After Covid: Twelve Challenges for a Shattered World – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFFREY!!!!

Breathe deep – “A new paper offers fresh evidence ventilators killed Covid patients, suggesting ventilator-acquired pneumonia – not Covid itself – caused many deaths, while Sars-Cov-2 was relatively mild” – Alex Berenson

Options – “Many dealers stock only loaded examples of a given model and won’t order the car you want a la carte. And even if they are willing, it doesn’t really matter as there are fewer options to not buy because most of what was formerly optional is now standard. The obvious examples here being air conditioning, power windows and locks and automatic transmissions. These once-optional features have become de facto standard equipment, even in “base” versions of the lowest-cost cars. Which accounts for the fact that even the latter have become astoundingly expensive cars. Other things have been made standard, too – such as LCD touchscreens and peripherals. The government also mandated that all new cars come with “passive safety restraints” – the bureaucratese for air bags. All new cars have at least four – and each adds at least $500 in cost to the price of the car. That’s $2,000 added to the cost of an “economy” car – accounting for why there are no such things anymore.” – Eric Peters – ERIC ON HOW THE GOVERNMENT HAS TAKEN AWAY YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT AND MAKING YOU PAY MORE ON TOP OF THAT. WAIT UNTIL THE EV “BS”  TAKES HOLD!!!!!

WHO Warns Of ‘Unusual’ Surge in Severe Myocarditis in Babies – “On Tuesday, the WHO issued an alert that there had been a rise in “severe myocarditis” in newborns and infants between June 2022 and March 2023 in Wales and England. It said that this was associated with the enterovirus infection, which rarely affects the heart. A UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) spokesperson confirmed to The Epoch Times that 10 babies have been diagnosed in Wales and five have been diagnosed in England. Consultant pathologist and HART member Dr. Clare Craig told The Epoch Times that there’s “a massive question about whether or not these babies or the mums are vaccinated.”” – Owen Evans

Too Big To Fail Banks Now Connected To Jeffrey Epstein Child Sex Trafficking (VIDEO) – Greg Reese  – INTERESTING AS ALWAYS. ONCE AGAIN JP MORGAN AND DIMON ARE ALL A PART OF IT AS WELL!!!

“Pro-Russia” does NOT mean anti-globalist – “Russia is currently promoting the same Great Reset agenda as the West. It’s time for alt media to face this reality. For the first six years of our eight-year existence OffG was routinely described as “pro-Russian” by detractors and supporters alike. There were repeat insinuations that we were controlled by the Russian government. We weren’t, of course. And we aren’t now. “We were “pro-Russian” to the extent that we supported their eminently rational geopolitics over the crazy confrontationalism of the Washington neocons which seemed to be driving the world to war. SO, WHY ARE YOU NOT “PRO-RUSSIA” AT THIS TIME? Well, let’s just remind ourselves of some hard facts. * In 2020 the Russian leadership and its elites revealed themselves to be an integral part of the fake pandemic “coup”. They employed the same fear and deception tactics we saw in the West, in China, in fact in almost every country in the world.” – Catte Black

Small Farmers Now ‘Front and Center’ in John Kerry’s Plan to Save the Earth – “Climate change fatalist John Kerry is once again prattling on about how the earth is doomed, and he has a new target for destruction in his never-ending blame game. Kerry is saying that the world cannot recover from climate change unless we crack down on agriculture. He’s seemingly eyeing the thousands of small family farms that feed this nation and urging more of the sort of restrictions that have already brought farmers to the streets in protest.” – Warner Todd Huston



What Debt Ceiling? Biden Set to Send Another $375 Million in Weapons to Ukraine – “The United States is to hand over another $375 million in so-called “military aid” to Ukraine, officials in both the Biden and Zelensky administrations have claimed.According to a report by POLITICO, the “aid” being sent East will include more artillery rounds, as well as armoured vehicles and anti-tank weapons. ” – Peter Caddle

Durham Report Is Utterly Damning, So Where Are All The Indictments? – I & I Editorial Board  – AS I SAID YESTERDAY, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!

Durham Report, Notice What He Doesn’t Do? Recommend Any Solutions! – “The FBI did not weaponize itself. The weaponization of the institution was done by people; the same people that John Durham did not indict for weaponizing it. The same applies to the DHS, ODNI, DOJ, DOJ-NSD and SSCI. These institutions did not weaponize themselves; they were weaponized by the people within them. This is the core reality behind the missing part of the John Durham report, no proposed change in policy or institutional systems. Why? Because the policies and systems are not the issue; it was the intent of the people within it – those who weaponized it. Here’s the kicker. Those people are still in place – that’s why the weaponization continues.” – Sundance

7 years after Obama commuted his life sentence, Chicago man charged with shooting on an expressway leaving a woman ‘brain dead’ – “The Democrats’ war on “the war on drugs” has new casualty in Chicago. “President Obama commuted the life sentence of Alton Mills. After his third felony conviction, this time for trafficking cocaine, Mills had received a life sentence. Well, there is another victim now, one who committed no crime other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time in Chicago, which frequently is a lethal and unavoidable error. And there will be no clemency for her.” – Thomas Lifson

