The Climate Collapse Thesis – “Questions surrounding climate change are hardly in isolation. They are deeply interconnected. Most climate-change alarmism hinges on models that are not reality. Some measure of humility is in order. The COVID-19 pandemic showed what can happen to a society that is being shut down in the name of saving humanity. That was but a taste of what the powerful will do if we accept the Climate Collapse Thesis and all the “action” that comes with it.” – Max Borders

All UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb will be banned, and construction of new buildings will cease in the name of “Climate Change” according to Government Report – The Expose

When nudges become shoves – “Here comes the next stage of manipulation (as if there had been any doubt) and it’s time to protect doctor patient relationships from regulators.” – El Gato Malo

Arcturus – The latest “Covid variant” – “Late last night, the world was rocked – ROCKED – by the announcement of yet another variant of “covid”. XBB.1.16 – codenamed Arcturus for as yet obscure reasons – is actually just a sub-variant of Omicron, and is “fuelling a rise of infections in India” amid concerns it: it could be one 1.2 times more infectious than the last major sub-variant. You’ll notice it’s only ever sub-variants of Omicron these days, never full variants. This is doubtless for very complicated taxonomic reasons and has absolutely nothing to do with the next Greek letter being Pi, which would make the “Pi variant” sound very silly. Back to Arcturus, which has apparently been in circulation since late March and is only hitting the headlines now for unknown reasons.” – Off Guardian

Confused About MRNA Vaccines in Meat? That’s Exactly How They Want It. – Marie Hawthorne

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Funny Money That Will Destroy What Is Left of Private Property, Free Markets, and Personal Liberty – J.B. Shurk

“Project NextGen”: New Biden initiative aims to serve as the Successor to Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” – “Exit Ramps: Republicans continue to avoid mentioning, much less challenging, the Klaus-Rockefeller-Gates-US DOD Great Reset Agenda which uses a Biosecurity Model as a pretext for Global Fascism” – Sage Hana

Uncensored: The IHR/Treaty DEATH Sentence to Freedom & How To Stop It (VIDEO) with James Roguski – Maria Zeee

Jamie Dimon’s Climate Corporatism – “The J.P. Morgan CEO wants the government to seize land for wind and solar projects because rural landowners stand between his mega-bank and tens of billions of dollars in business.” – Robert Bryce

The Dark Side of the Great 5G Experiment – “5G networks are being deployed on a major scale, despite a lack of safety testing and a growing body of evidence suggesting harm. A new study from top scientists and medical researchers concludes that there is “substantial scientific evidence” that radiofrequency (RF) radiation causes cancer, endocrine and neurological problems, and many other negative health effects. These are crucial findings given the exponential increase in human exposure to RF radiation through increased cell phone use but more importantly the deployment of 5G networks that will require our cities and towns to become inundated with “small cell” towers, saturating our neighborhoods with RF radiation. Current safety standards are completely inadequate to protect Americans, but Congress and federal regulators are too beholden to the interests of the telecoms industry to care.” – ANH-USA


A Twitter Files Requiem – “And so the “Twitter Files” Limited Hangout has come to its inevitable, ignominious end. It is over. The Twitter-Files story is dead. It isn’t pining for the fjords. It is deceased, cadaverous, bereft of life. It has bought the farm and gone to meet its maker. It is Humpty Dumpty. It has fallen off the wall. Nothing can put it back together again. I have to tip my hat to Elon Musk. It was quite an impressive limited hangout. The way Musk took the potential story of a global network of Intelligence agencies, corporations, NGOs, and assorted “disinformation experts” censoring, visibility-filtering, and otherwise neutralizing dissent as GloboCap executed the “shock-an-awe” phase of the roll-out of the “New Normal” over the last three years … the way Musk took that potentially game-changing story by the throat and throttled it, played around with its corpse for a while like a cat, and then finally threw it down, squatted over it, and obstreperously, definitively defecated on it, that was … well, quite impressive. n doing all this Elon immolated the last remnants of any reputation he had as a free speech advocate… Interest in the story will precipitously decline. Apparently, Musk’s interest is already declining, and he is eager to “move on to the future.”” – CJ Hopkins

