Biden’s world: Navy hires active duty drag queen; what’s next? – “But wait, there’s more. Much, much more. There’s Google, who handles 91% of all Internet searches, and their AI roll-out. Wow. They’ve got their own monster-muncher AI, called SGE (Search Generative Experience)… And it’s going to rip up the landscape. Like a giant land developer in Yellowstone. (The show’s subsequent fiasco aside.) Google’s AI is poised to do everything I’ve been warning about—this is a new and improved shit storm. BANG. OK. Here it is in a nutshell. Google will launch an AI that gives you a few paragraphs of summary, whenever you use it to search. That summary will appear at the top of the page. Let’s say you type in “government censorship.” Boom. Above all the blue entries designating websites and blogs, you’ll get that summary. Not you (of course not), but MANY people will read the summary and be satisfied. They won’t open up sites or blogs. As a result, huge numbers of those sites and blogs will go broke. AND, many people will accept what Google’s AI tells them. They’ll swallow Google’s data, and they’ll accept Google as the number one CONTENT PROVIDER.” – Jon Rappoport

Becoming Invisible, Part 2: Other Ways They’re Tracking (and Manipulating) Us – John Rubino  – GOOD SERIES FROM JOHN!!!!

The Hospital Protocol Killed Their Loved Ones and They Want Justice – Stella Paul

A Few Questions For Bob Malone About DARPA’s DOMANE – “The DOMANE Program Was Supposed To Look At Safe, Effective Drugs That Could Be Used To Stop A Pandemic. What Went Wrong?” – George Webb

Here is some scientific data that the UN, US government, the media and others won’t show the public – “For the last 40 years, after they stopped seeking to scare us about global cooling, the UN, media, Democrats, educators, scientists, and other radical leftists have sought to scare us that we were going to die soon because we use our natural resources to improve our lives. They use easily manipulated computer models and made-up predictions instead of using scientific data to support the destruction of industries and forcing us to give up our quality of life. Here are three tables that I have designed with actual data. Each table has only two variables so that most journalists, entertainers, educators, bureaucrats, and other leftists can understand.” – Jack Hellner

More Than Half of Brits Think Pandemic Is Still Ongoing – “The Government put such a lot of effort into making people scared of Covid, we now have a population that simply can’t accept reality.” – Noah Carl

If You Build it . . – “I have yet to see a single Rivian in my area – which isn’t surprising given Rivian has only delivered 20,332 of its electric truck/SUV appliances with the Edsel-esque face so far. And that ought not to be surprising, either, given that the least expensive of these battery-powered appliances stickers for $73,000 to start. Rivian is not likely to ever sell more than a small handful of these devices – because there’s only a small handful of people who have the means to buy a $73,000 vehicle, battery-powered or not. But Rivian wants to sell you something else – and we’ve already bought it. It’s called the Rivian Adventure Network. Which is a network of DC “fast” chargers paid for by you and me and everyone else forced to pay the taxes that finance such things, under the rubric of the Biden Thing’s Inflation Reduction Act. The IRA spigoted money – $7.5 billion – toward “infrastructure” . . . but not in the usual sense. As in bridges and roads. Instead (as in the “vaccine” sense) it was spigoted to electric grift operations such as Rivian,” – Eric Peters


Russia Russia Russia! – “I’d like to speak to the intel pig manager please. I knew a month before his inauguration that Trump wasn’t going to be an effective President. Sure, in retrospect his four years look brilliant in comparison to the planted amalgamation of plasma and dead skin cells holding cue cards, sniffing kids, and stumbling around the White House. The MAGA cultists won’t admit it but they outsmarted Trump at every turn. He shot himself in the foot many times as well. Perhaps by design, but many of the decisions and appointments he made were horrendous. From the walrus John Bolton to keeping Fauci around, to appearing on TV with him and scarf lady two months in a row while never opening the country, singing praises about deadly vaccines, signing the CARES ACT, the “vaccine” executive order to streamline production for the pentagon’s fake pandemic, taking credit for warp speed even 18 months after millions of iatrogenocide deaths. The guy is just another idiot actor, a quaint orange diversion in our global stage play. ” – The Good Citizen  – ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!

Business As Usual: Shutdown or Not, the Police State Will Continue to Flourish – “Default or not, war will continue. Drone killings will continue. Surveillance will continue. Censorship and persecution of anyone who criticizes the government will continue. The government’s efforts to label dissidents as extremists and terrorists will continue. Police shootings will continue. Highway robbery meted out by government officials will continue. Corrupt government will continue. Profit-driven prisons will continue. And the militarization of the police will continue.” – John & Nisha Whitehead  – ONCE AGAIN JOHN AND NISHA SAYS IT LIKE IT IS!!!