G7 Desecrates Hiroshima A-Bomb Memory With Warmongering Summit – “The United States-led “Group of Seven” cabal held one of their increasingly meaningless jamborees this weekend in the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The posturing of solemnity by these warmongering elites in a place that represents the ultimate barbarity of American imperialism is not only sickening in its hypocrisy and profanity. The evident lack of awareness and shame of these charlatans is a sure sign that their privileged historical charade is coming to an end. American President Joe Biden took time out from his nation’s collapsing economy and scandals over his rampant family corruption to attend the G7 summit in Japan. He was joined by so-called leaders from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada as well as the premier of the host nation, Fumio Kishida. Joining the lackeys was the European Union’s chief ventriloquist doll, Ursula von der Leyen, and Ukrainian comedian-turned-arms-dealer, aka “president”, Vladimir Zelensky.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Judgment Withheld: SCOTUS Declines To Review Section 230 – “Big Tech’s Censorship License Is Left Intact…For Now. In his poem “The Hollow Men”, T. S. Eliot concluded This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. Similarly, it appears that seemingly momentous cases before the Supreme Court end not with a deft ruling and a moment of legal clarity, but rather an anticlimactic kicking of a legal can down the jurisprudential road.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Musk, Soros and the End of the Media – “So, Elon Musk sure shook things up the other day with his interview on CNBC where he dared to break the Fourth Wall of media when he took a shot at George Soros comparing him to Magneto from Marvel’s X-Men. It’s a brutally funny exchange’…The choice of Magneto is an astute one, since it implies Soros’ childhood activities during World War II. But what Musk really did was to question why media companies should always bow to the whims of their advertisers.” – Tom Luongo

“The Right to Own Bitcoin Shall Be Inviolable” – RFKJr delivers historic keynote at #Bitcoin2023 – “In front of the standing-room-only crowd in the Satoshi Nakamoto hall, the presidential contender said he saw the necessity for Bitcoin last year during the #FreedomConvoy protests when the Trudeau government invoked the Emergency Act (basically declaring martial law) and began seizing the bank accounts of ordinary citizens. RFK stated unequivocally “The trucker demonstration was peaceful”, and that freedom of money was as paramount as freedom of speech.” – Mark E. Jeftovic

IRS To Pilot Its Own Tax E-File Platform In 2024 – What Could Go Wrong? – “”We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you pay as little tax as possible”. If there were ever a proposal absolutely guaranteed to be a multifaceted disaster, this is it. Boobus Americanus, however, is apparently champing at the bit: IRS surveys find 72% of Americans are “very” or “somewhat interested in” a free government tool for calculating taxes. What are they missing? For starters, the IRS and all of us animals on the government’s taxpayer ranch approach this endeavor with an enormous conflict of interest. We don’t want to pay a penny more than we absolutely have to, while the government is hell-bent on extracting an entirely fictional “fair share” — and more — from each of us. ” – Tyler Durden

US kills Syrian shepherd claiming he was Al-Qaeda leader – “US military officials backed away from the claims following an investigation into the incident by the Washington Post. After US military officials claimed to kill an important Al-Qaeda figure in Syria in an airstrike earlier this month, evidence from the dead man’s family indicates he was instead an impoverished shepherd and father of 10 children, According to interviews with his brother, son, and six others who knew him, the slain man was Lotfi Hassan Misto, 56, a former bricklayer who they described as a kind, hard-working man whose “whole life was spent poor.”” – The Cradle News Desk  – WHAT A BUNCH OF “F-UPS. CAN BIDEN AND HIS PEOPLE DO ANYTHING THAT IS RIGHT. OH, WELL. I’M SURE THEY WILL JUST CALL IT COLLATERAL DAMAGE!!!!”

30-Ton Shipment Of Explosive Chemical Disappears Between California And Wyoming – “A 30-ton shipment of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used as both fertilizer and as a component in explosives, has gone missing during a rail shipment between Wyoming and California last month, resulting in four separate investigations. Ammonium nitrate is commonly used as fertilizer. It’s also an ingredient in high explosives and was used in the homemade bomb detonated in the 1995 attack on the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.” – Tyler Durden  – BETTER CALL PETE!!!!

call Pete

Eric Adams Plan to Combat Rampant Theft Must Be Seen to Be Believed – “It’s the last proposal that takes the cake, though. Adams actually wants to install kiosks in retail stores that will offer social services to thieves. I’m constantly astonished at how insanely self-destructive the left is. You’d think they’d hit a wall and move toward self-preservation, but nope. It’s just full-speed ahead toward the cliff, whether we are talking about theft or encouraging illegal immigration. At some point, you just have to let it burn.” – Bonchie

It’s time for Russia to turn inward – “Dedollarization is meaningless without deoligarchization. But whether the global reserve currency is the US dollar, or Pokémon cards, or a digital ruble pegged to borscht, nothing will fundamentally change for Russians if their political elites continue their time-honored tradition of stubbornly refusing to invest in Russia.” – Edward Slavsquat / Riley Waggaman

