INTERVIEW) – “Hidden in local archives and dusty Smithsonian reports are accounts that are all but forgotten to North American historians and scientists: accounts of giant (7 to 9 feet tall) skeletons discovered all across the country, many buried under earthen mounds. Some photographs still exist, but curiously, the skeletons do not.”

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 17.99EUR




Numbers 13:33   And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.