Farewell Questions for Rochelle Walensky – “The history of the CDC during covid has been, at best, a checkered one. Given what we now know about the complete failure of covid vaccines to provide sterilizing immunity, stop infection, or stop spread as well as the fact that such issues were not even tested for in the drug trials that approved them, certain questions would seem overdue in the asking: Just what was this “Data from the CDC today” that suggested that “Vaccinated people do not carry the virus?” Was there, in fact, any data at all? Or was this a completely fabricated claim used to underpin the mass rollout of a product that failed so spectacularly right out of the gates ” – El Gato Malo

Third Australian province announces rollout of biometric digital identity; Bill introduced in U.S. Congress would do the same for Americans – “Victoria, Australia, is set to become the third state in the land down-under to rollout digital drivers’ licenses stored on citizens’ smartphones. Government Services Minister Danny Pearson made a complete fool out of himself at a press conference last week announcing the news. Like a clown selling snake oil at a carnival, ” – Leo Hohmann

Why Are So Many Children Suddenly Dying? – “The 2022 “excess death” toll is 26.4% higher than it should be in the crucial age category of 0-24 years old. Think about that number for a moment: a 26% increase in sudden deaths within a year. That’s unheard of. That’s a 13-sigma event. A 13-sigma “excess death” rate should trigger not just the the curiosity of our public health experts — but also congressional hearings and global media attention.” – Emerald Robinson

The risks of eating bugs – “The primary advantage that’s claimed for eating insects is they have a high protein content. However, food safety is a significant concern. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny an osteopathic medical doctor specialist in Cleveland, Ohio, conducted some extensive research on the history, usage, and pros and cons of insects as a food source. “Most insect species are NOT edible,” Dr. Tenpenny wrote. “Of the 2,100 insects that are edible, the most common are crickets, honeybees and mealworms. Globally, beetles, caterpillars, wasps and ants are also commonly consumed.” She concluded that there is very little oversight of the processing regulations within this relatively new industry.” – Rhoda Wilson

Biden Nominates an Absolute Nightmare to Lead the NIH – “According to Stat News, the president has officially selected Monica Bertagnolli, who currently leads the National Cancer Institute. If you thought Anthony Fauci was bad, and he was as terrible as one could imagine, there’s no reason to think Bertagnolli will be any better. She subscribes to all the same statist, misguided policy prescriptions that failed the American people so badly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, she thinks Fauci did such an incredible job that he should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.” – Bonchie

Our Two Deep States, One Public, One Private – “One Deep State is bad enough, but a renegade, predatory private-sector Deep State is intolerable.” – Charles Hugh Smith


TSA Takes To Twitter To Celebrate Apprehension of Zero Terrorists, One Completely Legal Item – “from the even-billions-in-funding-can’t-fix-stupid dept” – Tim Cushing

CDC, Urged to “Do Something”, Calls for Useless Building Ventilation Upgrades – “HVAC industry to make windfall profits, thanks to the CDC” – Igor Chudov


Dirty Secrets – “This is the dirty secret of our time: the device that the Woke / Progressive elite used to finally get rid of Donald Trump — Covid-19 — shoved them over a cliff Wile E. Coyote style. And now, as they freefall off that cliff, the supposed antidote to Covid-19 — getting vaccinated — is blowing up in their faces, again, Wile E. Coyote style. The elite now have to wake up every day and wonder if the vaccines they rushed to get will end up killing them prematurely. This is what has finally driven them crazy. And, of course, crazy people will do crazy things: like destroy their own country.” – James Howard Kunstler

Paying For It – “The problems we encounter every day are caused by the people who hold public office or are somehow paid by the taxpayers. Let’s take Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for example. They’re not what they purport to be. They’re funded by the government in many substantive ways, through government grants, or the more clever way is to give corporation “A” a huge contract, who then, understanding how Washington works better than any average citizen, donate some of that huge payout to four or five NGOs that work to support and illuminate issues or activities that benefit the four or five key members of the committee that awarded the contract. This way of doing business is one reason that so many corporations lined up behind the pandemic scam and it’s working right now to destroy the energy economy, weaken our power generation and make the US irrationally and unnecessarily incapable of modern living. It’s why corporations have jumped on the LGBTQ agenda so readily” – T.L. Davis

