Government data proves COVID Vaccines take Five Months to Kill… – “A peculiar pattern has now persisted in official UK Government data for some time. Approximately five months after each dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is administered to each age group, the mortality rates per 100,000 rise significantly among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. So much so that by the end of May 2022, mortality rates were lowest among the unvaccinated in every single age group in England, and highest among the one-dose vaccinated, the two-dose vaccinated and the three-dose vaccinated.” – The Expose

UniCoin: “Universal Monetary Unit” Paves the Way to Global Currency – “You’ve heard of FedNow, but what about UniCoin? This “universal monetary unit” can be accepted in 114 countries and could be the next step toward a global currency. Here’s what makes UMU Unicoin different. UMU’s big advantage, what makes this different from individual countries’ proposed CBDCs, is that it can be used for cross-border transfers of money. ” – Marie Hawthorne

Do Not Get COVID Vaccine Shots in the Morning or in the Evening, Especially If You Are Young or Old! – “Timing of the shot matters for COVID vaccine effectiveness, Nature says” – Igor Chudov  – AH YES, THAT EXPLAINS  WHY THEY DON’T ALWAYS WORK. TRUST THE SCIENCE AND NATURE MAGAZINE. AND AS IGOR SAYS, DON’T TAKE IT MIDDAY AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the trading gets rough, the pros go insider – “The farm to table vertical integration of the gates foundation investing racket. Bill Gates bought $55 million (with an option for $100mm) of bioNtech stock in September of 2019 right before they suddenly had the intellectual property for the most profitable vaccine in history. They were not working on coronavirus (or human vaccines best i can tell) previously. i wonder where they got the tech? No one seems to know. But it sure looks like Billy G knew.”- El Gato Malo

CDC’s Walensky was nothing more than a loyal apparatchik to the people in charge – “CDC Director was never the one calling the shots. Who did she really answer to?” – Jordan Schachtel

Recognized and Anointed Wall to Wall Media Saturated Expert is Vaccine Injured; Again, Strangely Did not Mention it on the June, 2021 Dark Horse Podcast Introducing Him to the World – “Maybe you could have warned everybody in advance ON THE JUNE, 2021 PODCAST DISCUSSING THE EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS, OH ANOINTED THOUGHT LEADER” – Sage hana

The End Game, Synthetic Biology EXPOSED!!! (VIDEO) with Celeste Solum – “Celeste Solum joins us to expose the totality of the agenda surrounding nanotechnology being embedded into humans, animals and plant life to destroy and replace all biological lifeforms from God’s natural creation with synthetic biology.” – Maria Zeee

World Health Organisation Declares Covid “No Longer a Global Emergency” – But it’s Still a “Pandemic” – Will Jones

Interesting data on the “Spanish Flu” is published by accident… – “NYC Department of Health made an oopsy… ‘…and gave NY Times the data and NYT accidentally published the truth! We can forgive them, they didn’t mean to. This came out in an article where NYT tried to say covid was like the plague, but worse, trust us! – Sasha Latypova


Positive Thinking – “I keep trying to feel good, and I try to see the good in my life, the things that I am grateful for, and the beauty all around me. I don’t think I have a problem with this, as long as it doesn’t include trying to see the good in my government (Trudeau in Canada) or the good in the government of my country of origin (the United States—of which I am still very much a citizen). I just can’t do that. There is very little positive there. Jesus walked through the material world. He did not turn away from it claiming it was an illusion (although he knew it was) but instead he engaged in it. He faced it. He experienced it. And most importantly he tried to do something about it. What made him different in how he approached the illusion of suffering, hate, and death? He felt no fear.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Media’s long con to bury Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal – “It’s the biggest con ever perpetuated by the national media. For all of their hysterics over “disinformation” and “collusion,” we know now that they were indisputably the most guilty of both. Suddenly, the story at every major newspaper and network news channel wasn’t that Hunter had abandoned a computer full of unseemly and incriminating info, but that the means by which it was obtained were improper. It’s laughable. Every consequential story published by The New York Times and The Washington Post is the result of someone doing something illegal. Publishing Donald Trump’s private tax information? Received by illegal means. James Comey leaks? Received by illegal means. Developments of a federal investigation into the campaign of a major party nominee? Received by illegal means. In any event, the contents of Hunter’s laptop weren’t even government secrets. They were sitting on an abandoned piece of hardware at a repair shop. Otherwise referred to by the intelligence community as “RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION!” ” – Eddie Scarry

Biden: Hunter Has ‘Done Nothing Wrong’ – “During an interview with MSNBC on Friday aired on Friday’s broadcast of “The 11th Hour,” President Joe Biden responded to the prospect of his son, Hunter, facing federal charges from the Department of Justice” – Ian Hanchett  – REMEMBER YESTERDAY BIDEN SAID THIS WAS GOING TO BE A PRESS CONFERENCE.  HE WAS A LITTLE CONFUSED. IT WAS MORE LIKE AN ASS KISS FROM MSNBC’S  11TH HOUR HOST STEPHANIE RUHLE. ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE TOLD BIDEN THAT HIS SON’S INVESTIGATION HAS NO TIES TO BIDEN HIMSELF. OBVIOUSLY SHE NEVER HEARD ABOUT 10% FOR THE BIG GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Ruhle’s Behavior in Biden Interview Was Absolutely Shameless – Bonchie