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right. NATO’s Soft War Soldiers – “NATO can send in the clowns but hopefully at day’s end, against the cold steel of the Russian Armed Forces, the joke will be on them. Why, for example, did Pope Francis agree to meet this fool and his fellow GI Joes in the Vatican? Did he want to see Zelensky play a piano with his penis or stomp through the Sistine Chapel, waving his private parts up at Michelangelo’s famous creation above them? Or did he want to co-ordinate the further persecution of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and beyond? And why did he accept a bullet-proof vest with an icon of the Virgin Mary sacrilegiously painted on it from this modern-day Caligula, who had not even the decency to divest himself of his GI Joe uniform, something he would gladly do if there was a piano handy to play a rowdy ditty on? Just what did that Argentinean idiot want by meeting Ukraine’s coked-up Robin Hood and his merry men? The truth of the matter is Zelensky and Pope Francis are not NATO’s only dunces; NATO is awash with such imbeciles. America has at the helm the senile Joe Biden, whose penchant is soiling his pants in the presence of Zelensky’s Holy Father (when Irish Joe isn’t otherwise engaged with groping children), and his number two is Kamala Harris, a cretin who cackles like one of those 1950s’ laughing sailor machines brought back to life to further terrify the little children Biden has just groped. France has one of history’s most unpopular ever dictators and Scotland, Britain and Ireland have unelected Indians, all three of whom have less charisma than stale bread and less integrity than even Zelensky, supposedly running the show.” – Declan Hayes


More States Opposing Biden’s “Digital Dollar” Plan to Regulate All Spending – Mike Gleason

Yellen: “More Bank Mergers Necessary” as Banks Lose Tens of $Billions in Deposits the Past Two Weeks – “It appears that the Biden Administration is abandoning their rhetoric that “the banking system is fine.”” – Brian Shilhavy

Crowding Out: The Fed May Be Killing the Private Sector to Save the Government – “The current situation is the worst possible. The Fed’s balance sheet is not falling as fast as it should; government spending has not even been scratched, but the money supply is falling at the fastest pace since the 1930s, and rate hikes are hurting the productive economy while the government seems unaware of the need to reduce its bloated budget.” – Daniel Lacalle

New Debt Report Proves We’re in Uncharted Territory – “You don’t need a degree in economics to understand that the economy is driven primarily by consumer spending. When the pandemic started, that spending slowed, thanks in part to the panicked response by government officials who shut down businesses for weeks or months in 2020. (Remember “Two weeks to stop the spread”?) But starting in 2021, consumer spending finally started picking up again (along with red-hot inflation). And that’s a big economic force! In fact, consumer spending on everything from gas and groceries to mansions and Maseratis now accounts for 68.4% or more than two-thirds of the nation’s gross national product (GDP). The next logical question to ponder is: “What is fueling this spending?” Unfortunately, part of the answer is: rapidly accumulating consumer debt.” – Peter Reagan

Waiting to Load Up – “Let’s get straight to it. Today, I focus on the key levels to watch on the downside for a possible bottom, including the worst-case scenarios, imho, plus the resistance levels on the upside to signal that perhaps the tide has turned.” – David Brady

Gold as a Hedge Against CBDCs, and the Future of Natural Gas – “As long as it’s possible to buy and sell gold at prices set by the market and not by the Fed, it will have value. And that’s why goldbugs – or as I prefer to think of them, gold investors – won’t be swept away just because there’s a new method of exchange. Remember, CBDCs will still be fiat currency. They are created by government policy and backed by the confidence or lack thereof in the government. They are just in a new form.” – Nomi Prins


This Movie Star Is a Full-On Prepper with a Bug Out Retreat – “Every once in a while, it’s nice to read that somebody in Hollywood gets it when it comes to prepping. Most of the time, however, they have some weird fantasy version of survival and preparedness. So when I saw the headline, “Josh Duhamel Is Obsessed with Doomsday Prepping,” I rolled my eyes. But I went to read the article anyway, and I’m glad I did. Because Duhamel really does seem a lot like one of us (except with a crap ton of money). Here’s what I learned.” – Daisy Luther

You’re Killing Your Asparagus if You Do This, 5 MISTAKES You Can’t Afford to Make Growing Asparagus (VIDEO) – The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni – EXCELLENT VIDEO, TAUGHT ME A FEW THINGS I WAS DOING WRONG WITH MY ASPARAGUS!!!!

Do Not Throw Your Plastic Bags, Do This Instead – Charl M

Yard Cart Wagons For Homesteading and Preparedness – “Yard carts and wagons of various types, sizes, capacities, weight ratings, dump carts, or regular utility carts.. I sure do get a lot of use out of those that I have around here! They’re pretty much necessary equipment for a functional homestead. I take advantage of wheels as much as possible. More and more, the older I get 🙂 Yard carts make it much easier to transport heavy ‘stuff’ (or any stuff) from point A to point B. Or simply making fewer trips back-and-forth by hand.” – Ken Jorgustin


Deuteronomy 7:15    And the Lord will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay them upon all them that hate thee.