America’s Immigration Problem is Easy to Solve – “What is lacking is honesty and political will, replaced instead by denial of reality.” – David Haggith

Where Was Biden Over the Weekend? – “At the height of debt ceiling negotiations and the end of Title 42, causing a catastrophe at the U.S.-Mexico border never seen in American history, President Joe Biden spent the weekend at the beach.” – Katie Pavlich – THAT’S WHAT THE LITTLE PEOPLE ARE FOR. BIDEN DOESN’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT KIND OF NONSENSE!!!!

Immigration-Reform Nonsense and Delusion – “With the expiration of Title 42, the pandemic-era policy of preventing foreigners from entering the United States to claim refugee status, America’s perpetual immigration crisis along the border is back in the news. Along with the crisis comes the popular refrain that we have heard for at least seven decades: “We need comprehensive immigration reform to bring an end to our ‘broken’ immigration system.” That decades-old refrain, however, is nothing more than nonsense and delusion. America’s immigration-control system is inherently defective. That’s different from “broken.” Something that is inherently defective cannot be fixed. There is no possible reform that anyone can come up with to fix an inherently defective system.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

The Biden Crime Family and Our Corrupt Foreign Aid – “After the fall of communism, the U.S. State Department launched a program to help Romania and other East European governments curtail corruption. Vice President Joe Biden masterminded that effort from 2009 to 2016. The program was a smashing success. Romania remained profoundly corrupt, but Biden family members received more than a million dollars from Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu. He was convicted for corruption even though Hunter Biden flew to Bucharest to testify on his behalf before the National Anticorruption Directorate.” – Jim Bovard

OffG’s Quick Take: “Patriot Front” – “Yesterday, the group calling themselves “Patriot Front” marched on Washington DC. They wore perfectly coordinated uniforms, carried shields and batons, and were masked up to make Tony Fauci proud. Perhaps you saw the “chilling footage”. Nobody is quite sure why they were there, or what they wanted. Then they packed their gear into a U-haul, got on the subway and left. While the handful of “Patriots” who got arrested were allowed to keep their masks on by the considerate DC police. It’s an interesting bit of timing, since just the day before Joe Biden had called white supremacy “the most dangerous threat to our homeland” in a speech at Howard University. A sentiment echoed by Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security on TV the next day,” – Off Guardian  – WELL, WELL, WASN’T THAT CONVENIENT. FUNNY HOW THEY ALL LOOKED LIKE WELL-GROOMED FBI AGENTS, HOW MORE IN YOUR FACE CAN IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess Who Stood For The National Anthem? – “What a difference that little Moscow vacation made…” – Tyler Durden

The Numbers That Are Being Hidden From Americans By The Media: Everyday Staples Are More Than Double The Overall Food Inflation Percentage The MSM Talks About – Susan Duclos

Gun Control Debate Ignores the Real Problems – “Gun control advocates continue to claim that only restrictions on gun ownership will keep people safe from mass shooters and other criminals. However, good people with guns can stop bad people with guns. And bad people will still have guns despite gun control laws. Further weakening the argument that restricting private firearms ownership will reduce violent crimes is the fact that states with “constitutional carry” — where individuals are free to exercise their Second Amendment rights without seeking permission from the government — have lower homicide rates than states with more restrictive gun laws.” – Ron Paul

Why Karl Marx Supported Gun Rights—but Communist Leaders Didn’t – “Marx was not wrong that firearms were the path to power, but his followers came to realize an obvious truth: firearms were a threat to their own power.” – Jon Miltimore

Here’s Why Bakhmut Is the Most Important Town on Earth – “The greatest show on Earth is now a circus of double-dealing and sleight of hand applied to geopolicy. In the West, so-called experts are announcing a Ukraine counteroffensive as if it were an upcoming sports contest. Conversely, in the trenches of Ukraine, Wagner Group’s leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is running interference for a counter-counter offensive Russia has planned. Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is fired for telling the world how American media really works, and Ukraine Nazis assassinate Russian media persons with real bombs. No one in America can read, hear, or view Russian news channels, and all the Russians witness is a level of hatred and lousy sportsmanship from Western media/analysis. Meanwhile, NATO blows its bugle and wakes up every soldier in Europe.” – Phil Butler