The Homage of the Slaves – “As the coronation of Charlie-boy approaches, the Royal household thought it would be nice to offer the British public the opportunity to swear their allegiance to King Charles III and declare themselves his slave. This “homage of the people” has been very popular amongst some. Presumably, they’re dead keen to live a life of slavery. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the “homage of the people” has not been pitched by the Establishment as the “homage of the slaves”. It’s an invitation, not a command, and everyone knows that merely attempting to enslave people is a kind of altruism. Of course, the whole point of his oath is that he, as the head of state, swears his allegiance to us. But let’s not allow our codified constitution to get in the way of a good old, statist hallucination. We haven’t for more than 800 years, so why start now? That being said, it is not without good reason that an apparent majority of people have decided that they do not want to pay “homage” to an inept toff.” – Iain Davis

‘Something out of a police state’: Anti-monarchy protesters arrested ahead of King Charles’ coronation – Christian Edwards, Lindsay Isaac and Allegra Goodwin

British state TV under control of royals – Guardian – “Buckingham Palace reportedly told the BBC it should not use certain video materials during the coronation broadcast” – RT

Patrick Byrne Drops Damning Article About Smartmatic – “The fight continues. Overstock founder Patrick Byrne has been fighting to expose massive, widespread voter fraud since the stolen 2020 election. His latest efforts point to an article from Venezuela of all places that highlights the corruption within Smartmatic, a company that has been at the heart of election scandals… at least it would be if our corporate media did its job. At least one outlet in Venezuela is still trying to get to the truth.” – JD Rucker

The Perfect Democratic President? – ” A cognitively impaired, not particularly principled figurehead fits the needs of his handlers; and Biden obviously has no interest in doing anything to upset them. He will dutifully get behind his party’s latest woke project and ritualistically attack its Republican opponents as white nationalists, sexists, and homophobes. Equally significant, Biden is the perfect front figure for an administrative state in which the chief executive provides little more than an ornament: “A beside-the-point president is the best thing that has ever happened to the progressive centralization project. That is why Washington’s Democrats would embrace a Kamala Harris succession.”” – Paul Gottfried

‘They’re Everywhere’: Hundreds of Migrants Arrive on US-Mexico Border Ahead of Title 42 End – Sputnik News

Mayorkas gives illegal border crossers a stern warning – “After advising the American public that they were all ready for the 10,000-a-day illegal alien surge into the U.S. when Title 42 restrictions end on 5/11, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has decided to throw in a stern warning to migrants, just to be sure: “The border is not open, It has not been open, and it will not be open subsequent to May 11th.” Which sounds pretty silly. Migrants and their human smuggling sponsors aren’t stupid. They watch what the U.S. does, not what the U.S. says. The last time Joe Biden’s border czar, Kamala Harris, and for that matter, Joe Biden himself, issued a “do not come, do not come” order, the surge was on and migrants were rewarded for surging in. Why would now be any different? Migrants already know how these things work.”- Monica Showalter

Biden admin to send 1,500 troops to southern border for support roles ahead of expected migrant surge – Natasha Bertrand, Priscilla Alvarez and Haley Britzky  – IS BIDEN FINALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, NOPE!!! NOTICE THAT THIS IS FOR SUPPORT ROLES ( I.E. PROCESSING )  AND NOT FOR ENFORCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!

Downtown San Francisco Becomes a Ghost Town as Major Retailers Flee – “Retailers abandon downtown San Francisco in droves. Nordstrom is the latest, signaling the death of the area.” – Mish

AMLO Tells Joe Biden and Samantha Power to Knock It Off, Stop Interfering in Mexico and Trying to Create Instability – “after AMLO delivered a speech where he called out Joe Biden, the DEA and the CIA for trying to interfere in Mexico many people reading here predicted Samantha Power would now show up in Mexico. Those of you who made that prediction were correct. You guys are smart! Keep in mind that nearly a million central American economic migrants can be unleashed by AMLO, and likely will be, as Joe Biden and the Mexican president have faced off for almost two years over North American energy policy. Stunningly, AMLO has not backed down an inch, and instead went on the offensive against Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau. This put a target on his back and was likely the impetus for U.S. intelligence agencies to call upon Samantha Power to do her thing.” – Sundance

After Bungling Sudan Crisis Response, Biden’s Solution: More Sanctions – Tyler Durden

China: The Roots of NATO’s Madness – “China has arrived and she is shaking up the world to a degree not even her Japanese neighbour achieved during Japan’s recent years of economic glory. That being so, we must gauge the force of this Godzilla who, horror of NATO horrors, is not only brokering peace in the Middle East but, more to the heart of this essay, is honey-laundering atop a mountain of debt that has our NATO overlords sweating bricks.” – Declan Hayes

Ukraine says it used US-made Patriot system to intercept Russian hypersonic missile – ” Ukraine says it has for the first time used a US-made Patriot air defense system to intercept a Russian hypersonic missile. Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, said on Telegram Saturday: “Yes, we have intercepted the ‘unmatched’ Kinzhal,’” adding an emoji of the Ukrainian flag. Oleshchuk said the interception happened during a night attack on May 4 in the sky over Kyiv.” – Maria Kostenko and Nick Paton Walsh

Fake News Alert: It’s Extremely Unlikely That Kiev Shot Down A Hypersonic Missile – “No air defense system anywhere in the world at this time is able to intercept any such projectile traveling at ten times the speed of sound. At most, there might have been an accidental hit or a technical malfunction. Either of those scenarios would represent statistical anomalies, especially the first one, which means that it’s almost certainly the case that Kiev is just lying through its teeth yet again.” – Andrew Korybko


Yay! 253,000 Jobs Were Created In April…Sort Of – “Dementia Joe’s Plan Is “Working”???? With such good news on the labor front, what could possibly be wrong here? And then reality set in…. Once again, we are confronted with the BLS (made-up) unreliable data on jobs. So much for Dementia Joe’s latest victory lap around the Oval Office.” – Peter Nayland Kust

What Will People Do? – “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is a woman of letters. We like this about her. Because, like us, in a world of text snippets, tweets, and animated gifs, she finds the traditional exchange of letters to be most civilized. Her academically trained brain – ensconced beneath a white hair shelmet – guides her thinking. With purpose and intent, Yellen puts fingers to keyboard and taps out letters to Congress warning of imminent doom. Her most recent letter, published on Department of the Treasury letterhead, and addressed to The Honorable Kevin McCarthy, rolled off the printing press on Monday the 1st of May. The objective of the letter was to correct grave misinformation she supplied in a prior letter to Congress. Yellen has chosen, through letters, to prompt Congress to raise the debt ceiling so that it can meet its existing obligations. We posit that a more effective means of communication would be for Yellen to first let spending crash through the debt ceiling; then, she should write a stack of rubber checks. This would be a form of communication which even a blockhead like Chuck Schumer could understand.” – MN Gordon

BE READY! When This Secret Gets Out, There Will Be LARGE SCALE Bank Runs. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Gold, Oil & Global Currencies Entering a Watershed Moment – Matthew Piepenburg

The Fed Has Virtually Guaranteed a 2023 Recession – “At their May 3rd meeting, the Federal Reserve Committee appears to have established two key things (in their estimation). First, the Fed continues to promote the delusion that the banking system is “sound and resilient.” Second, they remain focused on bringing inflation back down to Chairman Powell’s pet target rate of 2%. At that meeting, the FOMC members also decided to raise the federal funding rate by 25 basis points (equal to .25%). That put the official number at 4.83%, the highest interest rate since 2007. Taken at face value, almost anyone who doesn’t constantly research economic conditions might think everything is heading back to normal. But everything isn’t heading back to normal, far from it.” – Peter Reagan

Fed Snooze, ECB Fireworks? – “Today, the Fed did exactly as expected. It raised interest rates by another 0.25% to 5.25% and dropped language anticipating further rate hikes ahead. In effect, it paused, while leaving the door open for future rate hikes if warranted based on incoming data. Snooze button pushed. Tomorrow, it is the European Central Bank’s turn to deliver their interest rate decision at 8:15 a.m. EST. The ECB is expected to raise rates by 0.25% with two more to follow in the months ahead.” – David Brady

Bank crisis pushes gold to near record – Alasdair Macleod


Five Things You Need to Do Right Now to Be Prepared For a Natural or Man-Made Disaster – “In today’s world we need to be vigilant and prepared for sudden changes in our environment which may be brought on by Mother Nature or Political Activities. We all want to protect our family from harm, and preparedness for disaster emergencies should be one of our top priorities.” – Dave Jefferson

The Thinking Man’s Survival Fishing Kit – Cache Valley Prepper

The Lactose-Intolerant Prepper’s Guide to Non-Dairy Milk – Daisy Luther

What Is Radiation and What Does It Do? – “At the blast of a nuclear bomb, we’re all conditioned to think, “Radiation!” but what is it? We know that radioactive material makes nuclear weapons uniquely dangerous and frightening, but how is it different from other poisonous substances? Can something poisoned by radiation ever be clean again? I sincerely hope none of us ever has to deal with any kind of nuclear event, but understanding what radiation is and does can help us be prepared for whatever unfortunate events may occur.” – Holly Maxwell

What Happens If You Bury A Penny Next To Your Plants – “But did you know that burying a penny beside your plants can help them thrive? This simple yet effective gardening hack is easy to implement and can help to give your plants the best chance of success. Gardens = Survival. Having a healthy vegetable garden is essential, especially in times of need. Not only can it provide food for a family, but it can also be the difference between life and death in hard times. From a financial perspective, having a vegetable garden can also save money over buying produce from the store.” – Charl M


Ezekiel 32:8    All the bright lights of heaven will I make dark over thee, and set darkness upon thy land, saith the Lord God.