Extreme Censorship of Truth by Fascist Government and Private Partnerships: A Death Warrant to Freedom – “First and foremost, let it be known that even this very essay will be censored and algorithmically hidden from view, by the multitude of government pay-rolled employees and ‘private’ tech companies whose mission in life is to make sure that the plotted State narratives are all that are seen by the lowly proletariat class. I know this from firsthand experience, as over the past three years, finding my articles on a normal internet search has become very difficult. I fully understand that my modest site is not relevant to the big picture by any standard, but if my work is being censored, then most everything of value concerning the actual truth is certainly being heavily censored as well.The State narrative has replaced the truth at almost every level possible, due to military grade artificial intelligence, algorithmic manipulation, mass. media collusion, and government restriction and regulation control measures ” – Gary D. Barnett  – GOOD READ FROM GARY ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the US Is Headed into Its Fourth Turning – Doug Casey

The Pentagon Papers, Again – “Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Can the government morally steal data about allies and enemies and then make it a crime to reveal that data, even when the revelation shows that the government has been lying about killing? What to do about high-ranking government officials who lie about war? When the First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law abridging … the freedom of speech,” does it really mean NO LAW?” – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

“The Market is Moving” – “The Biden Thing’s TelePrompter says “Car and truck manufacturers have made clear that the future of transportation is electric.” And then this: “The market is moving.” The market? The bum’s rush toward a battery-powered future is as much about the “market moving” as Deliverance is a love story. That there is no market for these battery-powered devices is of course precisely why it is necessary for the apparatchik class – the bureaucrats and office-holders who live outside its discipline – to countermand the market’s inclinations.” – Eric Peters

What the Bud Light Fiasco Reveals about the Ruling Class – “Ads are supposed to sell products, not prompt a massive public backlash that results in billions in losses. This mistake could be for the ages, marking a distinct departure from corporate deference to wackadoodle ideas from the academy and a push for more connection to on-the-ground realities. The person who made the miscalculation is Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid, Vice President in charge of marketing for Bud Light. She wanted to shift away from the “out of touch” frat party image to one of “inclusivity.” By all accounts, she actually believed this. More likely, she was rationalizing actions that would earn her bragging rights within her social circle. Digging through her personal biography, we find all the predictable signs of tremendous detachment from regular life:” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

“Don’t Say Trans”: Language Control and The Liberty Daily – “The left has mastered the art and science of making Americans use the words they want. It’s imperative that we call them out and adjust how we speak to slow the emergence of the post-truth society.” – JD Rucker

The Biden 10-Step Plan for Global Chaos – “Our enemies do not fear us, our allies judge us unreliable, and neutrals assume America is in descent and too dangerous to join.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Video: Rubio Boils Down Everything Wrong With Biden’s America In 2 Mins – “An “incompetent band of fools”” – Steve Watson

Joe Biden’s woke conquest of Ireland – “The president is using his Irish identity to bully Brexit Britain.” – Brendan O’Neill

Biden to announce free and taxpayer-subsidized health care for 580,000 DACA recipients – “For DACA recipients, U.S. life under Joe Biden just keeps getting better and better. Seems the camel’s nose under the tent of the DACA executive order, which was supposed to be a two-year renewable amnesty with work permits alone, has expanded into greater and greater benefits — and won’t be likely to stop.” – Monica Showalter


Whitmer signs “universal” background checks, gun storage bills into law – “Michigan law already requires background checks on all handgun transfers; something that violent criminals across the state routinely ignore when illegally acquiring their weapons. The new universal background check law will be an imposition and an inconvenience for legal gun owners, but it’s not going to deter a single criminal.” – Cam Edwards

Bombshell photos, video of UN-sponsored human migration camp at Darien Gap where global migrants assemble for transport to the United States – Mike Adams

Explosion and fire kill 18,000 cows on US dairy farm – Jonathan Riley  – NOTHING TO SEE HERE. JUST MORE “COINCIDENTAL DAMAGE” TO THE FOOD SUPPLY!!!!!

US hawk touts ‘grand strategy’ to counter Russia and China – “John Bolton has floated a plan involving increased arms spending, nuclear tests, and a ‘global NATO’ to defend Taiwan” – RT  – MR WARMONGER IS AT IT AGAIN!!!!