Is Unlocking Closed and Indifferent Minds Possible? – “It should be obvious, but it is not, that no one can forcibly open another’s closed mind, or tame and stifle his indifference. No matter the power wielded, no matter the desired intent, no matter a gallant effort, wasted or not; each person is a unique individual, The indifference and apathy that consumes the common man, especially in this current world of lost hope, the great ambition of the masses for personal gratification above all else, the lack of individual awareness and responsibility, and the extreme tyranny being pursued by those who choose to rule over others, cannot be remedied by hostility, regardless of the sorry state in which humanity finds itself today.” – Gary D. Barnett

End the FBI – “All in all, the Durham report paints a picture of a highly unprofessional FBI that apparently greenlights investigations based on agents’ political agendas and on politically convenient rumors. Durham sums it up: The FBI and Justice Department “failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law.”” – Ryan McMaken

The Pentagon’s Leaked Documents: What Are the Shocking Revelations? _ “Highly classified information from US intelligence agencies on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China’s weapons programs and whether to provide “lethal aid” to Ukraine. Here comes a limited hangout, possibly.” – Dear Rest Of America  – INTERESTING READ!!!!!

Narrative Collapse – “For several months, the usual suspects have been promoting a narrative framework with regards to a Ukrainian counter-offensive. Tens of billions of Western arms have been shipped to Ukraine, along with plane loads of cash. This has been done to great political fanfare in every Western capital. Slowly, the story evolved into the great spring offensive in which a newly formed Ukrainian army using Western super-weapons would smash through the Russian lines and send them fleeing. The explanation for how this would work or why it should be attempted was never provided, but a good story is worth skipping over the details. Russia has about half a million men in Ukraine at the moment. They have air superiority, and they have a growing advantage in firepower.” – The Z Man

Russia’s Maria Zakharova Punching Downwards at NATO Simpleton Ursula von der Leyen – “At day’s end, we must choose one of two sides, the side of those, like the Palestinians and Russian speakers who resist, or of those who rob and murder them. Maria Zakharova bitch slapping the moronic Ursula von der Leyen is notable for a number of reasons that form the theme of this article. Zakharov’s body language indicates that she is personally livid at the calculated insult von der Leyen, Zelensky and their fellow CIA puppets have given to the tens of millions of Russians,” – Declan Hayes

Turkiye rallies behind Erdogan – “It comes as no surprise that the United States and the European Union didn’t have the face to commend the performance of Recep Erdogan and his party in the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkiye on Sunday. The election results do not serve the geopolitical interests of the US and its European allies. It is apparent that the entreaties and media management in the run-up fell on deaf ears.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

South Africa Is Presenting Itself As The Continent’s Leader – “American policymakers have assessed that South Africa is indeed the continental leader that it’s presenting itself as being due to its dual memberships in BRICS and the G20, which enable it to exert influence across all of Africa and thus make a compelling case to permanently represent it at the UNSC.” – Andrew Korybko


The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Destroyed – Michael Snyder

Why Grandma Yellen Must Be Forced To Prioritize Spending – “So what are the House Republicans waiting for? The nation’s foremost liberal scholar has given them the green light to stand their ground. And in the first instance that means forcing Grandma Yellen to prioritize the incoming revenue to debt service payments and other key items, while leaving the rest of the unpaid bills to pile-up in the great hall of invoices at the US Treasury. And it is well to remember that when an accrued military contractor bill or Medicaid reimbursement payment to state governments is paid 5,15, 30 or even 60 days late that is not an earth-shattering default; it’s merely a case of “slow pay” by Uncle Sam just like financially pinched private companies do from time to time, and in this case the tardiness would be for good and substantial reasons.” – David Stockman

China Is Forcing Adoption Of The eCNY. Inflation And Asset Bubbles Are Sure To Follow – “The Digital Yuan Has Already Shown Itself To Be “Bad” Money” – Peter Nayland Kust

How Many Dominoes Must Topple Before One Falls on Us? – “Everything’s abstract until it happens to us.” – Charles Hugh Smith

LIVE! McCarthy Folds/Gets His Orders. Debt/Inflation To SKYROCKET Beyond Imagination. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Gold Breakout Still Pending – Have the highs for the year been set and will price now trade downward, setting off a new wave of despair and hopelessness for gold investors? In a word…no. All we’ve witnessed is the typical pattern of fakeouts and wrongfooting that usually accompanies bull market moves in gold prices. Two-steps-forward-and-one-step-back is the typical price action in gold uptrends, and this pattern is clearly present on the chart below.”” – Craig Hemke

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.75EUR


FEMA Calculates Riskiest, Safest Places In US – “First looking at weather patterns, it appears that if there is nuclear fallout, where could you want to be?” – Dave Jefferson

Best Manual Hand Grain Mill Choices For Milling Wheat Into Flour – Ken Jorgustin

55 Gardening Resources to Help You Have the Best Harvest Ever – Amy Allen

Fitness As A Survival Skill – “When most of us think of being prepared or improving our situation, we think of skills and gear. Both of which usually cost money. One of the best ways to be prepared to survive a traumatic or isolating event is to be physically fit. Improving our survival fitness capabilities doesn’t have to cost anything.” -|Brook Bowen

How to use hemostatic agents – “Achieving hemostasis, also known as rapidly stopping bleeding, is a crucial skill that the survival medic must master. In survival situations, bleeding can stem from a range of sources, including falls on rough terrain or confrontations with hostile groups. If bleeding wounds are not treated effectively, it can result in avoidable fatalities among survivors.” – Bob Rodgers


Joshua 10:13    And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.