U.S. Calls for Bombing Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry… Nord Stream Sabotage Redux – “Taiwan has been obliged to give its American ally an extraordinary warning: don’t even think about blowing up our semiconductor industry. The warning follows growing calls by U.S. politicians and military analysts that Washington should destroy the island’s vital technology sector in order to purportedly prevent China from gaining control of lucrative exports and as a way of damaging China’s economy.” – Finian Cunningham

Turkey Defies the U.S. and Western Media as President Erdoğan Wins Popular Vote – Victory in Runoff Almost Certain – “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emerged victorious in today’s national Turkish elections, despite the Western Media’s attempts to discredit the conservative Turkish President, and support his main opponent, liberal Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.” – Brian Shilhavy

The tragedy of the Palestinians – “The treatment of them as global victims has turned them into the playthings of external forces.” – Daniel Ben-Ami


Who’s Bluffing Whom? – “Where Does This Bank Crisis Showdown End?While no banks have yet collapsed since First Republic Bank was (handed to) acquired by JPMorgan, there has been no shortage of bad news for the banking sector of late. ” – Peter Nayland Kust

Great Depression 2.0 Is Incoming (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – I’m Right with Jesse Kelly

This could get messy. – “Markets feel directionless, demotivated and listless as we wait for the next impetus to emerge – problem is, it might be a shocker.” – Bill Blain


Holding Gold Is Like Holding a Wildcard – “The future of money is uncertain, and speculation about what comes next is all over the place. The Federal Reserve note “dollar” is the world’s reserve currency, but its seat on that throne is no longer secure. Nations around the world aren’t happy with either the weaponization of the dollar or the fact that the U.S. government prints it without restraint. The BRICS countries are actively developing an asset-backed currency to compete with the dollar. They are already cutting trade deals with settlement in rubles or yuan, instead of the greenback. Central banks everywhere, including the Federal Reserve, are toying with digital currencies. Authoritarians love the idea of money they can programmatically track and control. If it were up to them, CBDCs would almost certainly become the coin of the realm in countries around the world. Fortunately, it may not be up to them. The number of people sounding the alarm is growing and it is hard to corral free people and free markets.” – Clint Siegner

FDIC Seizure of Foreign Deposits at SVB Opens Pandora’s Box at JPMorgan Chase and Citi – Which Hold a Combined $1 Trillion in Foreign Deposits with No FDIC Insurance – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

U.S. Economic Meltdown Worsening… IMPORTANT UPDATES (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino


The 3 Layers of Financial Preparedness – “The first layer is the foundation for the other layers. If you don’t have this in place, then the others aren’t really extremely worthwhile. To establish a basis of financial preparedness, you need to get your personal finances in order. This includes things like: Paying off debt/maintaining freedom from debt. Having the supplies to go for a month or so without spending money – these are your basic stockpile items like groceries, shampoo, laundry soap, pet food, etc. Establishing an emergency fund. Getting your budget to a manageable level” – Daisy Luther

10 Tips For The Survival Kitchen – Ken Jorgustin – LINKED A SIMILAR ARTICLE FROM KEN ON 04/24/23THIS IS AN OLDER ARTICLE!!!!

Prepper’s Gear – The MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask – “As a prepper, one of the most important investments you can make is in protective gear, and a gas mask is a must-have in any emergency kit. I’ve been looking for a professional gas mask for a while now, and after a lot of research, I settled on the MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask.” – Bob Rodgers

How To Start A Prepper Group In Your Community – Michael Majors

10 Best Medicinal Plants Every Homesteader Should Grow – ” Medicinal herbs have many benefits, not only do they prevent sickness, but you’ll experience none of the negative side effects associated with traditional medication. If you’re not quite sure what to plant, here are the ten best medicinal plants for your garden.” – Abigail Damoah



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