It’s Embarrassing How Ignorant The US Is Of India’s Balancing Act In The New Cold War – “It’s categorically false and quite frankly offensive of Jake Auchincloss to imply that India is China’s junior partner by dint of supposedly being “plugged into the CCP’s operating system”, especially when those two are presently in a very dangerous standoff all across the Himalayas. Moreover, it isn’t truly the case that India is “an aggravating third party factor” when it comes to the US’ interests since those two share concerns about China’s rise and are actively working together in many dimensions to manage it.” – Andrew Korybko


70 Percent of Americans are Financially Stressed, 58 Percent Live Paycheck to Paycheck – “A pair of CNBC surveys show increasing financial stress in the US. The Fed predicts more of it and I am sure the Fed is correct.” – Mish

IMF WARNS: Global Debt Levels Are DANGEROUS. Fed. ADMITS “RECESSION IS COMING.” (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

It’s all hotting up – “Increasing numbers of national governments are abandoning the US sphere of influence. Opportunities from trade with Asia compare favourably with rising currency and banking risks in a dollar-centric world. Against an imploding banking system in long-established financial markets, China’s renminbi looks like a safe haven. Thanks to a savings-driven economy, China’s consumer price inflation remained very low, when those of the western alliance soared. Now we face a credit crunch, as banks struggle to reduce their operational gearing which has become uncomfortably high.” – Alasdair Macleod

Check Out Gold’s Quiet Bull Market – “All-time highs usually generate a little more excitement” -John Rubino

The Deregulation Boogeyman – “The ink wasn’t even dry on the newly printed money to bail out the banking system before people came out of the woodwork to blame the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank on “deregulation.” But is the deregulation boogeyman really to blame? In a word, no!” – Schiff Gold

The Fed Is Contradicting Its Own Tight Monetary Policy – “As you may know by now, the Fed has been raising interest rates since March of 2022. The reason for the rate hikes is to fight inflation and bring it down to the 2% target level.Due to the chaos in the banking sector, the Fed had to instill confidence in the financial system and markets. It needed to provide liquidity. So, the Fed turned to another of its policy options. Printing money. Specifically, it created money to lend to banks. That decreased the cost of money. Fabricating money is also loosening monetary policy. So, the Fed went against its own action of tightening the money supply. ” – Nomi Prins

Services Inflation Rages, Durable Goods Prices Rise Again after 6 Months of Declines. Food Inflation Backs Off, Energy Plunges – “Food at home: inflation dipped in March from February (-0.3%), the first dip since November 2020. Year-over-year, prices increased at the slowest rate since January 2022 (+8.4%).” – Wolf Richter  – FOOD INFLATION BACKS OFF. WOULDN’T CALL -0.03 MUCH OFF DIP ESPECIALLY SINCE IT’S THE FIRST ONE SINCE NOVEMBER 2020. OH, AND WHO BECAME PRESIDENT THEN!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.54EUR


Where You Don’t Want To Be When Things Finally Start Hitting The Fan – Michael Snyder

Clothing to Keep You Dry from the Rain – “There are many survival topics that hardly ever get mentioned, while others seem to be talked about by everyone. One such ignored topic is keeping dry. This should be considered a survival priority, as being wet causes us to lose body heat faster. In fact, wet clothing can cause us to lose our body heat as much as 300 times faster, depending on the fabric the clothing is made from!” – Bill White

My Military Personal Survival Kit – PSK (VIDEO) – Ranger Survival and Field Craft  – EXCELLENT VIDEO. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to keep your homestead safe using a drone – “Unmanned warfare has revolutionized how the military conducts operations in hostile territories, with drones playing a vital role in scouting out locations, observing enemy movements, and striking dangerous targets. However, the use of drones isn’t just limited to the battlefield. It has become an effective tool for monitoring and protecting properties, whether it’s a large farm, a suburban neighborhood, or even a small homestead.” – Bob Rodgers

Unplugged and Online: Off-Grid Internet – Ron and Johanna Melchiore


Proverbs 3:34    Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly.